Chapter 24: Finishing the Dragon King


The area where the white dragon fell was in a sorry state.
The earth and trees were practically all crushed by the huge body.

「Ahhh, the area around my house has gotten even more tattered.」

Even without this, there were many places that were reduced to ashes by this bothersome dragon.
Even though my view has improved, the scenery is pretty bad so I’ll fix it later.

「Will you plant some kind of fruit tree, Master?」
「I think so. If I plant a tree then it can also serve as ant-air equipment, so that’s perfect. It’s always possible that we might get attacked from the sky again.」

And, when I looked at the sky, the other dragons had started to run away.

『Dr-Dragon King-sama got done in!? By such a little human guy?』
『Run! Run!』

「….somehow they’ve got a really casual way of speaking though….」

I understand that they’re panicking, but it’s still an absurdly light tone.
Well, as long as I don’t need to fight any more than necessary it’s fine.

「So, the problem is what to do with this big thing….」
「Please be careful Master. It is still breathing.」

Yeah, I got it.
This dragon isn’t dead.
I can tell because I can feel its heart beating through the ground.

So, as I carefully approached the dragon’s head, its large eyes opened and looked at me.

『….Kill me.』

It moved its mouth slightly and groaned at me.
Neither its head nor its body even twitched, so I could tell it was quite exhausted.

『This one can no longer move. I have already spat out all my breath as well. I have no physical or magical strength left. Just kill me.』

The white dragon was sprawled out defenselessly as it appealed to me.
Well it’s good that it can’t go on a rampage at least but,

「Who’s going to kill who? You troublesome dragon.」

I didn’t really intend to do something like that from the start.

「If I were to kill such a big thing as you wouldn’t my house and land get cluttered and polluted?」

Even though this big dragon has already torn up the forest, I don’t want to make it even worse.
That’s why I wanted it to hurry up and go away as soon as it could move, I thought that but….
『I see……then I’ll become small.』

The white dragon said that and its body started to shake.
And then a thick fog arose from its white scales and,
「How about, this?」

When the fog clears up *Pop* there was a pure white little girl sitting flat on the ground.

That girl was only wearing underwear the same color as the scales.
Apparently, it seems like dragons can turn into people in this world. That in itself was surprising but,


I was surprised when I saw the face that I remembered.
All the more so because it was the little woman who had been helping me out till now.

「Indeed, I am Hesty Radona. The White Flame Dragon King. —–well, Ex-Dragon King.」
「I was wondering why I was being glanced at while you were attacking my apple orchard and house…..」

I was wondering whether the dragons usually talk so much while they’re attacking, but now I get it.
It was an acquaintance huh?

「Alright, I’ve gotten smaller. Now it won’t be too cluttered or dirty.」

And so Hesty lay down face up on the ground in her little girl form.

「Hey, what do you think you’re doing?」
「You know. Finish it. In this form it should be easy to kill me.」
「Oi, wait a sec. Why does it sound like it’s decided that I’m going to be a murderer?」

I have no intention of killing one of my acquaintances.

Besides she’s the dragon king…well let’s leave that aside for now.

「Why did you attack this place Hesty?」

I haven’t heard that yet.
I already understand that it wasn’t for my magic from the talk before we fought. Actually, if she was aiming for the magic then she had many chances.

There must have been plenty of times that I let down my guard while talking to Hesty where she could have attacked me.
She purposefully left and changed into a different form to come and fight me.

「Why did you purposefully come this morning to attack?」

When she heard me ask again, Hesty had an embarrassed and troubled expression.
It was a hesitant expression as if expressing “Should I say?”

…….that means there should be some kind of circumstances right?

If so then that’s better, cause I can’t do anything without hearing about it first.

「For now, just tell me about it Hesty. I won’t treat those who don’t keep causing me and my house problems badly.」

I say as I remove my wood armor and sit down next to Hesty.
Neither of us feel like fighting anymore, so I no longer need my armor.
All that’s left is to talk.

Then after waiting a little bit Hesty began to talk little by little.

「—-I wanted to lose for the sake of the other dragons. I wanted to lose to show that you are much stronger than them. It’s because you are the most powerful one I know….」

I listened to her talk about the circumstances for a few minutes.
About the dragons’ traits and their natures.

And by defeating her, that is the dragon king, the other dragons won’t recklessly challenge me.

「Ok I understand. You fought for the other dragons. And so you’ve achieved your goal am I right?」
「Un, after being defeated so obviously no one should come over here. —-even so, if there were some who did, all you’d have to do is show them my head and they’d definitely listen to you.」

I understand that the dragon race follows the strong very well now.

「That’s why, it’s fine for you to take my head.」

She also understands so she closes her eyes and stretches out her neck.
Therefore, I, to this white beautiful head….


I give her a knock on the head.


Hesty opened her eyes in surprise.
Her eyes were a little teary.

「This is the punishment for causing me and Sakura trouble.」
「It hurts……」


Hesty held her head and trembled a little.
Of course since I actually put some power into it.
It’d be troublesome if it didn’t hurt at all. However,

「Ok. Then with this I’ve given you the finishing blow. Now I forgive you!」
「You had your own circumstances and such so it really couldn’t be helped. That’s why I paid you back in proportion to how bothersome it was, and that’s the end.」

My house was hurt some, but Hesty was also quite injured as well.
That’s why I thought that this would be enough for now.

But Hesty seemed to be bewildered by my decision.
Is it really that surprising though?

「Th-that’s, not dragon common sense…..」

I’m a human though…
I’m not aware of dragon common sense in the slightest.
Actually I should say that.

「Hesty. Just tell me if you’re troubled. We have a good chance to talk so let’s have a full consultation.」

If we had a conversation like this first, then we might not have had to have this fight in the first place.

「Consultation….? But, I don’t know, how to do that.」
「It’s just talking and listening. It’s not a bad thing to depend on your neighbors when you’re having a problem.」

In that regard we are both the same.
When I was having trouble I received help and now that she’s having problems I should help her.
That’s just how you interact and keep your relations with your neighbors.

………well I actually don’t like doing it that much though……

Even so, I’ll throw out my chest and say it.

「If you’re in trouble rely on me Hesty. Even if you just need to talk I’ll listen to you.」

Hesty gave a small nod.
With this the annoying neighborhood dragon problem has come to an end.

「——Ah, but you still messed up the area around my house so I’ll have you help clean this up.」
「Uh, mm, sorry. I’ll help.」

And so we started to make up with each other as we cleaned up the aftermath.


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