Chapter 6: The Youth with an Unbalanced Diet


Taiyou’s room: it’s a standard one unit bedroom for a single person.

Normally the smell in his room gave subdued and calming atmosphere, now if one were go into his room, they would smell the fragrant scent of the girls which most definitely did not calm him down. (Note: here he uses the words women’s odour)

No, it’s not entirely correct to use the words a “smelly odour” of women. Although there is not mistake in calling it that, it is inappropriate to call the scent coming from the girls a “smelly odour”.

In that case, what would be the best way to describe it? —-Because since he was born, three girls never entered his room like this before, he totally panicked and he couldn’t think of any words to describe it.

All his life, the only people of the opposite sex that would have come into his room was just his mother.

Inside his bedroom where the low table was at, three young girls and a youth was sitting in place.

Facing towards Taiyou, the three girls were setting on their knees with a straight posture. The girls had a feverish gaze towards him, their amorous glances were excessively passionate, and when he returned their gaze, it was almost enough to give him a burn!

Taiyou’s heart began to rapidly beat, and he was flustered.

「Umm, Hayakawa-san—-」

「My name is Kotone」

「Call me is Suzune」

「Call me Kazane」

「Eh? 」

「Please call us by our first names」

「Not even adding -san? 」 (When people become very close, they can remove honorific’s, this is the girls method of trying to get closer to him :P)

「Please do so!!」

They had a very first-class tone.

Talking like a relay, they slowly raised bowed whilst pressing three fingers of each hand on the floor.

Surprised by their actions Taiyou quickly raised himself.

「Wai, wait you guys, stop it, raise your heads—」

「「「Before you call our names we aren’t going to move from this position」」」

He’s not sure how they did do it, but their voices seems to harmoniously come out at the same time.

Because they were so beautifully lined up, he just couldn’t refuse their request as he didn’t want to let them down.

「In that case….Kazane—-s」

In the last second, just as he was about to use the honorific 「-san」, he repressed his words and called Kazane’s name out without honorifics.

This is the first time ever, he’s called a female within the same age group as him without any honorifics, and Taiyou felt as if he could not calm down.

Left with such feelings of anxiousness, it did not end there. It would seem that the only one whom raised her face was Kazane.

She watched Taiyou ecstatically, whilst the other two people were still bowing.

Of course he knew without being told, that they were waiting for him to call out their names.

「Kotone—. Suzune—-, please raise your head, I beg of you」

「Yes! 」

「I understand! 」

In this way, the three girls lifted their heads and once again face towards Taiyou.

Just by calling out their names, even though it was such a simple action, Taiyou was exhausted. Even when he was hunting for monsters three nights in a row, he did not feel the amount of fatigue he felt right now.

He thought that if he continued at this pace with the girls, his body would not be able to keep up, thus Taiyou proceeded to question their intentions for their late night visit. (Note: what else are they here for :P, this noob main char…)

「Ummm……May I ask you guys, why did you guys come here for? 」

「We want to live here with you」

Kotone said.

「……Sorry? Can you write that down so I can understand? 」

—–We want to be together with you.

Suzune took out a notebook from her luggage, and proceeded to scribble those words.

「Sorry, it would seem that my eyes are also quite bad 」

—-Petatsu (Sound effect)

Kazane grabbed Taiyou’s hand and put it against her own chest!

「Uwaa—! Wh, Wha, What are you doing?!」

Although the feelings transmitted to the palm of hands were that of a barely developing chest, even then, the stimulus was too strong for Taiyou. He reflexively shook of Kazane’s hands, and slithered backwards close to the wall.

「Ummm, it’s like that, you still don’t understand? 」

「It’s because we like you」

「We want to live together with you」

「…….I mean, even if you say such a thing so suddenly」

「Are we not allowed? 」

「We can do anything, and we are really good at domestic chores/housework」

「If you wish, we can even—」

Kazane’s speech was cut half way through and her mouth seemed to freeze up, Almost as if imitating her, the two other sisters simultaneously cast their gaze downwards, whilst having their cheeks dyed red in shame.

Seeing Kazane stop her sentence midway, Taiyou began to think, what kind of words did she have to say? What kind of feelings was she experiencing?

Whilst thinking about such things Taiyou gulped and swallowed his saliva.

If a person of the same sex as him were to ask him these kind of questions, he could just return the question and tell them off by saying “Hmph? Are you kidding me?”, However the person asking him the questions were his classmates and most importantly they were the well-known Bishoujo’s the Hayakawa family’s three sisters.

Expectation was building up inside of Taiyou, but at the same time, he was also baffled by the situation just as equally.

If even after all this, a man does act upon the advances of a woman, he may even be ridiculed as a person destined to die out, However for Taiyou even then he did not for one second think to take advantage of the situation.

The youth named Natsuno Taiyou was a tough nut to crack, he was at the age of his puberty where his hormones would be raging, although this fact just aggravated him even more, Taiyou was a fastidious person and he was very careful about what actions he took.

Coming up until here, he took a complete turn in the opposite direction, instead of being enthusiastic he became nonchalant about the girls staying over.

He let out a sigh and faced the three sisters.

「…….I understand, however there is a condition」

「Yes, understood」

「Hold on a minute」

「We will make preparations-」

「No, on the contrary」

Taiyou declared clearly. The three girls were surprised.

「I’m talking about changing the kind of compensation…..for staying over here」

Even now, the girls were trying to present their bodies to him at any given chance, Taiyou calmly interrupted their words.

He disliked taking advantage of the girls and those kind of exchange conditions.

In the morning, Taiyou could hear distinct and rhythmical sounds of chopping coming from his kitchen, his senses were titillated by the aroma of miso soybeans. Although any of these things should have represented the happiness of a familial life, Taiyou who has never experienced these things took some time to recognise it.

He was inside in his bath tub, which was not filled with water and he was absentmindedly trying to wake from his stupor. Last night he was sleeping in this tub, so his body ached all over. Because of that he couldn’t get much sleep, but, he thought it was much better than sleeping in a cramped room with the three girls.

Last night he refused to sleep together with them, if he were to continue to be in the same space as the girls, without a doubt something irreversible would have happened. For that reason, he took refuge in his own bathroom, and locked the door so the girls could not come in.

It was not as if he disliked the girls, however, he did not have a fondness to the term “repaying favours”, especially not in this way.

Taiyou was like a youth in the middle of his puberty, however he also had this weird side to him that was really uptight.

In a world/society where there are various methods in which young men deal with women, for example, young men:

  1. Who are not competitive, in the avid pursuit of money and sex and who may also be kind, co-operative and or family-oriented, and on the other end of the spectrum;
  2. A man that aggressively pursues sex and money.

If there was a need to give him a classification, for the time being, Taiyou can be classified as a youth who is either: A person that is not by any means, unpopular or a late bloomer, but will only go out with a girl whom he really likes/ falls in love with; OR the type of nerdy person currently more into games then he is into chasing after women (The type of person he is refers to the title “The Youth with an Unbalanced diet” Note: this translated paragraph was extremely hard to process/understand and convert into meaningful language, if there is still confusion please feel free to ask some questions)

If he doesn’t like it, no matter how delicious the food, he will not eat it. (referring to no matter how tempting a girl is he won’t go for her unless he truly likes her personality)

So that he didn’t say anything that could be mistaken. By his own initiative Taiyou escaped towards his bathroom to sleep.

「Good morning, Taiyou-chan〜」

Suddenly in front of his eye Hera showed her appearance/presence. As Hera went through the bedroom wall into the bathroom, he recognised that once again she was a fantastical existence whom was a fairy.

「Ahh, Morning. What are the girls up to? 」

From the sound of things he could make a pretty good guess, however, even then he wanted to ask in order to confirm the situation.

「They are making you breakfast〜」

Whilst saying “I see” in acknowledgement Taiyou stood up, he then did stretched out his body and cracked his back to relieve the built up tension.

As if they heard the sound of him cracking his body, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

「Excuse me……are you……awake? 」

The voice sounded like a polite inquiry, and he began to think of which of the three sisters the voice belonged to.

Although the girls had distinctive facial features, when only their voice can be heard from the other side of the wall, he could not pinpoint in the slightest who the voice belonged to. He tried to think of the answer, but after a while, he decided to just leave this matter for now.

(I can’t let them find out the fact that I don’t know what they sound like)

Whilst thinking such things, he faced the wall and answered the question.

「Ahh, Is it alright if I come out? 」

「Yes! 」

「Please go right ahead! 」

「Rin-chan, Fuu-chan, if you don’t move backwards the door won’t open」

The voice seemed to belong to Kotone, soon shuffling noises could be heard on the other side of the door. He waited for the noises to quiet down, and then he cautiously opened the door and exited his bathroom.

What was there, was the three sisters lined up side by side, wearing an apron each.


Taiyou couldn’t help but to speak without thinking. Hearing those words, the faces of the three sisters turned bright red.

「Is that really true? 」

「Umm, can you please say that again? 」

「We want you to say it to us individually, alright? 」

The three sisters shuffled even closer to him and lined up in a straight line in front of Taiyou. They lined up like they were little kids in elementary school.

The one at the most front of the line was Kazane, she had sparkling/glittering upturned eyes and was gazing at Taiyou.

Although he was still not used to physical contact with girls, even then, merely telling girls in front of him that they were cute was not a problem to him at all.

Taiyou looked straight into their eyes.

「You are cute, Kazane」

「Fuwaa…..」 (sound effect of her blushing/swooning)

「You are cute, Suzune」


「You are cute, Kotone」


When he repeated the same words individually to them one by one, the girls facial expression was overcome with emotion, and in that spot they slid down into the ground as if their legs lost strength.


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1 month 3 hours ago

he better be careful what if next level his charm goes up.. that means it be back to (0)

2 months 11 days ago
So, if I understood it correctly, in this passage: ———————– In a world/society where there are various methods in which young men deal with women, for example, young men: Who are not competitive, in the avid pursuit of money and sex and who may also be kind, co-operative and or family-oriented, and on the other end of the spectrum; A man that aggressively pursues sex and money. If there was a need to give him a classification, for the time being, Taiyou can be classified as a youth who is either: A person that is not by any means, unpopular or a late bloomer, but will only go out with a girl whom he really likes/ falls in love with; OR the type of nerdy person currently more into games then he is into chasing after women (The type of person he is refers to the title “The Youth with… Read more »
2 months 11 days ago

Should have waited…

「Rin-chan, Fuu-chan, if you don’t move backwards the door won’t open」 Sound of the wind
Suzune -> Sound of a bell
Kotone -> Sound of a koto [japanese harp])

2 months 11 days ago

Also, picky, as carnivores go after girls not looking for a stable relationship, only casual flings (even if they have to lie to the girl and day the relationship is true just to get inside their bed).

4 months 20 days ago

Thanks for doing this Chaper! 😆

5 months 26 days ago

imagine what will happen if he succesfully conquered the girls but leveled up and turned his charm to 0

7 months 29 days ago

Thank u always for ur great work…

Will not eat if the taste did not suite…

This is cancer
This is cancer
8 months 17 days ago

My name says it all

2 months 25 days ago


9 months 17 days ago
Erm… Just to be clear first and foremost, I like the idea of leveling up and enjoy reading this story. But…. I would like to know something. For those who knows japanese & have read ahead, does the mc ever “man up”? It’s kinda getting tiring (for me anyway) of reading main characters who are normal guys that like girls yet are SO shy to the point of running away from them like they got a phobia of girls. I mean it’s not as if touching a girl will get one killed (in Japan) right ? Especially when the girl like you. And someone please enlighten me. I am not a highschool kid so I might get it wrong. But are boys (age 15-18) really have such difficulty dealing with girls? (FYI, I’m past that age. I’m not popular during that time. So I actually have to make the first… Read more »
9 months 15 days ago
I’m not japanese and I live in usa, just your average white guy and for some reason I am very similar to Taiyou. So I can relate to him a lot. No matter how delicious the meal if I don’t like it I wont eat it. I kinda do a humble brag of that a couple of times a year I was asked out by cute girls. Girls who I never even knew or spoke to before all during highschool. I froze up and retreated… They didn’t pursue after that and that was the end of that. I also humble brag the time when one of my female friends wanted me to sleep over, saying she meant nothing more than sleeping over as friends, but she proceeded to take off her clothes. Again I retreated, left the bedroom and slept on the couch and nothing happened after that. Why am… Read more »
8 months 22 days ago

You are not the average guy then. This is not saying you are bad, wrong, or anything, but if what you explained is real then you have a anxiety disorder of some kind (especially if you’ve “always felt like one of those kids who was ignored, and hated”)

This MC also is not ‘average’ in anything but Japanese anime/web novel character tropes. No normal, healthy, teenager/young man is going to run away and hide from a pretty girl who’s making sexual advances. The vast majority of boys (and men) are the ones taking the risk of rejection by trying to make advances to a woman.

Anxiety disorders are a real thing, but they are nowhere near as common as portrayed in Japanese media. Yes Japan may have a low birth rate, but it’s not like the entire society has turned asexual or developed phobias of the opposite sex.

16 days 17 hours ago

Except when those advances are based on outside forces such as magic, (stats in this case), drugs, ect ect. Those girls may like him but its due to his stats forcing them to like them which is pretty offputting imo.

9 months 18 days ago

Thanks for the chapter~

9 months 18 days ago

Thanks for the chapter ^^

9 months 18 days ago

Thanks :))