Chapter 101


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Day 410

# # #

Today is the last day in October.

The sun sets early in autumn, and it was already dark even before 18:00.

「I’m homeー」

「Oh my, welcome back.」

I went through the living room and headed to my room for the time being.

When I closed the door, I noticed that my mother was strangely grinning, but I ignored it.


Ahh, I’m also tired today.

I threw down my school bag in the usual position and glanced down at my bed while loosening my uniform.

How weird.

My quilt is tidy.

I usually wake up late, so I just change my clothes in the morning, eat breakfast, wash my face, and I don’t have time to tidy my bed. This is strange.

But if it’s just that, it might be my mother who tidied it, so it’s not that weird.

The guarantee is…

In that tidy quilt, there is a bulk of something below.

What the heck is that.

…Well, I can sort of guess it.

Anyway, what the heck?

I decided to change my clothes as I ignored it.

* * *

There was a sound of the front door closing.

There was a sound of faint footsteps.

There was a sound of the living room door closing.

There were senpai’s footsteps.

There was a sound of senpai’s room door opening.

I heard all of that under senpai’s blanket. What am I even doing?

No, it’s not like I’m playing hide-and-seek.

It’s Halloween today, and since senpai will go home late today, I think it’s okay for me to come and visit his house, but I don’t have anything to do.

October will end soon, and the weather is getting pretty cold, so before I noticed it, I was already in senpai’s blanket. That’s it.

By the way, is senpai aware of me?

Since I was completely hidden in the futon, it is hard to see his appearance.

Judging from the sound … Is he changing his clothes? But it’s weird for him not to say anything or even suspect something. He must have noticed me. This is a pattern where he had noticed me yet ignored me anyway.

Well then.

After I confirmed that senpai opened the door and went away, I started to move.

# # #

I take off my uniform, shoot it to the laundry basket, and return to my room.

Nonetheless, it will be boring if I return back normally. I’m sure she’s in my room now.

I don’t know what she’s planning. But since I know that she’s planning something, I can do something to prevent her teasing me.


Before she pranks me, I should do something.

She’s probably hiding inside my blanket, catching my movement just by relying on her hearing.

That’s why I’ll sneak up and catch her from the blanket. If I climb onto her, she won’t be able to do much mischief, will she?

Thinking that way, I walk as silently as I can on my way back.

Even if my parents are looking at me with a strange gaze, I gently close the door in the middle, pass through the corridor on tiptoes, and open the door of my room quietly.

I make a gap that will allow one person to pass through it and make sure I won’t make a noise by hitting my knees or elbows somewhere. Entering my room this way makes me feel like a ninja.

I wonder why I have to struggle to enter my own room for some reason… I swallow my sigh and look in front, only to notice something that wasn’t there before.

Surprised, my feet jump and hit the floor, making a noise.

Kouhai-chan probably hears that. The white lump stirs―


I’ve heard that voice every day for over a year now. Not to mention, I also heard it this morning.

「…Rather than that, what are you doing?」


「Even saying it cutely is no use.」

I lift the blanket with my arm and look into her cute face.

「Am I cute?」

「Yeah, yeah. Cute, really cute.」

It’s true that she’s cute to the point that it troubles me.


Looking at how happy she is, I can’t comment on how she’s supposed to say jack-o-lantern just now, since it’s Halloween.

I turn over my blanket, only to see half-hearted kouhai-chan there.

* * *

Easy, too easy. Senpai is going too easy on me.

He makes such a loud noise at first, but then he turns quiet all of a sudden. Naturally, anyone will be wary of that.

Nonetheless, taking position right in front of the door is the correct answer. I was planning to stand on the bed with my arms crossed, but I’m glad this works perfectly.

Now then.

I feel embarrassed after senpai told me that I’m「cute」. Even though this senpai told me that curtly, I still can’t get used to it. I guess it’s my fault. I’m also a bit too easy, aren’t I?

While still covered with the blanket, I return to senpai’s bed and make preparations. Rather, I’m going back to my original position.

「You’re going to return there again!?」

「I can’t?」

In my image, the ghosts in the haunted house will return to their post after surprising the visitors. Maybe I’m quite similar to them?

Anyway, I’m going back to my position from when senpai first came. Ah, the blanket is upside down. Oh well.

「Anyway, what did you come here for?」

「It’s Halloween.」

「That’s not an answer.」

「I came here to play.」


Now then.

If you think my mischief is over, you’re greatly mistaken, senpai.

It’s okay for me to cover myself with the blanket, right? He won’t be able to see me like this. I secretly take out what I have prepared for my next mischief.

「By the way, senpai.」

「What is it?」

「You noticed me, right?」


Senpai looks to the ground. There, I swiftly finished my preparation.

Okay. Now I’m ready.

「Why did you ignore me?」

「I thought it will be more interesting that way.」

「Well, you shouldn’t let your kouhai lead you by the nose after all, right~?」

When I look out of the blanket, I can see senpai’s distorted face. He looks conflicted.

# # #

What is this? Am I getting provoked here?

「Also, I can’t believe that you didn’t do anything even if your girlfriend comes here, senpai.」

Probably bored unable to see my reaction, kouhai-chan sticks only her head out of the blanket.

Her cheeks are slightly puffed. Cute.

「No, that’s…」

「Yes, yes. I also like that upright side of you, senpai.」

I jump on my feet just now, but now I feel like straightening my back. I let out a strange voice.

「Doing that kind of surprise attack is unfair…」

「Ah, you’re getting embarrassed. How cute~」

「You are really…」

In the end, I end up getting played by her as usual.

「Well, you can see me all the time. Today, let’s do something we can only do today. Senpai,『Trick or Treat』!」

「You have been tricking me enough until now, though.」

「That’s right. Then it’s senpai’s turn.」

Somehow, I feel like she’s inducing me to do something. I will be at a great loss if I reply to her thoughtlessly.

However, I can’t resist how Kouhai-chan says with a smile,「Please?」Damn it. She’s so cute.

「Then…『Trick or Treat.』」

「Come on, trick.」

It’s an immediate answer.

What? She wants me to trick her? Since she doesn’t have any sweets, I have to tease her?

「Hey, you…」

「Yes, I am senpai’s Maharun~」

Just what does she want me to do? She won’t even listen to my complaints.

I heave out the sigh I’ve been swallowing until now and approach her.

「I’m wondering what kind of mischief senpai will do now… ehe.」

As soon as I sit astride on the blanket, Maharu shows me a very beautiful smile. Isn’t she too cute?

Since she wants me to do mischief, I probably have to do something like this? Rather, I’m glad that there’s a blanket here. If we stick more than this, I feel like my reasoning will explode immediately.

「Are you satisfied with this?」

I whisper in her ears as a final blow. The smell of her shampoo is stronger than usual. I feel like I’m going to reach my limit soon as well.


Suddenly, Maharu moves both of her arms she has taken out of the blanket before long and circles it behind my neck. I wonder if this posture is what people call an upside down hug.

Just like that, she moves her face closer to mine, or maybe it’s my face that is going down. Anyway, our faces are getting closer.

Our lips touch.

Moreover, she presses on my lips pretty strongly.

I’m surprised at how sudden it happened, but vaguely, I’m also happy with doing this.

Then, something rolls into my mouth.


Her hands that have been touching my cheeks for sometime squeeze my lips to prevent my mouth from opening.

「What is this… It’s sweet?」

「Hehe, it’s a candy.」

I finally understand what just happened. Just now, Kouhai-chan moved this to my mouth.

「This way, I can also do a trick and a treat. Senpai♪」

Kouhai-chan winks. Looking at how Maharu is cheekily grinning, I feel like she’s the cutest in this world.

My anger has disappeared completely.

The things about senpai I know 410

He ate the candy I fed to him mouth-to-mouth.



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