Chapter 103


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Day 516

This day also came again this year.

February 14th. Valentine’s Day.

Unlike two years ago, when I was not sure whether I would get chocolate, I was able to greet this day with peace of mind.

However, I’m already in my third year as a high school student.

Speaking of February, as a third-year– yes, it’s the university exam.

Our attendance is no longer restricted, and I usually spend my day staying at my home or go to the self-study room in the preparatory school to take measures for the university I want to enter, or actually go to the university and take the entrance exam. I haven’t had much time to meet my girlfriend, Kouhai-chan, recently.

I also have to take an exam today, even if it’s just for preparatory measures.

When I was thinking so, I got surprised.


When I woke up and got out of my room, there was Maharu in front of me.


Maharu smiles happily, looking at me who is still in my pyjamas.

We promised each other to at least talk 10 minutes every night, but it’s been a long time since I saw her face.

Her smile was so cute that I can’t help but to hug her. I wrap her up tightly, trying to convey my love.

「Really, senpai…」

Maharu said so while brushing her cheeks against my chest. Yes, cute.

….Well, we can’t do this forever. I have to go for my exam, and even Maharu is wearing her uniform. She has to go to school.

I feel reluctant, but I release her until we are standing, facing each other.

「『Today’s question』. Why did you come to my house?」

I know the reason, but asking her like this is like a ritual.

A ritual that we do every day, just two of us. Fufu.

「Really, isn’t it clear already? Here you go.」

With a big smile, she gives me a small pink paper bag.

「Happy Valentines. I like you a lot, Keita-senpai.」

We already had this exchange last year, and yet,


「What are you getting embarrassed for…」

It can’t be helped.

「You should already get used to it by now, right?」

「But it has been a while.」


Thank you for your scornful gaze.

「Can I look inside?」

「It’s amazing this year, you know? I made it from cacao beans.」

「Eh, amazing.」

Last year, I was dissatisfied with「I melted this from confectionery…」, but she finally made it from beans this year. She is really amazing.

「Please praise me more.」

She looked proud yet dissatisfied as she took a step to me, pointing to her head.

While thinking that she is really cute, I stroked her hair gently, feeling her smooth hair.

「I’m definitely a lucky guy to receive such hearty chocolate. Thank you.」


「You just want me to pat you more, right?」

「Ah, you found out?」

「Of course.」


「If you want me to pat you that much, I’ll do this.」

After placing the chocolate on the desk, I make a mess of Maharu’s hair with both of my hands.

「That’s mean.」

Even if she’s saying that, she doesn’t look angry at all. What a relief.

「Then, I’ll eat this as my breakfa―」

「No. Eat this after you’re back from your exam. Please eat breakfast properly. The exam you’re taking today is the real deal, right?」

After I said that half-joking and half-serious, she scolded me sharply.


「If you’re eating something different than usual, you’re going to have a stomachache. You have to be careful about your health.」

「Just today.」



I want to say that for Maharu to come here is already the most「different than usual」, but I can’t.

「But I’m only taking the entrance exam as a safety measure today.」

「And if you don’t get accepted for your first choice, it will become serious, won’t it?」

「Well, you’re right about that…」

It’s kind of lonely that I can’t eat the chocolate even though I received it.

As I think about that, Maharu takes out a red box.

「…But since I also think that it’s too pitiful that you can’t eat it after I gave the chocolate to you, I have prepared this.」

She opens the package. Then she brings a rectangular bar into her mouth.

「Please get a high score even if it’s just Kit Kat, okay?」

Then Maharu points her mouth to mine, muttering a small「Nn.」

Isn’t she doing the same thing as Halloween or Pocky day on the other day?

…I can’t resist my instinct.

What I remember is that it’s very sweet.



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