Chapter 104


Translator: mii

Editor: Ryunakama

Day 592

「Okay, senpai. Thank you for boiling it.」

April 30, 2019. 21:13 at night.

It’s the night of the last day in Heisei. Kouhai-chan was coming to my house for some reason.

「Soba, huh.」

「We are passing the era, not new year.」

「Well, I’m fine with that, but…」


Maharu was wearing an apron, as she looked at me with her small head tilted. She was cute after all. This is unfair.

「Why is Kouhai-chan the one who makes it?」

「Mother said that this is called courting.」

「I’m not asking that…」

We divided the noodles into bowls, topped them with soy sauce and sprinkled it with spices. With this, the passing era soba was done.

「I want to stay by senpai’s side[1. Senpai no SOBA ni itakatta], can’t I?」


「Well, that’s a lie… not really, it’s the truth~」

「So it’s the truth?」

「Of course it is~」

Maharu said so as she put down the ladle she had been holding, walking one step closer to me and peering into my eyes.

…They said that「You will get used to beautiful women in three days」, but that’s absolutely a lie. I still haven’t gotten used to her. Even this already makes my heart pound.

「The soba will stretch, so let’s do this kind of thing later.」

Did this girl really understand that my mother and father were across the wall?

「Eh? You’re happy that the time when we are together is stretched[2. SOBA ni iru jikan ga nobiru to ureshii tte?]? Really, senpai is such a tease~」

「…Just do whatever you like.」

「Yes. I like you a lot, senpai.」

She hugged me tightly.

…I don’t want to be the only one who was played around. I hugged her back.

「…Yeah, I like you a lot too.」

Really, what are we doing in the kitchen? Well, fine.

「…Senpai, release me already, it’s embarrassing…」

After we were hugging each other tightly for around a minute, I heard her mutter beside my ears.

「You are the one who hugged me, you know?」

I also replied with a small voice and blew her ears. The ears in front of my eyes gradually became red.

She is really cute, ahh…

「I’m already satisfied! It’s senpai who is currently hugging me! Anyway! Let me go!」

Eh, if she said that with such loud voice――

「Maharu-chan, have you finished the soba?」

My mother who was peeking to the kitchen from the wall saw us. Oh…

「…Fufufu, take your time.」

…This is not what you are thinking, Mom.

Well, I don’t really know what is happening here actually.

Ah, that’s right. It’s not me who is sticking on her, but Kouhai-chan only jumped to me. Yes, that’s it.

…My mother slipped beside us without giving us time to make excuses and carried the soba away.

This is not what you are thinking, really…

After we finish eating soba noodles (made by Marahu. It’s delicious), Mom and Maharu throw me into my room. Rather, I’m literally pulled by Kouhai-chan. These guys sure are good at plotting against me.

Once I sit down on the cushion with my arms pulled, Kouhai-chan says with a pout.

「Recently, I’ve been lonely. It’s senpai’s fault.」

Right. Me too.

But then, it can’t be helped since there’s nothing I can do about this.

Since I enter the university without any problems this April, the time and direction of the train I ride are different from Maharu’s.

In other words, we can’t talk on the morning train.

We have been doing it for around a year. For it to stop makes us feel lonely.

When my college life starts, it’s the first time I’m surprised that the habit of「reading books on the train」has disappeared from me.


「That’s why, please let me act spoiled for today.」

「How many days have you said that?」

「Who knows? How many days has it been?」

After sticking out her tongue, Kouhai-chan places her head on my thigh. She has been doing this every day since we entered Golden Week.

To be honest, we also don’t meet much on the weekends. Since I’m also lacking in Maharu vitamin, this situation is a win-win.

「Hmm. Senpai, Heisei is going to end soon.」

The clock is pointing at 23:55. The era name is changing soon.

「Even if you’re saying that… We don’t know any era other than Heisei.」

「Eh, you don’t know Taika and Wado?」

「I know them, but I’m not talking about that.」


「What’s with that ‘fufufu’?」

Somehow, Kouhai-chan is rubbing her head against my head. She looks happy.

「Oh well. Senpai, here’s my today’s question.」

With a satisfied look, she corrects her posture and looks straight at me.

Yes. For some reason, we’re still doing「today’s question」until now.

Looking at how we’re going strong, I feel like we’re going to continue this all the time even after the era turns into Reiwa.

「―Senpai. Will you get along with me like this even in the next era?」

A part of me wants to answer her immediately. But my relationship with her isn’t that boring.

「I’m not sure. It depends on both of us?」


「―But. I’m sure Maharu and I will get along well forever.」

「…I hate that part of you.」

「Yet you’re going to get angry if I answer you immediately, right?」

「I got caught?」

「How many years do you think we have been going out?」

「It only has been two years.」

「…I hate that part of you.」

「Yes, yes.」

As we argued, I heard a cheer from the TV that was left on in my living room.

On May 1st, we were welcoming the new era.

First year of Reiwa.

My first conversation in the new era was greeting the beloved Kouhai-chan.

「―Please take care of me at Reiwa too, Maharu.」

「Me too, senpai♪」



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