Chapter 19


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 # # #

「Good morning.」

Today was Thursday. After riding through the ridiculous weekday two times again, there would be three consecutive breaks waiting for me.

「Ah, morning.」

「Congratulations, scorpio was in the first rank today.」

「Do you watch that every morning?」

Recently, my house was watching『Ohayo Nippon』, and they didn’t have any fortune telling. [1. NHK News Ohayo Nippon, the name is already pretty self-explanatory.]

「Ah, no. I was watching it since yesterday we were talking about it. Senpai can consider today as yesterday’s inertia. I haven’t changed my morning channel.」

「So, what was Sagittarius’ rank today?」

「Uu… Why are you asking that? It was the 11th rank.」

「If you combine it with mine, it will be 111 then. We did it, eh.」

「But we won’t be able to call the police or fire department with 111…」

「What can we call with 111?」

「Do you want me to try calling it?」

Kouhai-chan took out her smartphone immediately after saying that.

「Wait, wait, wait! What will you do if it is an emergency number?」

「That’s also right…」

When there was something troubling, just ask Google-sensei. Nnn, heee.

「It seems like it will connect into a ghost phone.」

「What is that…」

「Well, let’s just give it a try.」

「I don’t want to call a ghost, Senpai, please do it instead.」

「Aren’t you the one who first bring up about the number anyway?」

「The train is going to arrive soon, so there’s no time to call it now.」

「It will end quickly.」

「I’ll trust senpai, okay?」

Kouhai-chan’s fingers tapped the numeric keypad on her smartphone screen, which she didn’t really use that much recently.

Just like that, she put the smartphone to her ear.


I already checked what would happen at the end, but now that I think of it, I didn’t know how the process will go.

「It said that ‘the connection test had ended’, senpai. Look.」

Kouhai-chan who was still listening to the other side of the phone came closer to my right ear so I could hear sound in her smartphone too.

I hope Kouhai-chan could stop approaching me so suddenly since she smells good. The atmosphere become strange, okay!

…On the other side of the phone, it certainly said the connection test was over.

According to the information on the internet, they should call back to our phone to test the connection.

But now they said it has finished. What now, oi.

I wonder if maybe the methods for mobile phone were different.

「Look, it’s over now, right?」

Now that it came to this, I had no choice but to gloss over it.

「Eh, ah, yes.」

And then the train arrived, so we got in.

 * * *

I was scared since senpai told me that it was a ghost phone.

But it seemed like it was just a connection test number, huh.

I hate something scary, okay. Seriously.

「Now then.」

Senpai still looked somewhat dazed, and stared at my smartphone, but oh well.

「We talked about constellations yesterday, so let’s talk about blood types today, senpai.」

「Why are we talking about another occult topic again…」

Well, this much were still the basic. Rather, for me not to ask about this until now was even more mysterious in my opinion.

「This is my『today’s question』. Senpai. what is your blood type?」

「It’s O-type.」

「Ah, it’s that one, right? Even though they can transfuse to anyone, but they can’t receive it from anyone other than from a fellow O-type. How pitiable, senpai.」

「It may be me, but you’re too rude towards all the O-type people from all over the country!」

「What kind of personality does the O-type have?」

「It seemed like there was an article talking about how blood type fortune-telling is all bullshit, you know.」

「Well, I also thought so. There’s no way something can just be decided like that anyway.」

「Then why are you still asking it to others…」

「That’s also right.」

Our conversation calmed down for a while.

「Then, my『today’s question』. Kouhai-chan too, what is your blood type?」

Oh. senpai. What a good timing.

「I’m AB-type, a rare character!」

「Even though you said ‘rare’, there are around 10% of them, y’know.」

「But 10% is also around SR, isn’t it?」 [1. JP gacha rank. Ultra Rare (UR), SSR, SR (Super Rare), R (Rare), N (Normal).]

「I see.」

That’s why, it is also somewhat rare.

「That means I can receive senpai’s blood, but I can’t do the opposite.」

「Even I still got one-sidedly exploited at this aspect, huh…」

Senpai turned his face towards me, and asked me another question.

「Have you ever donated your blood before, Kouhai-chan?」

「No. In the first place, is it possible for me to do it at my current age? Blood donations has those kind of adult images after all.」

「You should be able to do it after 16 years old… Ah, you’re still 15, huh.」

「How about you, senpai? Did you ever do it before?」


Hey, why are you even asking about that anyway, senpai?

「Then, when I become 16 years old, let’s do it together. If I’m not wrong, there is a blood donation center around here.」

I think it’s near the station we met when we were going to watch a movie recently.

「It feels somewhat weird to donate our blood together…」

「You don’t want to?」

「Well, I’m also interested in blood donation itself, so…」

「Then it’s decided. I’ll look forward to it!」


 # # #

For some reason, we decided to donate our blood together. Since we will do it after Kouhai-chan’s birthday, it will be in December then. It will be nice to do it at winter holiday…

「Senpai is O-type, and I am AB-type. If we have children, they will be A-type or B-type, right♪」


Oi, don’t say something like children! Shocked, I spit out immediately.


「Yes. We learned about living creatures recently. O-type should be OO, so our child would be A-type or B-type, depending on me.」

Speaking of which, I remembered learning something like that last year, about how blood types would be determined.

But then, uh, ah, why were we talking as if Kouhai-chan and I would make a child?

I was just a pure high school student, and this topic is too stimulating for me. Glancing at Kouhai-chan’s face (I was too embarrassed that I couldn’t look directly to her eyes), she had a cool face, as if she didn’t say anything weird.

「That’s right. It will be AO or BO, huh.」

I didn’t understand what the heck I was even saying anymore.

Please have the same uncomfortable feeling I currently feel, I beg you.

「Err, can I say something, Kouhai-chan?」

「Sure, what is it?」

「Are you aware of what you are talking about yourself? Saying something like having a child with me, isn’t that somewhat… er, more than delicate, I think it’s a sensitive topic.」


Kouhai-chan blinked her eyes in surprise, and made a face as if she didn’t realize what she was saying at all.

Her long eyelashes fluttered several times in front of her clear eyes.

And then, Kouhai-chan’s face turned completely red.

「I-I don’t have that kind of intention at al! I was just thinking about what would happen if senpai and I had a child academically, okay! Perverted senpai! Immoral! Debauched! Dilettante! And also, stupid!」

Wah, wahhh.

Her words somewhat abused my pure heart excessively.

「Why do you even say that, senpai. Even though I was talking seriously, really…」

She really simply just talked about it, eh. I myself didn’t mean it to be like that though.

「Please take responsibility!」

「Why me?」

「Senpai has to take responsibility for inspiring perverted things in my mind!」

「What’s with that.」

「Okay, turn back… No, please turn your back towards me.」


She turned my body around, and I felt a weird sensation on my back.

The area around my waist was having chills, and my neck had an unfamiliar feel that ran into my brain.

「Okay. With this, I’ll forgive you, senpai.」

「Aren’t I the one who should get the apology?」

「Are you complaining?」


There is no justice in this world.

Why did I have to be tickled…

「But then, senpai will find out if I am cheating on you, right? It will be bad if we have a child with AB-type.」

I felt like spitting out again after hearing that.

But, Kouhai-chan seemed like she was not safe either, and her face was still completely red.

「Stop self-destructing us already…」

「That is because senpai was messing with me, so I said that for a revenge!」

I didn’t think I did anything wrong today though.

When I looked at Kouhai-chan’s embarrassed appearance, her nice lips entered my vision, and thinking about how we ever had this kind of conversation, the atmosphere became somewhat strange.

More than this was no good. I cut my gaze, and took out a book from my bag.

I couldn’t do this anymore. That’s all for today.

But then, every time I turned the page, I keep glancing away from my book, and the contents didn’t enter my head at all.

The things I knew about my senpai⑲

It seems like his blood type is O.



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