Chapter 22


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Day 22

 # # #

Today was a holiday. October 8th, Sunday. The time was 10:30.

Usually, I would still be in the condition deciding whether I want to leave my bed or not. This was a time when I would finally start doing decent activities.

Right. The me today was different than usual. I already started moving, and I was currently away from home instead of on my bed.

The cue was a LINE message, which I got last night.

Normally, it would be from Kouhai-chan, but this time, that was not the case. Well, the sender was still a junior, though.

It was the person I met yesterday, and seemed to be interested in me in the bathroom, Kouhai-kun, or Ikeuchi-kun, who sent me this message.

Ikeuchi :Thank you for today. This is Ikeuchi. It was fun

Ikeuchi :By the way, this is sudden, but senpai, are you free tomorrow morning?

Ikeuchi :If possible, I would like to talk with senpai in more detail.

There was someone this straightforward, huh. He started off by properly thanking me, then he apologized for his sudden invitation.

It won’t take much of my time, so I have no reason to refuse him. With that, I was currently going to the station where we would meet.

「Ah, senpai. Good afternoon. We meet again after yesterday, eh.」

「It’s still ‘good morning’ for me, though. Ou.」

He also appeared as dashing today, while wearing his uniform.

「By the way, why are you wearing a uniform?」

I wouldn’t be able to do anything if you told me now that we would be going to school, okay!

「Ah, this? I have extracurricular activity today. By the way, I’m on the hockey club.」

I see.

「Senpai as well, what business did you have before this?」

He must be asking that because I didn’t walk out from the ticket gate, right?

Our meeting point was the closest station to the school which the majority of the students uses.

For me, I took off from the other station and walk across to the school. Well, not like it was important now.

「I took the other route. Hamakyu Line.」

「Uwahhh, how unusual. Senpai is the second person I knew who takes that route. The first one is Yoneyama, but… eh?」


「Ahh, so it’s like that?」

Ikeuchi nodded the moment he understood what I was saying.

Yoneyama… that’s right, that is Kouhai-chan’s surname. Her name was Yoneyama Maharu.

Uhn, he got it now, what kind of situation me and Kouhai-chan were in.

「Yeah, I take the same route with her.」

「Well, then let’s talk starting from that. Err, are you okay with McD, senpai?」

There were McD and Starbucks in front of this station. Well, it’s cheap, and we are both guys, so McD should be okay.

 # # #

「Coffee, and… Whehon Whoheho whie, please. [1. This menu: I think the reason why the name is weird is because it’s one of McD’s campaigns in Japan? idk], please.」

I was impressed that the server could understand what I was saying properly. I took my bacon potato pie, and took a seat.

「Now then, senpai. Before we start, I apologize for the inconvenience my girlfriend had caused you yesterday.」

With a hamburger in one of his hands, Ikeuchi-kun bowed his head towards me. How conscientious, oi.

「No, it’s okay. I don’t really mind.」

I did think she was too spontaneous like Kouhai-chan, but I really didn’t really mind about everything she said.

「Then, that’s all about my girlfriend. Let’s talk about senpai’s girlfriend now.」

She’s not my girlfriend. Should I just say that I am not going out with Kouhai-chan? 

Anyway, our talk will reach that part soon, so I’ll just leave it for the time being.

「What a quick switch of conversation.」

「My club gathering is at twelve o’clock. Let’s do it as efficient as we can.」

I see.

「Anyway, where did senpai get to know Maharu in the first place? After all, both of you didn’t have any point of contact other than in the train.」

This guy abandoned calling Kouhai-chan with her surname, and just call her as「Maharu」.

From my rational judgement, it wasn’t strange for him with that kind of relationship with her to call her with that, yet inside my mind, I felt some kind of inferiority mixed on my mind, and it felt somewhat strange.

Well, that didn’t matter.

「Yeah, it was on the train.」

「What did she say when she first talked to you?」

「I dropped something, and she picked it up for me. Then she told me that I dropped it.」

By the way, why was I being questioned by this junior boy ever since I met him?

Well, I knew this would happen anyway, so the one who was at fault was me who came nonchalantly.

「It sounds so cliche.」

「Yup. When I said it myself now, I also think that it sounds really cliche.」

「She said that senpai was the one confessed to her. Senpai, what aspect of her did you like anyway? If it is because she is friendly, she will quickly lose interest in senpai.」

「Don’t say that as if you are already experienced.」

「But it’s true. Like yesterday, she and I only talked about something practical.」

Maybe since he had known her since junior high school, Ikeuchi-kun had a terrible face while remembering something that happened not long ago.

Did I attract a dangerous person that much?

Now then. If I confess, now will be the best time.

It’s fact check time, hooh!

「In the first place, I am not dating with her.」


「I mean, I and Kouhai-chan… so confusing, I mean Yoneyama, doesn’t have that kind of boyfriend girlfriend relationship.」

「Even though both of you are that close?」

「Ah, so we look close from the outside perspective?」

「Yes, at least you are the one who is the closest to her from everyone I’ve seen.」

「That much?」

Is he serious.

How far can I trust this Ikeuchi guy’s word?

「No, maybe it’s the opposite. Since both of you are not dating, then both of you will continue to be close, right?」

「Even if you ask me that…」

「Senpai is really an interesting person.」

「You are the second one after her who said that to me. Congratulations.」

When I replied to him like that, he had a slightly bitter expression. Did he hate being compared to Kouhai-chan?

「But then, what did you mean with the dates?」

Ahh, that?

「That’s what she said to me at first, after pulling up a dictionary. She said that a date is when two people with opposite gender go out together, regardless of whether there is love or not.」

「Eh, does『date』really have that kind of meaning?」

「Why are you asking me, just look at the dictionary.」

「I don’t have a dictionary, since it is expensive.」

I’m not saying that.

「Then, yesterday’s『20 times』was…」

「Yes, yes. It was the number of times since when she first started talking to me.」

「He? Please wait a minute. Senpai, are you talking with her everyday? For the whole twenty days?」


「That’s even more abnormal!」

Ikeuchi-kun stood up from his chair with his hand hitting the desk.

「Maharu keeps asking you questions, right?」

「Yeah, she does.」

She keeps clinging on the one question a day pace, and asks me so many questions.

「What is the last question she asked?」

Last… The last, huh. With the exception from yesterday’s, before that one, it was about fortune-telling. Err, which one was it?

「Maybe about blood type.」

「Uh, senpai. Can you please stop surprising me already?」


「She asked me about my blood type and my other profiles on the first day of our date. Then, she quickly got bored, and the conversation didn’t last at all. In the end, she dumped me just like that.」

I could hear a subtle regret from Ikeuchi-kun’s voice.

「But compared to that, what about senpai? Asking your blood type at the twentieth ah yup, a miss here day, isn’t that just strange? And both of you haven’t been dating yet. What’s actually going on inside senpai’s and Maharu’s head?」

「What you mean with what… Isn’t it normal?」

「If senpai is normal, there’s no way she can last with you that long.」

He plainly talked really fast as a reply.


「You should just go out with her, senpai. Maharu has a good personality after all, if she shuts her mouth. Her face is good, and she also has a nice chest, plus senpai also feels good talking with her, right?」

I can feel a wrinkle between my eyebrows.

「Ah, or maybe senpai is that? The recently popular… Er, LGBT, or something like that.」

「I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. Just in case, I have a normal sexual orientation.」

I don’t think his way of saying how LGBT is popular is good, but I’ll just leave it like that.

「Then why? Or maybe, senpai has another girlfriend?」

「No way.」

I feel like the reason is just because of my strong disposition to obey what I had decided.

I think there are also times when someone wants to share their dispositions in their life too.

「Actually, I am the student council president…」

I talked about the school regulations, and also with my decision not to date anyone.

It seemed like it was a long time ago when I told Kouhai-chan about the same thing.

「I see. I understand senpai’s story.」

It might be a trivial thing, but it is also my own decision.

「So, I will also say this. That guy, Maharu, could you please not let her become bored?」


「I said it yesterday too, but she gets bored easily at everything. Senpai is the only thing she hasn’t got bored of fast, so senpai is definitely somewhat strange.」

「Your way of talking is really heartless.」

「Since you are a strange senpai, then I will beg you. Would you make Maharu not be lonely anymore, don’t make her unhappy, and make her stay hooked?」

Ikeuchi-kun stared at my eyes directly and said so.

「I don’t care whether you will have a lover relationship with her or not, since I also understood senpai’s perspective too. It might be strange for me to ask this, but just think of it as a request from her former boyfriend. Please accompany her.」

He didn’t look like he has bad intentions.

「Can I request you that, senpai?」

But it was really troubling for me to reply to him. In the end, what spilled from my mouth is my usual half-hearted reply.


「Un. I’m glad that I got to talk with senpai today. Well then, please take care of her from now on.」

Ikeuchi-kun took his own tray together with his backpack that should have his change of clothes.

Since I have no other business, let’s go home now.

I drank all of my remaining cold coffee, and got up from my seat.

 # # #

Maharun♪:「Today’s question」

When I got off the train returning, there was a notification on my smartphone. It was from Kouhai-chan.

Maharun♪:What kind of talk did senpai have with Ikeuchi-kun?

Why did this person know?

Maharun♪:I heard it from Kasumi

Maharun♪:She said both of you will meet

Iguchi Keita :We talked about you

Maharun♪:For senpai to be thinking of me since we won’t meet at the weekend, I am…!

Maharun♪:Thank you very much♪

Iguchi Keita :We met yesterday, though?

Maharun♪:Yesterday is yesterday, today is today

Iguchi Keita :Don’t make it sound like a quote

Maharun♪:Isn’t it okay

Maharun♪:Don’t tell me, it’s just that?

Ah, what else did we talk about? I feel like most of it was about Kouhai-chan.

Iguchi Keita :We also talked about how I am not gay.

This also happened.

There was no reply.

Iguchi Keita :Sorry, my bad.

Iguchi Keita :We talked about how he was in the hockey club



Nn? Perhaps, she is in a good mood?

There was this kind of time when an unknown character strings like these came in, huh.

Iguchi Keita :How about you, what were you doing today?

Iguchi Keita :Ah, ↑ 「Today’s question」

Maharun♪:I am having a meal with Kasumi

Iguchi Keita :Enjoy it then


Maharun♪:Yes, yesss

I felt like I was asking her just to clear today’s quota. I don’t know what to feel about that.

To be honest, there is not much I want to hear to the point that I need to LINE her.

No, that’s a lie. There are lots of things I want to hear, but since the talk can turn sour with LINE, I feel like it is better to have a serious talk face to face.

That’s why, I asked her something casual.

Well, even this relationship might be not that bad.

The things I knew about my senpai㉒

It seems like he likes girls. I’m glad.

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