Chapter 29


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# # #


Maharun♪:It’s raining

Iguchi Keita :Yeah

Iguchi Keita :It is

Sunday. It was very cold.

Just like yesterday, a LINE message arrived at exact 8.30 in the morning.

It was raining. The only person who would ride a bicycle in such weather is probably Pokemon’s main character.

Maharun♪:What should we do now?

Iguchi Keita :Even if you ask that…

Maharun♪:Come on, I have to meet with senpai, or else

Maharun♪:I won’t finish my assignment.

Iguchi Keita :What kind of assignment is that…

Maharun♪:An assignment of meeting with senpai six times a week.

It seemed like she had been establishing that since who-knows-when.

Iguchi Keita :Then

Iguchi Keita :We can meet after school too, so return my weekend

Maharun♪:I’m going with「6 days a week」.

Iguchi Keita :No wayyy

Even though relaxing on the weekends is my creed… The weather will become colder, and this is the best season to laze around!

Rather than sacrificing my weekends like that, we could just go out once or twice after school. That’s what I suggested, but she refused it.

Maharun♪:Well then, what should we do now?

Maharun♪:Senpai, do you have somewhere you want to go?


Come to think of it, there’s a new movie of Fate series that had started screening.

But, rather than that.

Iguchi Keita :I don’t wanna go out

On days like this, I rather wrap myself in my blanket, surf the net with my iPad while rolling around and not doing anything else. That feeling won, making me not want to do anything else.

Ah, that reminds me. There is a new book that should be arriving soon. I also want to read that.

Maharun♪:This is my「today’s question」.

Maharun♪:Do you have somewhere that you want to go, senpai?

Iguchi Keita :Inside the blanket in my house.

Maharun♪:By the way, where are you now, senpai?

Iguchi Keita :You understood me well

Iguchi Keita :I’m on my bed

Nonetheless, it should be rare for me to be out of my bed at this kind of time on a holiday. I usually would still be sleeping as well.


Maharun♪:I understand

Maharun♪:We can just make do with something else for today’s outing


Kouhai-chan is being reasonable, how rare.

Well, thank you for that. I can relax now.

Still lying on my bed, I decided to look at my Twitter for now.

* * *

Senpai said that he didn’t want to go out.

It’s not unreasonable. In this kind of weather, everyone will feel somewhat down.

Well then. Today will end without meeting senpai at all―― did you really believe that?

If senpai didn’t feel like going out, then I can just go to his house.

I asked senpai last week about「how do you come to the station?」, and from his answers, I somewhat can picture where he lives.

After that, well, it should work out somehow, right? I should just find「Iguchi」nametag in front of his house. Maybe his house is a single house.

Fashion OK, makeup OK, souvenirs OK.

Now then, let’s go!

* * *

The range of area from senpai’s description was surprisingly small, and I immediately finished looking at all of the nameplates. I also found the「Iguchi」without any incident. Senpai has a nice house.

Well. It is currently 9:30. It should not be rude to intrude at this kind of time. But in the first place, just coming unannounced should be quite rude already.

Let’s visit senpai’s house now. While holding down my tension, I pressed the intercom button at senpai’s house.

# # #

I heard the sound of the intercom, waking me u…


* * *


There was a female voice coming out from the speaker. Since senpai said that he didn’t have any siblings, it should be his mother.

「I’m sorry for intruding very suddenly. I am sen…」

He is not senpai, eh.

「I am, Keita-kun’s kouhai… and friend…」

How can I describe our relationship at this kind of time?

I cleared my throat, and start introducing myself again from the beginning.

「I am Keita-kun’s friend, Maharu Yoneyama. I just came here to play.」

「Oh my. Keita didn’t tell me anything, but to think that this cute of a girl comes to play with him…」

「Err, I’m sorry for that part. We didn’t plan this in advance.」

「Oh? Then, did you come to meet Keita in secret?」


「I’ll tell Keita… or I shouldn’t, right?」

「He? Uhm…」

「That kid is still in his own room, but I’ll call him out by saying the courier has come. Maharu-chan, right? Wait a minute, okay?」

「Ah, yes.」


I thought that she would refuse to let me visit him for a moment.

Apparently, I could intrude on senpai’s house.

# # #

「Keita? The courier already came, go meet them!」

Hah. How dangerous. I lost my consciousness again. Hearing my mother’s voice outside the door, I firmly clear my sleepiness.

Really, isn’t using her son to run errands quite rough. She can just receive it… but it might be my things, though.

I went to the entrance, put on my sandals, and took the stamp my family set aside on the entrance. While rubbing my eyes with another hand, I opened the door.

「Good morning, senpai!♪」

I closed the door, and locked it.

I must be tired. I sang a lot at the karaoke yesterday, too. Let’s just go back to my room and sleep again. It’s still morning anyway.

「Wait! Senpai!!」

From the other side, someone is knocking on the door more and more.

「Please open the door!」

I muttered that I don’t want to. I’m not sure whether she heard it beyond the door.

Turning my back from the entrance, I was going to return to my room.

「If senpai won’t open the door, I will tell senpai’s embarrassing things to your parents!」

「What are you going to say anyway!」

There was no choice but to open the door and reply to her.

When I opened the door, Kouhai-chan pushes her white shoes into the gap of the door. Is this that so-called「foot in the door」?

「Ehehe, I came to see senpai.」

Kouhai-chan was wearing a white sweater, dark blue fitted denim jeans, together with a gray chester coat. She smiled at me while folding her umbrella.

「Keita, did you greet her properly already?」

「I’ll greet her without needing mother to say it anyway.」

I’m not an elementary student after all.

「Oh my. You are cute when I saw your face at the camera, but you are even cuter now that I see you directly. Good afternoon, I am Keita’s mother.」

「Good afternoon, Mother. This is not much, but please have it.」

Kouhai-chan went ahead and handed the paper bag she had in her hand to my mother who showed her face behind me. It was GATEAU FESTA HARADA’s bag.

「Oh my, you didn’t have to. Thank you.」

Am I being ignored?

「Then, Keita. I will make some tea for Maharu-chan and take her to the living room, so go clean up your room in the meantime.」

「Ah, you don’t have to do that. Personally, I don’t think senpai’s room is especially dirty.」

「This kid’s room is full of books, so there won’t be any place to sit, you know?」

Oi. Where did my consent go? Why did she enter just like that? Kouhai-chan took off her shoes while saying “Sorry for the intrusion.”

「Then, it can’t be helped. Senpai, please do it quickly.」

How unreasonable…

Haa. I sighed. Staring down at my clothes, I finally realized that I was still in my pajamas.


# # #

I piled up the books scattered on the floor, moved them to the corner of my room, and lightly cleaned them with my hands. I took out the small folding chair that was leaning on the wall, together with cushions. Well, this should do the trick.

I just need to change my clothes now. I took some clothes that would be appropriate for me to go outside, and when I already became shirtless, there was suddenly a rattling sound from my door.

「Senpai? Mother said that you should finish cleaning up already, so… senpai?」

It was Kouhai-chan’s voice. Without any time to put back my pajamas or finish changing my clothes, she looked in my direction.

And then, her eyes became cold.

「Are you flexing your body? Do you want me to look at it that much? But senpai, you don’t have any muscles at all.」

「You’re too loud. Don’t just enter when someone is changing their clothes.」

If the gender is reversed, someone will call the police already.

「But, Mother is…」

「You can at least knock first…」

At least think about that. There’s also the possibility that I haven’t finished cleaning my room.

After this, she went out for me to finish changing my clothes, and I managed to do it somehow.

* * *

If I have to put my first impression of senpai’s room in a word, it will be「book」.

There are two bookshelves on the wall of his room, and he even stacked the books that couldn’t fit anymore at the door.

After sipping the tea I brought in with a tray before, senpai started asking me.

「So, what did you come here for?」

「I came to see senpai’s face.」

「You already saw it, so go home.」

「I don’t want to.」

Won’t it be boring if I just go home immediately?

「Senpai shouldn’t say that you don’t want to leave your house.」

「I didn’t think that this will happen…」

Cutting his own words, senpai added.

「Anyway, it was the rain’s fault.」

「Yes, that’s it. That’s why I am not wrong.」

「No, you’re wrong too.」

「Senpai who said that you don’t want to go out is wrong. That means everyone is wrong.」

「It’s your fault.」

「It’s the rains fault.」

「…Let’s just leave it like that.」

We decided to stop our argument in the middle of the tea break for the time being.

How would the me from a month ago react if the current me told her that I was doing something like this with senpai?

「Then, what do you want to do?」

「Who knows? By the way, isn’t this room cold, senpai?」

「There is no heater in this room. I mostly just sleep here anyway.」

Although my body was warmed with the tea, the room temperature was low.

「Please lend me a blanket.」

「Eh, no way. This is mine.」

「Isn’t it big? We can use it together.」

I saw no point in arguing about this, so I just took the blanket from senpai’s bed. I cover the small table with it, and made a simple kotatsu.



「I suddenly want to eat some oranges.」

「People have started to buy oranges now, eh.」

「It’s not yet the season to eat it for me.」

Our whimsical conversation continued slowly.

# # #

「Senpai. By the way, do you know what this is called?」

Did our meaningless conversation continue for around an hour? Suddenly, Kouhai-chan asked me something like this.


Maybe there’s really something similar to this. But it is too embarrassing, and there’s no way I can say it.


「I really dunno. 「Today’s question」What is this called?」

Kouhai-chan kicked my leg lightly under the blanket, put her hands behind her, and said this.

「It is called a house date.」

Is that so? I felt like I heard it somewhere. Maybe on pixiv.

「I have an objection!」

But, I have doubts too.


「No, no, isn’t it weird? Dating is when a man and woman go out together, right? I didn’t go out to anywhere.」

「Senpai, please don’t argue just for the sake of it.」

「As long as the man didn’t go out, I won’t consider it a date.」

「Then, what should we call it… A rendezvous? House secret meeting?」

「You went in a strange direction.」

「House visit?」

「Is this related to school?」

「An assault next to lunch time?」

「Is it that time already?」

Looking at my smartphone, it was certainly already around noon.

「By the way, why am I the only one thinking about this? Since senpai was the one disagreeing with me, senpai should be the one thinking about the new name.」

She was basically saying that I have an obligation to make up an alternative for this.

「Nn… How about『house attend』?」


「『Attending house』, making it house attend. Look, our relationship is mostly when we are attending the school, right? That’s why, it becomes『house attend』. How is it?」

She tilted her head slightly and her gestures looked as if she didn’t really understand, but her face looked as if she understood it somehow.

「What a nonsense answer, senpai.」

「You’re the one making people think about that.」

Kouhai-chan smiled, and added something unbelievable she had omitted before.

「But I like it. it’s fine, let’s call this kind of event as 『house attend』.」

Err, maybe that means…?

「You’ll still do this?」

「Isn’t it natural? We went to a lot of trouble to think of a name already anyway. Senpai can come to my house as well, you know?」

After that, she had lunch in my home, and then she went home after getting a lot of affection from my mother.

The things I knew about my senpai㉙

His mother is pretty beautiful.



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