Chapter 31


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# # #


It was raining as well today. If it was raining, I have to leave my house a little bit earlier, making it troublesome. After all, I didn’t want to get drenched while riding my bicycle.


「Senpai, I have thought about this for a while, but senpai is using a plain umbrella, eh.」


「Isn’t this similar to yours anyway.」


Mine is the black one. I hate vinyl umbrellas because they look cheap.


Kouhai-chan’s umbrella is navy, with a white line around the edge.


「Mine is fine. I choose it properly after all. Senpai’s is surely bought randomly at a special sale, right?」


「You, how could you know…」


To be exact, my mother was the one who bought it. What’s important for an umbrella is that they need to be cheap and sturdy, isn’t it?


「Of course I know. After all, I am senpai’s Kouhai-chan.」


「I don’t really understand what we are talking about any more.」


「I also don’t understand it senpai.」


Then don’t say that so irresponsibly.


* * *


Speaking of which, I haven’t asked any questions to senpai today.


「Senpai, my『today’s question』.」


Getting on the train and thanking the warmth inside my mind, I asked senpai.


「Senpai, what is your favourite color?」


Most of the clothes senpai wore on weekends, together with the pajamas I’ve seen were blue, gray, and many other cooler colors.


「Color? Color, huh.」


Oh? It seems like he unexpectedly hesitated over the answer.


「Nn, I never really thought about it.」


「How do you decide on your clothes, senpai?」


「I just go with the safer options.」


「I think there are still a lot to consider even if you choose the safer options, senpai…」


「Is that so?」


Senpai’s fashion choice was certainly what would be the safe and normal choices for high school students.


In other words, maybe it is neither good nor bad? I didn’t really think that men need to have adventure on fashion that much anyway.




「I dunno.」


「Then, please tell me the color of senpai’s items you currently have.」


「I see. Okay.」


After collecting and combining the colors, we will surely find the color senpai likes.




Senpai puts his hand into his pocket and takes out his smartphone.


「It’s a black, iPhone.」


「Smartphone case.」


「Black and transparent.」


「Pencil case.」




「Mechanic pencil.」


「Light blue.」




Senpai took off his glassess, and rotate them in front of his face. This might be the first time I saw him without glasses.


Senpai’s naked eyes made him look somewhat, innocent.


「Is this black and blue?」




He put his hand in his pocket again.


「It’s orange. How rare.」


「So senpai had warm-colored items as well…」


「How much of a cold person do you I think I am, oi.」


Nn, it’s boring just to ask senpai about the color of his items.


I wonder if there’s something more. A color that comes out from his deepest heart, and sticks to his own mind…


Right, for example, let’s ask him something like this.


「Your favourite character on『Love Live!』」


「Why do you ask that suddenly… It’s Umi and Kanan.」


「Aren’t both of them bluish? Their hair color.」




「How about in『Cinderella Girls』?」


「I like cool characters…」


Ah, as I thought.




「What are you trying to say with that ‘yes’…」


「It is a『yes』saying that senpai’s favourite color has been decided. It’s blue, no matter how I think of it!」


「Blue, huh.」


「This shows how senpai is still a greenhorn. It was a psychological test.」


「That was a psychological test? This is the first time I heard that. Anyway, I don’t want my kouhai to tell me that I am a greenhorn!」


「Senpai is immature because you are saying that kind of thing. You don’t have enough composure as an adult.」


「I’m still a minor, and I don’t have the right to vote.」




How should we finish this nicely?


「Senpai is still young by replying to me that seriously.」


「Aren’t you even younger than me?」


「Yeah, I am a fifteen year old brimming with youthful enthusiasm girl☆」


# # #


Was she waiting for my retort? For example, that ‘brimming with youthful enthusiasm’ was so lame.


I decided to ignore that, and now, this is my turn.


「Then, this is『today’s question』for that full of energy Kouhai-chan. What is your favourite color?」


「I am pink.」


I am a pink?」


「So pink becomes a noun, senpai?」


「It is from the beginning anyway. Does it have a meaning as a countable noun?」


Make hay when the sun shines. If you’re curious, Google it.


…or not. I took out my electronic dictionary and checked it.


「Ah, there is.」


There is a C mark surrounded by a square, meaning it is a countable noun as well.


「It looks like it is the Nadeshiko flower. Nadeshiko-san.」


「I am Yamato Nadeshiko, so it’s justified.」[1. Yamato nadeshiko is a Japanese term meaning the “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”, or “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty”; poised, decorous, kind, gentle, graceful, humble, patient, virtuous, respectful, benevolent, honest, charitable, pious, faithful.]


「Is there this kind of insane Yamato Nadeshiko in this world?」


Our topic strayed again.


「Why is it pink?」


「Because, I am Maharu.」




「My name. Thinking about spring, isn’t it pink?」


「Isn’t it too simple, oi.」


Kouhai-chan laughed at my reply, but her face suddenly became serious, making me surprised.


「If you like something, isn’t it start from the beginning?」


Her words permeated into my head even more than usual.


I wonder if it was like that.


I felt like I didn’t really grasp what she meant with that.


「Well, senpai will surely like blue from now on as well. Just see.」


「Is it really something like that?」


When I looked closely at the electronic dictionary cover that I held in my hand, it was also amber colored.


Was I that fond of bluish colors? Did I reincarnated from the sea?


「Yes. You will also feel blue soon.」


「That’s not good…」


「Or maybe, senpai want to feel pink with me?」


「That’s even worse!」


Kouhai-chan and my laughing voices echoed inside the train.


The things I knew about my senpai㉛

It seems like he likes the color blue.



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