Chapter 34


Translator: mii

Editor: Ryunakama

 * * *


The rain that had stopped for a while came to fall again, and the sky was dark, even though it was still morning.

「Good morning.」

Senpai came as well today.

「Ah, morning.」

Speaking of which, hasn’t it been a month since senpai returned my greeting for the first time?

How much has our distance been reduced ever since that time?

When we got on the train and went to our usual position, senpai took off his glasses as began wiping it with his navy blue sweater.

「I hate rain.」

「It was because it would make senpai’s book wet, wasn’t it?」

「I also don’t like getting my glasses wet.」

I see. The raindrops will stick on the lens of the glasses.

「By the way, senpai. This is my『today’s question』.」


「Senpai, don’t you use any contacts?」

 * * *

Contacts. Contact lenses.

It is a medical device that is placed on the cornea of the eye to correct the user’s vision.

I’ve always been a glasses user, but I wanted to experience the mysterious contact lens. That’s why there is a one day’s contact lens in my room.

Yes. It is stored, unused.

「I don’t.」

「Why is it? Isn’t it more efficient on this kind of rainy day?」

Leaving aside Kouhai-chan’s way of speaking, she is asking why don’t I use contact lens. The reason is simple.

Ah, but, I don’t want to tell her… She will definitely make fun of me… But, this is her「question」as well. I have to answer her no matter what. Alright.

「I’m not good at putting it in.」


「Contacts. Putting it inside my eyes.」

「What? I thought senpai hasn’t tried it before, since we are talking about senpai after all.」

「What kind of character am I in your mind anyway…」

I feel like she has been treating me quite rough these days.

「Does it really ever happen, senpai? Being unable to put it on.」

It seems like I will miss my timing to ask her my question. Let’s just ask her now.

「Hey, before that, can I ask you my『today’s question』first?」


「Kouhai-chan too, are you using contacts?」


「Are you using the colored contacts one?」

Sometimes, one or two cosplayer photos will appear on my Twitter timeline, and I think their eyes looks really cool.

Some recent anime characters are differentiated by eye colors as well, making the eyes important.

「No, I never used that before.」


「Even without that, I’m already cute anyway.」

Kouhai-chan winks her left eye and sticks out her tongue, which is certainly, cute.

「Senpai, please say something.」

「Yes, yes. Cute, really cute.」

「It has been a while since senpai said that, eh.」

By the way, I also felt like I haven’t said that for a while.

「With that, I am a contacts user everyday.」

「I wear glasses everyday.」

If she is wearing contacts every time she is going outside, it means she will be wearing glasses at home, like before she is going to bed. She has myopia anyway. I try to imagine her wearing glasses in my mind.

「Oi? Senpai?」

What kind of frame is she using?

The thick one? Or maybe the thin one? What is the color?

It’s hard to come up with something that will fit her.

Yup, yup, or so I hum in my mind, when suddenly, two fingers enter my vision. Kouhai-chan’s hands make the shape of scissors, as if she is going to poke my eyes, and her fingers touch my lenses.


There are fingerprints sticking on my glasses. No way. Now I need to wipe it again.

「Senpai, why are you suddenly staring at me like that? Really.」


Seriously? Did I stare at her that much?

「Were you imagining me in glasses?」

Bull’s eye. You hit the mark. Congratulations.

Well, there’s no way I can say that, though.

「Who knows?」

「Hmm. If senpai wants to see, please come and visit my house.」

You shouldn’t say that to a male who isn’t even your boyfriend.

「Well, fine. Let’s go back to our topic. Does not being able to put contacts on your eyes ever happen, senpai?」

「I mean, isn’t it big? There’s no way it will enter just like that. I need to open my eyes with my hands, or else it won’t enter, right?」

Anyway, wait.

I couldn’t remove the dirt on my glasses. It will be troubling if I couldn’t wipe the fingerprint away since it will become hard to see.

「That’s right, and then?」

「Doesn’t that sound hard already!」

They will just fall down immediately. And if it falls, I need to wash it with something like saline solution.

More than that, it’s scary. What makes me sad is how I should put my finger into my own eyeball.

「I’m sure it’s because senpai didn’t open your eyes wide enough.」

「It might be alright during the daytime, but in the first place, isn’t it hard to open our eyes in the morning?」

「Ah, I see. So it’s like that. Senpai is not good with mornings, eh.」

This is bad. I couldn’t wipe off the fingerprint.

I took my handkerchief out of my pocket.

 * * *

Since senpai is not good with mornings, he can’t open his eyes properly, making him unable to put on contact lenses.

Somehow, it’s cute.

「If you’re not good at it, you just have to practise opening your eyes forcibly.」


Senpai is still wiping his glasses.

In other words, he is not wearing his glasses.

That’s right. I’m not stupid enough to stick my fingerprint on his lenses without any purposes.

I quickly approach senpai, and use both of my hands to push his right eye open forcefully.

「Come on.」

「Wait, what are you doing?」

「I told you already, this is a practise on opening your eyes, senpai.」

「I can do it myself, stop it already.」

 # # #

「Please don’t struggle, it can be dangerous for you, senpai.」

Kouhai-chan who suddenly approached me threatens me.

Her long nails like how girls’ nails usually look like are certainly sticking on the skin of my eyelids slightly, and it kind of hurts. Anyway, it’s scary.

「Why are you forcefully opening it anyway!」

「Isn’t it impossible for senpai to do it alone?」

「This is also impossible for me.」

「It might surprisingly work. Let’s make sure of it next time.」

「I don’t want to!」

More than that, is it okay for me to wear my glasses again?

「Er, would you please release me?」

「Let’s do your left eye as well, senpai.」


She forcefully opens my other eye. Her face is too close, and her nails are digging in my skin.


Wearing my glasses, I could finally see Kouhai-chan’s face clearly again.

「What the heck is that.」

「I also don’t really understand.」

Kouhai-chan giggles, and she whispers.

「But then, isn’t it fine?」

The things I knew about my senpai㉞

It seems like senpai is not good at putting contact lenses on.



  1. That was an uncomfortable chapter for me… Just the thought of putting a foreign object (contacts) in or someone else opening my eyes makes me restless…
    Thank you for the chapter anyway

    • I wore contact lenses for a time.
      The correction was never as good as with glasses.
      Plus, if my eyes dried out, the lenses would come lose and fall. For part of that time I lived in Tucson, Arizona… eyes drying out was not uncommon. Thankfully, the lenses did tend to catch on my cheek rather than falling all the way to the ground, but still.
      Cleaning them was a pain and a half, and represented an additional ongoing expense for the various cleaning supplies. Plus the solutions for overnight storage.
      The final straw was that my eyes got irritated; I had residual pain from that for a long time after switching back.

      For some people they work. I’m not one of those.

  2. Thanks for the work.

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