Chapter 36


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Editor: Ryunakama

 * * *

It’s cold outside. Wrapped in my blanket, I become somewhat dazed.

In the end, I won the karaoke game yesterday. We agreed with that result.

Despite me using various some underhanded tricks, victory is still a victory. It seems like I can ask Kouhai-chan to do anything I wish, no matter what it is. I couldn’t think of it on the spot, so for the time being, it was put on hold.

「Keita? Shouldn’t you wake up already?」

When I was recounting yesterday’s events in my head, I heard my mother’s voice from the living room.

Looking at my smartphone screen I placed at the bedside, it was already noon. There was no LINE message at all. Well, we already went to play yesterday, so let me relax today.

I woke up slowly, and I felt unexpectedly refreshed (this is because I slept a lot today!). I went to the living room.

「I thought you will go out today too.」

I picked up the coffee maker pod, and poured it into my usual mug. Suddenly, my mother called me out from behind.

「I’m tired of going out everyday.」

There is still school on weekdays though.

「Oh my. But didn’t you go out a lot recently? Look, yesterday you went out as well.」


「What were you doing? I was surprised when you woke up in the morning.」

「I went to karaoke.」

「Alone? No way, right? You went with that girl, right?」


「Not really.」

「You don’t have to be that shy, you know? So spring finally comes to my only son? Tell me more. Where did you catch that cute girl?」


「I’m not going out with her.」

「I didn’t ask that, though?」


「But, both of you are that close, yet you don’t go out with her? Go confess to her already, you’re a man, right?」

「I don’t like the impression how it’s always a man who should confess.」

「Even if you say that, girls like a man who they can depend on.」

「It’s different for her.」

Her standard is probably, just one. What’s important for her is whether the other person is interesting or not.

If we turn it the other way around, the moment she got ‘bored’, or when you are ‘not interesting’ anymore for her, it will be the end of our relationship.

「Oh my, how passionate.」

「Stop it already.」

I ate my brunch, and went back to my room.

 * * *

Maharun♪:It looks like there will be a typhoon tomorrow morning.

Iguchi Keita :Seriously!?

After noon, when I sent a LINE message to senpai, I got a reply in an instant. I think this was the fastest record for him to reply to me.

Iguchi Keita :Uohh, it’s real

Iguchi Keita :I wonder if the school will have a holiday

Maharun♪:Don’t you have the right to declare a holiday as the student council president?

Maharun♪:I also want a holiday

Looking at the news, it seems like the typhoon will come to Kanto area from midnight to early tomorrow morning.

Iguchi Keita :If I have, I will send an email about school break right now

Iguchi Keita :But there’s no way I have that much authority anyway

Maharun♪:Oh my, what a shame

Iguchi Keita :You asked that after knowing that, right?

Iguchi Keita :Just to make me feel blue

Maharun♪:I don’t have that kind of intention

This is the first time for a typhoon to come ever since I entered this high school.

Maharun♪:By the way, how will we know if tomorrow ended up in a holiday?

Iguchi Keita :If I’m not wrong

Iguchi Keita :When there is a storm warning at 9 AM, the school should be closed.

Iguchi Keita :And an e-mail will come

Maharun♪:9 AM?

Maharun♪:Isn’t it when the class has started?

Iguchi Keita :What a contradiction

Maharun♪:How weird

I wonder if as a school, they don’t want to take a break that much?

In the first place, if it’s dangerous to walk outside because of a typhoon, most people will feel better at school. It’s boring at home.

Maharun♪:Well, anyway

Maharun♪:It will be nice if it becomes a holiday tomorrow, senpai

Iguchi Keita :Yeah

Iguchi Keita :I will hang a teru-teru bouzu[1. Paper doll to which children pray for fine weather.] upside down and pray for that.

What’s with that. So cute.

 # # #

I knew the existence of that typhoon before, but I didn’t know that it was going to come on the most depressing day of the week, Monday morning, so I feel excited for that right now.

A question from Kouhai-chan comes.

Maharun♪:Uhm, senpai

Maharun♪:This is my today’s question

Iguchi Keita :Nn

Maharun♪:Senpai, have you decided on your request for me?

It’s that?

We haven’t decided about how much「weight」will be required in the request as well, so it’s making me troubled.

Iguchi Keita :Not yet…

Maharun♪:How timid

Iguchi Keita :I just don’t have the guts

Maharun♪:I told you that you can ask for anything already

Iguchi Keita :That’s what makes me the most troubled…

When we were still in the karaoke box, I really want that privilege no matter what (or maybe I was just desperate on not handing it to her), but now, I didn’t know what to do with it.

What do I want to get from her, what do I want even more than what I have now, or how can I return it to her? I completely don’t have any idea.

Iguchi Keita :Well, that,

There’s no helping it if I say I still haven’t decided.

So, I decided to give myself a deadline.

Iguchi Keita :Tomorrow


Iguchi Keita :Tomorrow, I will tell you, about what I want from Kouhai-chan.

After around thirty seconds, I got a reply.

Maharun♪:Yes, I understand

I didn’t really think of anything yet, so I have to think a lot, and decide what I want.

If possible, I want to tell her face to face. That feeling came to my mind.

Face to face, huh. If we have class tomorrow, we will meet on the train as usual.

Then, what if it was closed due to the typhoon?

If the school is closed due to the typhoon, of course, they will say that going out is dangerous, and also how the students don’t have to come to the school.

There’s no way I want to go out tomorrow. Naturally, I won’t be able to meet Kouhai-chan.

Somehow, it feels quite lonely.

For a moment, I thought that the typhoon better not come.

But, after all, I want to have a break. Taking classes is basically a very tiring task.

The things I knew about my senpai㊱

It seems like he will hang a teruteru bouzu upside down to wish for school break.



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