Chapter 38


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 # # #

「Senpai! I completely forgot about this yesterday!」

As soon as I met Kouhai-chan at the platform in the morning, Kouhai-chan approached me and pressed on me.

After I drank her miso soup yesterday, she went home right away, making me unable talk with her properly. Why did she come in the first place anyway?

「In the end, senpai didn’t tell me what is your request for me.」

「It’s because the school was on a break. You were the one intruding so suddenly too.」

「It should be okay for senpai to just tell me since we met yesterday, though!」

Wasn’t it can’t be helped anyway? Both of our heads were filled with miso soup after all.

「As a punishment, I will confiscate senpai’s privilege. It means, I can request something from senpai now.」

Isn’t that too unreasonable?

「No way. That’s different from what our agreement is.」

I said those words with strong intonation, making even myself surprised.

Kouhai-chan who was standing in front of me also looked surprised.

「Ah, sorry. But I just thought that, I already put a lot of thought on it, so…」

First, let’s apologize.

My request wasn’t that much of a grand one, but I also used my brain a little for this. When she suddenly said that I lost my privilege just like that, I felt a little nervous.

「…I understand.」

Kouhai-chan sucks a breath.

「If senpai said it like that, then sure. You can tell me your request.」

For some reason, the second half of her words sounded somewhat dramatic, and the atmosphere became a little less tense.

…I felt embarrassed to say it all over again after stopping in mid-sentence.


「No, er, that,」

「Please be faster.」


I took a deep breath to calmmy nervousness.


 * * *

Here comes the「request」from senpai. I wonder what will he ask me to do.

There’s no way it will be a lively request, nor it will be a boring one. He said that he had thought about it after all. Maybe he wants to confess to me? As if that will happen, though. But if he really is, how should I answer. What will I answer with!

「――birthday, is about to come soon, right?」


The conversation went to a direction I never expected, and I answered senpai with a back-channelling reply.

「Celebrate it for me, grandly.」

「Just that?」

Since this was truly out of my expectations, I can’t help but to ask him again.

「Ah, even if I say grandly, the participants can just be Kouhai-chan and me. Someone other than us is, err…」

「I didn’t ask about that.」

I interrupted senpai’s talking.

「If it’s just that, I was going to celebrate it anyway even if senpai didn’t request that to me. Why did senpai make that kind of『request』?」

We talked about our birthday when we were having a conversation about star constellations a long time ago.

Ever since then, I had been thinking about how to celebrate senpai’s birthday.

「No, well. You know that I am an only child, and my friends circle is too narrow, to the point that I never celebrated those real birthday party. They would tell me “happy birthday” just for appearances at my birthday.」

「I see.」

「Also, if it’s Kouhai-chan, I can feel relieved in a lot of ways.」

「What kind of trust is that…」

I think that most of the birthday party is most likely just for being showy, though.

「Anyway, how does someone celebrate other peoples birthday?」

「We’re starting from there? But I certainly never thought of that before.」

Talking about being showy, I thought of this kind of thing.

「Isn’t it that? They will make a toast to celebrate how I am born, you are born, and we are able to meet in this vast world at this moment.」

「That must be wrong. They just want to make a ruckus, right? Those active humans.」

「It will be over the moment you said that, senpai.」

「Well, we will make a ruckus even with just two of us anyway. How about the day after tomorrow, since it is in a holiday? I’ll look forward to it.」


「It will be a holiday on Friday? Why?」

「Eh, I didn’t say it before? Since we will have the athletic meet on Thursday, the day after that will be a break to recover from our tiredness, so we will have a holiday.」

「Then. it means I can use the whole day to celebrate with senpai, right?」

「No, it’s not like you have to use the whole day, but you can use it for sure.」

「I understand.」

 # # #

I asked her my「request」.

Looking at how she rolled up her sleeves, I felt like she didn’t have to be that enthusiastic about it either, but oh well.

「If that’s what senpai’s request is, then here’s my『today’s question』.」

Oh? I wonder what will she ask me.

「Senpai, what is your favourite dish?」

「Didn’t I answer that one already?」

「I remembered that when I asked about senpai’s favourite『food』at that time, you answered with strawberry.」

Ah. It was when I was still tense with her, or maybe it was just because of my MAX wariness?

Kouhai-chan told me that her favourite food was pancake too, if I don’t remember wrong. Both of our answer is not a dish.

「Dish, huh…」

「Senpai can also think of the answer as something you want to eat on your birthday.」

「I see…」

All of the dishes that I have eaten in my whole life appeared on my mind one by one.

I couldn’t decide on my favourite one at all.

「How about preference? Does senpai like Japanese dishes, or Western dishes?」

「Can’t I choose Chinese dishes?」

「It’s over the sea, so it can be considered as western dish as well.」

「Doesn’t western dish comes from the western country?」

「If we’re talking about the western part beyond the ocean, doesn’t it sound like China?」


「But that’s not important. So senpai likes Chinese dishes? But I can’t make them.」

「Eh? You want to make it for me?」

「Why are you looking so surprised now, senpai? Ah, but when I made that miso soup, senpai was also half-asleep, huh.」

She continued by saying that I don’t have to worry, since she will put all of her ability on it. Complete with a wink.

「I’ll ask you something first. In a sweet and sour pork, the pineapple is…」

「I won’t put it in. It’s too troublesome.」

「Oh, then that’s a relief.」

Some people said that the enzyme from pineapple will soften the meat, but it also changes the taste, and the disadvantage is too much just for that purpose, Why did they even put that kind of fruit in a sweet and sour pork? Isn’t that just weird?

「Anyway, does senpai really like Chinese dishes?」

「I like how they taste meaty. I’m still a growing boy, you know.」

「Is that something you can say by yourself, senpai…」

 * * *

So it’s Chinese, huh. I wonder if I ever made one before.

For this occasion, I should just buy the cake for senpai later on.

「Then, my『today’s question』. Kouhai-chan, what do you like? Not sweets, but normal foods.」

Oh my. Senpai, so you remembered my answer.

「If I have to choose between Japanese or Western dish, I think I will choose Japanese.」

「I thought you would like western dish.」

「I do like them, but I prefer the gentle taste in Japanese dishes.」

「Ah, I can’t say I don’t get it.」

With that, we also have another random conversation again today, as we head to the school.

The things I knew about my senpai㊳

It seems like Chinese dishes will be good at his birthday.



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