Chapter 39


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 # # #

「Good morning.」


I already got used to starting my morning by greeting Kouhai-chan at the station platform. I repeat, I got used to her already.

「Tomorrow is the athletic week, right? Senpai, don’t you have to prepare?」

「I just have to give a five-second speech at the opening event.」

「I think that’s not even a speech, but just calling people’s name…」

It’s troubling knowing what she said is not wrong. That kind of thing is just a ritual okay, a ritual!

「But the one who organized the athletic meet is the student council, right? Is it alright for the leader to not do anything?」

「The student council president is the decoration leader. It’s like a chairman. Then there’s president, section manager, and manager below him.」

「Our student council have that kind of thing?」

「No, but the responsible members will do the work.」

Why is this organization formed like this anyway? I wonder if anyone even cares.


「Senpai, in the end, what will you participate in tomorrow?」

「It’s a borrowing competition…」

Ah… Even though I tried not to remember it, yet…

Who is the one who said that「as the leader of the student council, you need to take responsibility and join the borrowing race」anyway. Those people around me also just went with that idea, how cruel. Even though they usually never cooperate in anything, they will become a team and push others who never stand out to shine at this kind of event.

 The borrowing race competition in our school’s athletic meet takes place at the end of all events. Everyone will watch it. The students will draw a lottery to choose a theme from the proposals all of the students have submitted, except for the「borrowed things」idea that is offensive to law and morals, or impossible.

In other words, everything that is possible will happen. A complete chaos. I don’t want to get involved if I can. There’s no way I want to struggle and fight with twenty other students in a tug of war. Urgh.

「Does senpai hate it that much? Isn’t it just borrowing something and running?」

「At best, you need to improve your luck in lottery…」

If I need to use my luck, it will just be on the event lottery I sometimes try at the convenience store. If I use it too much, I feel like my luck will be crushed.

「Also, the representatives from all of the classes will start at the same time.」

「Is it from the first, second, and third grade?」

「Yeah, everyone will take the draw lots at once.」


The live reporting is also very troublesome. They need to pick up a theme that looks like it is the most interesting, and shout it in an instant. Broadcasters, you work hard.

「But, it means I can start together with senpai, eh.」

「So what?」

「I can have a match with senpai.」


「By the way, let’s do that? A match where the winner can command the loser anything, part 2.」


「Isn’t it alright?」

Even though we can ask each other a question a day, there are no rules about making requests or asking for help.

To put it simply, if she is trying to make a privilege on a「request」this much, what will she request to me anyway? I’m scared.

「I don’t think it is, but I don’t have the right to veto anyway, right?」

「So you know it well, senpai. Then, it’s decided.」

To be honest, the first lottery will decide everything. You can say that the ranking will be decided with what theme that is assigned to the participant. I can just pile up as much virtue as I can until tomorrow, and hope that I can get a theme that will be easier to do.

I’ll do my best.

 * * *

I have succeeded in getting a way to have the privilege to request again. It will be nice if I can win this time.

「By the way, this is my『today’s question』.」

When we were talking yesterday, I got curious about this matter.

「Senpai, can you cook?」


Senpai puts his hand on his chin, and considers it for around three seconds.

「If it’s about whether I can or not, I think I can, but if you ask me if『I can cook』, I can’t.」


I feel like I can understand what he is saying for some reason, but I don’t really understand.

Let’s ask him to verify his skill one by one.

「How about cup noodles?」

「Don’t I just need to put hot water in that?」

「Can you cook rice?」

「Doesn’t it just wash the rice, pour clean water, and press the button?」

It seems like senpai can at least do the easiest dish. For now, he passed my test.

「What’s senpai’s dish specialty?」

「I don’t really cook that much to have a speciality, and there’s nothing like those repertoire. My skill is just the minimum.」

Let’s change my way of asking.

「For example, what can senpai make? What did senpai ever make before?」

「Maybe something like fried egg, or fried rice?」

「Senpai can break eggs, huh.」

「Don’t look down on me, of course I can do that much.」

I felt like provoking him a little bit.

「By the way, I can break an egg with just one hand.」

Senpai made a cramped face, yet he looked as if he couldn’t say anything back. How interesting.

 # # #

「Fried eggs, huh.」

When we were talking about the dish I can make, I recalled a controversy over fried eggs.

「My『today’s question』. Kouhai-chan, what do you add on fried egg?」

「It’s soy sauce, right?」


Our beliefs split.

「Of course it’s salt. You have to add salt on fried eggs.」

「No, it’s soy sauce.」

What, are you picking a fight now, oi.

「First, fried egg is probably a dish that comes from the west, right? They call it as sunny side up and turnovers too. Because of that, it’s clear that they won’t use soy sauce (LOL) that is mostly used in Asia, and go with salt and pepper.」

「No, that’s not true. To begin with, Japan is a country that has adapted some foods from overseas to suit their environment, and sublimated it into a new dish. Ramen is one of the representatives of that, and nikujaga is also an arrangement from England beef stew.」

「So it’s like that…」

「Yes. That’s why, soy sauce is the first step in the adaptation of fried eggs into Japanese dished. Since Japanese people really loves soy sauce, they will surely add soy sauce on their fried egg, no doubt about it. Putting sauce on fried eggs is just absurd.」

「No way, I am supporting the salt team no matter what…」

「It’s soy sauce.」


「Soy sauce.」


「Rice pudding cake.」

「Kelp salad with tofu.」

「Fruit parfait.」

「Fait… Fue… Fueee…」

I couldn’t think of anything else, and started to speak like a clumsy girl. Since my voice was man’s low voice, it was not cute at all.

「Why did we even play shiritori in the first place, senpai?」

「You really like sweets as usual, huh.」


「The chocolate and the parfait.」


She told me that she said that unconsciously, and turned her gaze down.

The things I knew about my senpai㊴

It seems like senpai adds salt on his fried egg.



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