Chapter 42


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Editor: Ryunakama

 # # #

I opened yesterday’s birthday gift after I reached my home, keeping my promise.

It was a small box, but there were two items inside it.

The first one is a blue glasses case. I don’t know if it’s natural or synthetic, but it was made of leather, and there is a sense of luxury that makes me feel wasteful to use it frequently.

The other one is a prominent blue plastic package. With large letters saying「Easy to remove without using your finger!」, there is an item that looks like it was made from silicone rubber. What is this?

After reading the whole box, it was actually a tool to put on and take off contact lenses. The name is actually「Meruru」. I can only think of a magical girl when I heard that name.

Now then. What do these two presents even mean? Even when I turned the box upside down, there was no message card at all.

Well, if she wanted to get in touch with me nowadays, she can just do it as much as she wants with LINE. There’s no need for her to write an elaborate letter.

Anyway, we have a good relationship to the point that we meet everyday. She should be okay with telling me the reason of these presents tomorrow.

 # # #

The next day was Saturday, and I forgot that it was a holiday.

As usual, when it was already noon, I woke up and stretched my body.

Looking at my smartphone screen, I got some LINE messages as I expected.

Maharun♪:Good morning, senpai

Maharun♪:Did you open my present already?

Maharun♪:Oh, so you’re still sleeping…

Maharun♪:Please tell me when you wake up

What’s with that「So you’re still sleeping」anyway.

No, she is right that I was sleeping, but if I’m not sleeping and have sudden errands, will she even still think I am「sleeping」? Oh well.

Iguchi Keita :Morning

Maharun♪:As always, senpai is really a sleepyhead

Iguchi Keita :Shut it

Maharun♪:Did you open the present already?

Iguchi Keita :Yeah

Iguchi Keita :What is that

I couldn’t think of anything other than, “what is that.” I couldn’t write anything other than, “what is that.”

Maharun♪:I thought that I want to see senpai wearing contact lenses.

Iguchi Keita :Isn’t naked eye the same anyway…

It’s troublesome to wear each of them anyway.

Maharun♪:Contacts might be even more comfortable than what senpai is currently thinking, you know?

Iguchi Keita :I don’t want to have dry eyes

Maharun♪:To senpai who makes that kind of excuse,

Maharun♪:It is like a present from a contact wearer like me

Don’t smash my excuse like that, oi!

Doesn’t this just mean that my escape routes are steadily decreasing?

Iguchi Keita :It doesn’t change that it will still take some time to put them on

Iguchi Keita :I also said that I can’t open my eyes in the first place already, right?

I felt like I said it around a week ago.

One of the reasons I don’t wear contacts at school is because it will take time to put them on. But then, I will be sleepy in the morning, making me unable to open my eyes properly to put on the contacts. If I need to wake up even earlier to wear them, it will even become harder for me to open my eyes. And so, the vicious cycle begins.

Maharun♪:Then, it’s fine if it’s just on the weekends.

Iguchi Keita :Then it will be meaningless

Iguchi Keita :No one will see it other than my parents

Maharun♪:You can wear it at the weekends when we are going out

Maharun♪:Senpai, won’t you give the contacts a try?

She is clinging on it so much.

Does she really want to turn other people into contacts user?

Iguchi Keita :Haa…

Iguchi Keita :I have some contacts with me, so it’s okay to try it though

But why are you that desperate?

Iguchi Keita :Er,「today’s question」

Maharun♪:How sudden

Iguchi Keita :Why do you want me to put on contacts that much?

 * * *

I got a question from senpai suddenly.

Even I’m surprised that I become this upset. It’s good that we are currently chatting via LINE.

But then, this is also his「today’s question」, so I can’t do anything but to answer him honestly.

I spilled a sigh.

Maharun♪:Because that way,

Maharun♪:Senpai is even cooler

Ah, I said it.

He read it, and two minutes passed just like that.

Iguchi Keita :Ha?

When he finally replied, he only sent me a forced「Ha?」.

Maharun♪:That’s if we are talking relatively okay, relatively!

No I’m not saying that senpai is usually not cool or what but glasses definitely doesn’t really suit him at all or maybe his face is not really fit to wear glasses in the first place and it’s better for him not to wear anything but then it’s not like senpai reached that kind of super good looking level but this is just my appropriate evaluation from my feeling.

Well, it’s impossible to convey all of that via LINE.

Iguchi Keita :I see…

Maharun♪:Ah, and the glasses case

Maharun♪:Please use it when you are wearing contacts

Maharun♪:It’s that kind of meaning

Iguchi Keita :I will thank you honestly thank you for that

Iguchi Keita :I’m the type that will just use the glasses case I got when buying glasses anyway

Maharun♪:How about the Meruru?

He ignored me.

Well, it’s fine.

Maharun♪:Then, tomorrow

Maharun♪:Please wear them, okay?

Iguchi Keita :You, there’s a typhoon tomorrow!

Maharun♪:Learning bicycle will be impossible, but other than that should be okay

Let’s press him a little bit here.

Maharun♪:The worst case is we can just walk back home

Iguchi Keita :Hey…

Maharun♪:Then, I’ll tell you the meeting place later, senpai

Iguchi Keita :Er

Where should we go? I didn’t even think of any place to go.

Maharun♪:Ah, at last, here is my「today’s question」.

Maharun♪:How is my present?

There was an interval for a while.

And then, senpai sent me his thoughts bit by bit.

Iguchi Keita :I’m happy.

Iguchi Keita :You gave me that not because I have a label of「book lovers」with me,

Iguchi Keita :But it’s a present that came because you thought of me,

Iguchi Keita :This is the first time I get this kind of present, so I’m happy

Iguchi Keita :Thanks

Likewise. If you are pleased with my present, then I’m glad.

The things I knew about my senpai㊷

It seems like he is pleased with my present.



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