Chapter 45


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 # # #

The autumn season had intensified remarkably, and the weather had become chilly.

Today is the end of October.

Right. October will end after today. In other words, today is October 31st.

It is Halloween.

It is a day when children will ask for sweets from adults. If they don’t get it, they will do something mischievous as a compensation.

「Good morning!」

Kouhai-chan sounds more energetic today. As I thought, she must be aware of it.

The moment she spotted me, she turned her head and bounced up (how cunning). She then greeted me.


「It sure is exciting!」

「What is?」

「Isn’t it obvious? Today is the last day of October, you know? It’s Halloween. I can feel my heart pounding!」

「It’s『Doki! Doki! HALLOWEEN』, isn’t it…」

Halloween, and pounding heart. I unconsciously remembered that song title before I realized it.

But then, it really sounds like『Ki-Ra Ki-Ra Sensation!』, huh.

「What is that?」

「Love Live ongoing production.」

「I never heard that before, though?」

「It’s in the manga, in their clubroom.」

You can confirm it clearly at episode ten of the second season. But nothing will come up even if you google it.

「Who cares about that, senpai.」

「Yes, I’m sorry.」


「Anyway, even if today is Halloween, there’s nothing really special going on.」

「It will be amazing if you go to Shibuya, you know?」

「I prefer having plain Halloween. Then, how about this. I’m cosplaying a high school boy who is tired with school.」

I hang my head, looking heartbroken.

「That’s boring.」

「Then what will be good?」

「Since senpai is going to cosplay, then please do something like『a high school boy who is forced to wear girl’s uniform at the school festival』.」

「Ahh, wait. Girl’s uniform? No way.」

「Since senpai’s body is thin, I’m sure it will suit you.」

「Then you can be『a high school girl who is forced to dress as a bunny girl at the school festival』.」

「I don’t want to.」

The train arrives when we are having those silly exchanges.

 * * *

We go to our usual positions.

「Then, senpai. As the beginning,」

When we had settled down, I said this to senpai.

「Trick or treat!」

「When you phrase it like it’s a beginning of something, it sounds like some sort of magic.」

「It is a magic to get sweets from other people, right?」

「That’s true. Here.」

「Thank you very much.」

Senpai takes out a box out of his bag, and he hands it to me.

A red sweet that I have seen regularly. No matter how I look at it, it’s a Kit Kat. I don’t hate chocolate itself, but somewhat this feels unsatisfactory.

「Isn’t Halloween treats a little bit more… you know?」

「That Kit Kat represents the amount of passion I have on Halloween?」

「Since the package is red, it means senpai’s passion is burning, huh?」

「No, not that.」

I read the back of the wrapper.

「Is it how the amount of 100g is 552 kilocalories? 」

「That’s not it either!」

「Yes, yes.」

 # # #

「By the way, senpai.」


Throwing a piece of the Kit Kat into my mouth, Kouhai-chan continues the conversation.

「This is my『today’s question』. Today, I didn’t bring any sweets… if I say that, what will senpai do?」


I can’t understand what she is asking for a moment.

But, today is Halloween, right?

「Well, who knows. Maybe I will ask you, trick or treat.」

「By the way, it’s unfortunate, but I can’t treat senpai anything right now.」

Even though Kouhai-chan still has the chocolate I just gave to her, it’s not like she can give it back to me.

「Then I have no choice but to trick you.」

「What I actually want to ask is actually this, senpai.」

Kouhai-chan grins.

「I don’t know if senpai has enough courage to do something mischievous to me.」

This brat. Ah, wrong.

This virgin. This is also different.

This girl, this is it. Should I use this at this kind of time?

「Of course I at least can do that. How long do you think we have been together?」

「Maybe it’s still around a month and a half.」

At this kind of time, I realize how people’s opinion of「still」and「already」will differ.

For me, it is also「still」. Even though it has only been around a month and a half since we started talking properly, the me from two months ago wouldn’t believe how we will have this kind of relationship. Who will believe it when someone says that they will go to school while talking with a cute kouhai in the future anyway?

Now that I think about it, my question about「(in terms of) how long we have been together」sounds a little bit off the point.

「Well, fine. Come on, turn on your back.」

「Like this?」

If I’m not wrong, she tickled my back, with a similar situation like this as well at the beginning of this month

I never knew that I am that ticklish, since no one had tickled me that much.

That’s why I will make Kouhai-chan taste the same hardship as me…but it will be a little boring.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten what she said about her bra. Yeah.

Right, I am a man that can make a change. Playing the same card will be boring.

That’s why, here I come.

Kouhai-chan turned her small back towards me and prepared herself to be ticked, but I just hugged Kouhai-chan from behind, putting a little strength in my embrace. I hug her on her shoulder, and our ten centimeters height difference finally comes into play. [1. Here is the image:]

「Er, senpai!?」

I whispered towards Kouhai-chan’s ears who is panicking inside my arms with the lowest voice I can make.

「Calm down, cute little kitten.」

I can only feel how I am intoxicated with the atmosphere right now. Later on, I need to prepare myself to kick my blanket in embarrassment.

It seems like my self-destructive damage is also effective towards Kouhai-chan.

「Who is a little kitten…」

Despite her calling me names, she becomes completely quiet after that, and we stay in that position for a while.

Kouhai-chan’s body is smaller than mine, smells good, and also, is very warm.

I can feel my mind enter a daze.

「Senpai! Please let me go! Look, we already arrived!」

When she shook my shoulder, I came back to my senses.

We arrived at the nearest station from the school. We got off the train in a hurry.

After getting out of the ticket gate, I checked back with Kouhai-chan as we head to the school.

「Uhm. My『today’s question』. If you knew that would happen, why did you do it anyway?」

「I never thought that you will go this far…」

「Sorry. As I thought, am I doing it too much?」

If she feels like what I am doing is no good, I need to apologize to her properly.

「It’s fine. I just thought that since it is senpai, you will certainly do something interesting. That’s it.」

As a reward, I’ll give you some sweets, she added.

Kouhai-chan pushed a piece of Kit Kat that she opened earlier into my mouth.

It was sweet.

The things I knew about my senpai㊺

He is warm.



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