Chapter 58


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Day 58

# # #

「It’s Monday! Good morning!」

Early in the morning, Kouhai-chan greets me with a smile at the station, while late autumn cold wind blows through my body.

「Hey, why do you look that happy?」

I am sleepy. Ah, really.

It has been so cold recently, making it even harder for me to get out of my blanket.

「It’s because I miss senpai…」

Kouhai-chan’s eyes turn downcast as she makes a small fist at her chest, her voice squeezed down. My heart throbs at that sight.

My sleepiness is gone in an instant, my mind becomes clear, and I immediately noticed.

No matter where I look at it, she is acting. Yup.

「What a liar. We met yesterday anyway.」

「Ehehe. It’s interesting to see senpai being sleepy.」

Although there is no guarantee that her answer is genuine, her reply is still somewhat slanted from common sense.

What is that. Is that something you should do to people who are sleepy?

「Eh, but now you’ve woken up, senpai. Hee.」

「Am I a toy?」

「My hobby is human’s observation after all.」

Really, she said that before, huh.

* * *

Sometimes, senpai is very sleepy in the morning. The probability is low on Monday, and it will increase as it reaches the second half of the week.

At that time, if I stayed silent and didn’t engage him in a conversation, his eyelids will close down. Looking closely, I can see the muscles around his eyes are trying to open, but only his eyelids go down.

From time to time, he will open his eyes suddenly and keep them open for around five seconds, but he will lose to the sleepiness again, ending up with his eyelids closing together again.

Even though senpai usually looks confident, his appearance when he loses to his sleepiness looks peaceful, and that gap is interesting.

He was already sleepy at the station platform today, so will I be able to see that appearance? or so I thought, but it seemed like he has woken up completely. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see it now, but I can talk to senpai now, so it’s fine.

Well then, should I make him even more awake now?


I stretched my hand and rammed it into the gap between his shirt collar and blazer, touching his bare skin under his shirt.

His slender body twitched and bounced, and senpai twisted himself from me.

「Wait, what are you doing! It’s cold, oi!」

「Senpai is warm, huh.」

「Of course my body will be warmer than your hands.」

Ahh, I’m still cold, or so senpai cursed under his breath.

I won’t apologize, though.

「Aren’t you sensitive to cold? Your hand is too cold.」

Even though the train is warm, the warmth itself couldn’t reach my toes.

「If we’re talking about it, how about senpai as well?」

「I’m also relatively sensitive to cold.」


Yes, I stick one of my hand up, and present it towards senpai.


「Please guess.」

「You are really…」

Even when senpai complained, he still wrapped my cold palm with his big hand from above.

Senpai and I are connected by a bridge of two arms.

「…It’s cold, huh?」

We almost have the same temperature.

Or maybe, my hand is even a little warmer than his.

「I’m slim, after all.」

「People with cold hands have…」

「Warm heart, right? Then, ours should be steamy, huh.」

「Steamy, eh?」

I don’t think we can use「steamy」expression to describe hearts. We’re not talking about lunch box after all.

「It should be better if we put our hands in our pockets.」

「That’s where gloves take a role.」

「But it will be hard to use smartphone.」

「Well, that’s right.」

Anyway, this proves senpai is also sensitive to cold. We are matching.

# # #

Our topic suddenly turned into sensitivity to cold.

The moment Kouhai-chan stuck out her hand, I thought I would have a heart attack. It was cold and surprising. What is she doing, seriously? When I was twisting my body from her little soft hand, her hand returned back to its original position before I noticed it.

「By the way, should I use my『today’s question』now?」

「What a casual way of starting it.」

「My question is rather serious, senpai.」


「Senpai, do you have other health problems other than sensitivity to cold that worries you?」

Worry, huh. In the first place, is sensitivity of cold even a thing that you are「worried」about?

Well, it’s not like I have no idea about that.

「Nn, pollen allergy.」

「At spring?」

「Pollen starts to blow when it’s still cold, though.」

In February, or March.

「I see.」

「Why are you talking as if it’s none of your problem?」

「I don’t have a pollen allergy after all.」

Ahh. So she doesn’t have a pollen allergy? How nice.

「Kouhai-chan too, do you have any sickness?」

「What a good question. But I am very healthy.」


「But then, I’m sensitive to cold. It’s troubling.」

Being healthy alone is something people are jealous about.

I think I am healthy enough in the eyes of the public, though.

「Is it that troubling?」

I don’t remember being troubled by that.

「Doesn’t it become very cold when you’re about to sleep, senpai?」

「You can just cover yourself with a blanket.」

「But because we’re sensitive to cold, it won’t become warm at all, right?」


Not really, I can sleep well normally.

「Senpai, you’re a fake patient. You should have known the real cold sensitivity suffering.」

「Don’t look down on my cold sensitivity, okay? When my blood was taken for a medical check up, my thin blood vessels were too constricted, and they even barely had to retake the blood.」

It seemed like it was because I was waiting for a long time in the cold corridor without any heater, plus they just stabbed me with an injection needle without warming my body. The blood only flowed into half of the syringe, which would normally fill up quickly.

「Ah, it also happened to me before.」


Both of our conditions are pretty severe.

「Senpai, can you sleep well at night?」

「I just have to play with my smartphone until I feel warm.」


Kouhai-chan’s calculating eyes which I have seen many times before turned to me.

「Then, senpai. When I can’t sleep later on, I will LINE you, so please accompany me.」


「Senpai can’t sleep. I also can’t sleep. Both of us are sensitive to cold. We will do it until both of our bodies becomes warmer. Is it alright?」

I can’t refuse anyway. If I ignore her, she will definitely shoot me with a barrage of messages.


It seems like when I am going to sleep next time, I will get occupied by Kouhai-chan.

The things I knew about my senpai 58

It seems like he is sensitive to the cold.



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