Chapter 59


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Day 59


* * *


「Good morning… Fwahh,」


「Ah, morning.」


I greet senpai on the station’s platform as usual.


I couldn’t hold off my yawn, and it spilled out of my mouth.


「What happened to you? You look unusually sleepy.」


「Nothing happened, senpai.」


It would be embarrassing if he asked me about the details, so I will do my best dodging his questions.


If I do my best at dodging he will find out about the reason though, so I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t look like I don’t do my best.(this sentence is confusing me…)


「I see.」


The train has arrived, so we got in.


I already decided my today’s question since last night. Actually, I just noticed this last night.


「Senpai, here’s my『today’s question』.」


「How fast. Do you just want to finish this up early and go to sleep?」




「If you’re sleepy, you should just sleep.」


「There’s no way I’ll sleep on the train. In the first place, there’s no vacant spots to sleep, you know?」


I don’t have a hobby letting people see my sleeping face.


「Eh, but you can sleep, though?」




「You can sleep even if you stand. Especially since you’re leaning on the wall.」




What is he even saying?


「If human sleep, they will relax their body, right?」




「Then won’t my knee give out and makes me fall down?」




「Eh, it won’t?」


「I don’t think it will.」


Apparently, the structure of my body and senpai’s seems to be different.


「Anyway, senpai is wrong. I won’t sleep. Here’s my question.」


「Yeah, sure.」


# # #


「Senpai, what time do you usually sleep at?」


「In the end, it’s related to sleep, right!」


My voice came out unexpectedly.


「Come on, it’s『today’s question』.」


「Yes, yes. I’ll usually prepare to sleep when the date changes, so practically it should be around 12 AM when I wrapped myself in my blanket.」


「Eh, that late?」


「Well, it will be totally different from day to day. That’s just the average on my weekdays. Is this considered late?」


「Yup. That’s why you’re sleepy every morning, senpai.」


「I see~」


Is it that late? But since I can’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep, it is surely late, huh.


「How about Kouhai-chan? When do you sleep?『Today’s question.』」


「No matter how late it is, I usually sleep at 11 PM.」


「Wah, how healthy.」


「It’s senpai who is being unhealthy.」


「I am healthy, except for my pollen allergy and myopia.」


I might be the type of guy that would break my body with this lifestyle, but it should be alright since I am still young. I believe so.


「Didn’t they make a definition of what is considered as healthy before?」


「Ah, they did. It’s the people from WHO.」


「That’s it.」


I remember that in the Physical Education textbook, there is something like「Defining Health」, and everyone has to read it.


「If it is strictly applied, there won’t be a Japanese person who is considered healthy.」


「That’s really true.」


「What was it again? I forgot since I read it a year ago.」


「Err, …I forgot.」




Since there isn’t much to do, I look it up with my smartphone.


「It’s a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. What a deja vu.」


「What an ideal life. Fwahhh,」


Kouhai-chan yawns, stretching one of her hands up.


「Yup. Too ideal.」


Maybe I should first wish「I want to be healthy in the first place」before wishing that「I want to be healthy forever.」But I think the current me is still close to being「healthy」, though.


* * *


「Then, why is Kouhai-chan that sleepy today?」


It seems like it came back to this again unconsciously.


Senpai asked me for the second time while grinning, as if determined to make me spill out something from me.


「…I said already that it is nothing, right?」


It’s fine because I can’t sleep because of this embarrassing reason, but what if it was because of my menstruation? What will he do anyway.


「Come on now. How many days do you think we have been together?」


「Today is the 59th day.」


「Thanks. I couldn’t count the days properly.」


You’re welcome, or so I retorted in my heart.


「So, I have never seen this kind of sleepy Kouhai-chan in the past 59 days… or is it 58 days? before.」




I was about to yawn again, so I forced myself to turn it into something closer to a「Yes」.


「Of course I will be curious after all.」


「Then, shouldn’t you just make it as your『today’s question』from the beginning?」


After saying that without thinking anything, I realized that my head is not working well.


「Ah, there is something after all.」


Look now. He found out. This is bad.


「What time did you sleep yesterday?」


「When the clock turned into twelve o’clock.」


It’s a lie. Actually, it was around one o’clock.


「Ah. Of course it would affect you if you deviated one more hour than usual, huh.」




「Then, why?」


Uhn, how much should I tell him?


「I said this yesterday, right? Could I send you a LINE message before going to bed?」


「Yeah, you did. But you didn’t send me any in the end.」


「I was hesitating if I should message senpai, since senpai might have already slept at that time.」


「And then, you were worrying endlessly alone? Eh, seriously?」


Well, actually, I also thought of what should we talk about, could I just send him a message like this, should I just call him, and what should I do if he is already asleep? I was thinking about a lot of things, but I don’t have any obligation to tell him, so I’ll just keep them inside my heart.




「Are you an idiot?」


「Someone who call others as idiot is an idiot himself!」


「That’s stupid.」


「Calling me stupid is more… Right. Fine.」


Senpai heaves a big sigh.


「You can always send me a LINE message, you know? I don’t really mind.」




「If I’m busy, I’ll just ignore you. If I can see it, of course I will.」


「Uwahh, how cruel. Are you going to ignore a girl’s LINE message?」




I never thought that he would nod with a serious face.


「Well, I’ll try to look out for the message from a princess who opens her smartphone at night because she can’t sleep as much as I can.」


The morning sun shines through the train window and illuminates senpai.


However, after correcting my mind from that illumination, I thought that those kind of crappy words didn’t suit senpai at all.


「Please don’t try to look good, senpai.」


「Eh, I don’t mean to, though. It’s just that I feel apologetic for one-sidedly holding on your weakness.」




「For you to think for hours just to try sending me a LINE message, it’s nothing but a weakness, right?」


Eh, did he already figure out the details? But since we have already come this far, whichever is the same anyway.


I’ll blame the heating as the reason why my face is slightly hot.


The things I knew about my senpai 59

It seems like he usually sleeps after the date changes.



  1. me also after date change always

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  3. i always sleep at about 4am and wake up at 11
    is that considered healthy

    • I during quarantine sleep at 6AM and wake up at 6-7PM is that healthy? Or was it healthy when it wasnt quarantine and i used to sleep at 2AM and wake up at 5-6AM regularly (i did this for about 2 months, believe it or not, 3-4, usually 3, hours of sleep everyday! Until lockdown came along.)

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