Chapter 60


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Day 60


# # #


Last night.


When I was lazing around and spending time relaxing, the clock turned into 23:00.


Maharun♪:Good evening.


Maharun♪:Senpai is still not asleep, right?


My smartphone screen shines. It was from Kouhai-chan.


Iguchi Keita :I’m still on my desk.


I responded to her from my computer instead of my smartphone.


Maharun♪:Of course you areー


Iguchi Keita :What, if it’s just talking


Iguchi Keita :I’ll accompany you?


Maharun♪:But then, senpai is studying, right?


Iguchi Keita :Correct.


To be honest, I’m not that sleepy yet. But I’m already a little sleepy.


Maharun♪:Er, senpai


Maharun♪:No, nevermind


Iguchi Keita :Oi


Iguchi Keita :What is that


If you speak like that all of a sudden I will get bothered by it.


Maharun♪:I already used it today




Maharun♪:I’ll ask it tomorrow


Iguchi Keita :I see


# # #


After that happened, it is now the next day.


「Good morning.」




Today, I met with the not-so-sleepy Kouhai-chan at the platform as usual.


Since it has been pretty cold recently, both of us are wearing coats on our uniforms. Kouhai-chan is wearing a duffle coat, while I am wearing a normal pea coat.


「How cold.」


I put my cold hands into my pocket, and shiver. Well, it is unusually cold as well.


「It’s cold, senpai.」


Both of us pray silently for the train to come soon.


* * *


I get on the train, thanking the heater, and immediately ask senpai the question.


「Senpai, here’s my『today’s question』.」


「Ah, did you decide on it already?」


「Yes. Err, senpai, what are you thinking about before you go to your bed?」




Even if you asked me that suddenly, what I am usually thinking?


「I don’t know, since I have never been conscious of it.」


「Try remembering it, senpai. How about yesterday?」


Yesterday, huh. After studying, I wrapped myself on my blanket, then…


「I thought about what I did in class that day.」


「Uwahh. As expected from an honor student.」


「Oi, why is your gaze that cold?」


It’s not just about the lesson. I also thought about a lot of things. So stop looking at me as if I’m a 「studying maniac」already.


「Tomorrow, or it’s today, huh. What kind of question will that guy ask, or something like that.」


「Eh, is it me?」


「Of course, it’s about the question from Kouhai-chan. What, is that bad?」


When she was going to say something yet stop it halfway, of course I would remain conscious of it and become bothered. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I was trying to sleep, already closing my eyes.


* * *




There’s no way it’s wrong, right?


When I was about to tease him by asking,「Senpai, aren’t you being too conscious of me?」, before I could even muster up my determination, senpai asked me a question instead.


「Kouhai-chan too, here’s my『today’s question』. What are you thinking about inside your blanket?」


「Nn, yesterday, what was it again?」


I was wrapped in my blanket, while staring at my smartphone dazedly.


「’Senpai’s reply is very fast, huh.’」


「It’s because I was using my computer. My typing speed is fast.」


…I’m not talking about that, though. Well, senpai’s misunderstood part doesn’t really matter at all.


「’Senpai is still studying, huh.’」


「Well, I always do it at that time.」


「Thanks to that, I can sleep quite fast.」


「Then I’m glad.」


I myself feel like my reply is too crude, but senpai doesn’t really say anything about that, so it’s fine.



# # #


I want to tease her by telling her that「aren’t you being too conscious of me?」, but of course I didn’t.


Instead, what came next was a question from Kouhai-chan.


「How about senpai, did you sleep well? You look sleepy like usual, though.」




I’m actually sleepy.


「You can just sleep, you know.」


「No way, I’m not that unreasonable. I have someone to talk with in front of me anyway.」


It’s not like my face is so thick that I can sleep in front of a person who is talking to me.


「I want to see senpai’s sleeping face.」


「Hey. That’s not what you should do on the morning train.」


「Then, how about the returning train?」




「When I’m going home, I have been reading because of someone’s fault recently.」


「Who’s fault is thatー?」


It’s you.


「I’ll only sleep at my own home.」


It’s not like there is no moment when I feel too sleepy during school classes, but I don’t think I can just「sleep」as I like no matter what.


「Then, I’ll ask senpai for it again next time.」




I don’t have a hobby of having my sleeping face being looked at, though.


We, two students, continue to talk about such stupid things as the train goes on and on.


The things I knew about my senpai 60

It seems like he will think about what happened that day before going to bed.


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