Chapter 61


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Day 61


# # #


I didn’t have any homework that was due today, and this week had been relatively free, so I decided to go to bed earlier yesterday.


Although I usually sleep after the date changed, there was nothing bad to sleep early. However, it wouldn’t be possible when I was full with assignments. That’s why I entered my bed at around 11 PM, the time when Kouhai-chan should be sleeping.


She would send me another LINE message again anyway. It would be nice if she would go to sleep properly sooner or later. Or that’s what I thought at that time.


After ten minutes, twenty minutes, and one hour passed, the date had even change, but there was no message from Kouhai-chan at all.


In the end, I forced myself to fall asleep, and I finally went to dreamland at the time I usually slept at.


Of course, waking up today also felt like the worst thing to do, just like the usual. I was just sleepy.


I rubbed my eyes, slapped my cheeks, pedaled my bike, and arrived at the station. Kouhai-chan was already standing at the platform, waiting for me.


Even so…


She was strange.


Normally, she would notice me when I approached her (I don’t know how she does it, though) and turn around to greet me, but she didn’t even look like she noticed my existence.


It can’t be helped, so I called her out first.




「…Ah, senpai? Good morning.」


As I thought, she was unenergetic. Something is wrong.


「What a low spirit. Did you catch a cold…? Doesn’t seem so, though.」


「I’m in high spirits, you know?」


「I doubt it.」


Even though I said that I doubt it, I didn’t know how should I elaborate. There was an uncomfortable silence filled between us.


Since the train arrived, we got in silently.


「Eh, am I that unenergetic, senpai?」


Kouhai-chan who was standing in her usual position started talking, as if she finally came back to life.


「Your voice is one tone lower than usual.」


「Ah, so it’s about my tone?」


「That’s not it. You’re turning it inside out.」


After a long time, I finally felt that I can use my「today’s question」effectively.


There were even some days when I forget to use it recently. Seriously.


「Can I ask you my『today’s question』now?」


「’You can’t’, it’s not like I can say that anyway.」


As I thought, she felt somewhat gloomy. She was being pessimistic.


「Here it comes then. Hey, why are you that unenergetic today?」


* * *


It’s not like I wasn’t conscious of it. On the contrary, there’s no doubt that the cause must be because of this.


I didn’t think that I was that unenergetic to the point that senpai would find out in an instant, so I felt a little perplexed.


Even so, it’s not like I can just not answer him, so I started talking.


「I think the reason should be this.」


「Hou hou.」


Senpai was still holding onto the handrail as he tilted his head towards me, making a listening pose.


「Uhm… Do I really have to say it?」


「Well, of course.」


Then, please prepare yourself as well, senpai. I whispered so in my heart.


「Yesterday, after school, my classmate called me out.」


「Called you out?」


「Yes. When I was wondering why, that person gave me a letter 」


「It should be a boy, right?」


「Does senpai prefer a yuri route?」


「Not really.」


Uh huh. I feel like my spirits has returned a little bit.


「Then, what is inside that letter?」


「Well, I think it is the same with what senpai thinks it is.」


I closed my eyes lightly, and took a big breath.


「Senpai. May I ask my『today’s question』?」


「Isn’t that a question itself?」


「Er, it is a considerably serious question.」


「Well, I see.」


Senpai also coughed and prepared himself. After that, he stared at me firmly, waiting for my question.


「What will you do when I am confessed to by another man?」


# # #


Kouhai-chan’s eyes suddenly turned serious, and my drowsiness flew away immediately.


And then, she tossed me this kind of question, abusing me as usual. I didn’t know if she did it consciously or not, but she would make my heart stop one of these days, really. My heart was throbbing.




「Yeah, a confession. He wrote something like『I like you. Please go out with me. Please give me a reply as soon as you can.』」


Well, to put it in a word, she could be described as「cute」. Even when she covered herself with a duffle coat together with a checkered muffler up to her neck, her peeking face still looks sweet.


That Kouhai-chan got confessed to, and asked me what would I do. To he honest, I didn’t have the answer at all.


Since I didn’t, I have to think until I get the answer. I unconsciously made an important remark, trying to earn more time.


「Don’t just recite the love letter someone gave to you.」


「I didn’t recite it. It’s just a summary, so it should be okay.」


「Ah, is that so?」


I also don’t know the name of the other party, so it’s considered safe, right? Uh huh. Maybe safe.


I still couldn’t gather my thoughts. What do I want to do with her? What can I do for her? Can I name the feelings I have for her? If so, what would be appropriate? Does she even have the same feelings towards me?


There are many things to consider, and the time given to solve them was too short, making me unable to put anything together.




My brain space was completely used for thinking that, making I couldn’t even have a proper conversation anymore.


「Well, of course you will be troubled if I ask that so suddenly.」


「Uh huh, I’m troubled.」


Kouhai-chan heaved a big sigh.


She turned her face a little, staring outside the window.


「Then, I don’t need an answer today.」


Senpai is indecisive, so I’ll wait for a night. She told me that.


「Tomorrow morning, I will ask for senpai’s『answer』. And then, I’ll decide what kind of reply I will give my classmate.」


That’s the end of our morning’s conversation.


Maybe this was finally the time for me to decide, and prepare myself. At that moment, I thought so.


The things I knew about my senpai 61

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