Chapter 63


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Day 63


Kouhai-chan got confessed to by another guy on Wednesday.


And then, she asked me regarding that matter on Thursday.


And today, on Friday morning. I told her to wait for me a little more.


Was this the best choice?


I wonder if tomorrow we would be able to return to our usual relationship again.


I don’t want to go all at once, and I don’t want to lose her. What I said to her was basically that. After thinking about it calmly, I felt like I was being a little too selfish.


With those kinds of things in my mind, I was browsing through my Twitter and the web novel site on my tablet. Suddenly, I saw a notification at the top of the screen.


Maharun♪:Good afternoon


It was from Kouhai-chan.


Looking at the clock, it was around 11 o’clock at night. So it’s this late already? Yesterday was a holiday, plus there were only a few pieces of homework this week, making me too free. I should go to sleep already. I didn’t have to get up early in the morning tomorrow, though.


Iguchi Keita :Hey


Maharun♪:Senpai is still awake?


Maharun♪:You should still be doing something, right?


Iguchi Keita :Then, I’ll sleep now


I decided so.


Since I already took a bath before, I clean up my desk, and go get my toothbrush.






Iguchi Keita :Yosh, I’ll sleep well now


Even though I already entered my bed at this time yesterday, Kouhai-chan’s LINE didn’t come at all because someone else told Kouhai-chan something strange. Actually, I was a little bitter with that guy.


Iguchi Keita :Right. I already entered my bed.


I took around five minutes after the first message arrived. Men sure have it easy for this kind of thing.


* * *


When I sent a LINE message to senpai before going to sleep, it seemed like senpai also already entered his bed.


He said that he usually slept a little later though, is this alright?


Maharun♪:Senpai, are you going to sleep now?


Maharun♪:Before, you said that you usually sleep when the date changes


Iguchi Keita :It’s fine


Iguchi Keita :I’ll sleep early today


Maharun♪:Is that so?


It seemed like it was alright for him.


Uhn. What should we talk about?


Our first concept was to kill time until our hands and feet were warmed up enough since both of us are sensitive to cold. Uhnn…


I imagine senpai who is lying down on his bed. Is he lying upward? Or sideways?


Maharun♪:Senpai, are you still wearing your glasses?


Iguchi Keita :Why are you suddenly asking that?


Iguchi Keita :But yes, I am


For people with myopia, you should remove your glasses when you are sleeping. If you sleep with it on, you might accidentally crush it after being squashed by your body, and it would be very dangerous.


Needless to say, I was wearing contact lenses during the day. It seemed like it was not good to sleep with them in, since it would be bad for the eyes.


What troubles me is whether I should wear my glasses while playing on my smartphone before bed like this. If I put them on, it makes it easier to see the screen, but I’m afraid that I will fall asleep. If I don’t put it on, it’s hard for me to see the smartphone, making me have to look at it at a short distance. As a result, it would be bad for my eyes.


Senpai was the type to put it on no matter what, huh.


Iguchi Keita :Ah.


Iguchi Keita :I see




Iguchi Keita :Kouhai-chan is wearing contacts, right?


Iguchi Keita :That means, you should be removing them before you sleep


For some reason, I feel a weird sense of intensity transmitted from the characters across my smartphone screen.


Iguchi Keita :Are you not wearing it right now? Or do you go with glasses?


# # #


I was wondering why she suddenly asked me about my glasses.


Then I recalled that Kouhai-chan was also myopic, so I asked her instead.


Maharun♪:I’m currently wearing glasses.


I closed my eyes (of course not to sleep)< and imagine Kouhai-chan in glasses. I had imagined it before. Maybe a month ago, around my birthday.


Since then, how much closer had my relationship with her became? I’m not sure of it myself.


Iguchi Keita :I see


Iguchi Keita :What kind of glasses?


What did she say about it last time? I remembered she told me that if I want to see her in glasses, I need to come to her house.


Maharun♪:Are you curious?


Maharun♪:Do you want to know, senpai?


Iguchi Keita :U, uh huh


This small devil’s way of talking is really!!!


Maharun♪:It can’t be helped thenー


Maharun♪:This is because senpai is special, okay?


When I was going to send, ‘What do you mean with special?’, the chat log shifted up.


Maharun♪:[Maharun♪ sent you an image.]


It was Kouhai-chan’s selfie, with her making a peace sign sticking to her smiling cheek, together with a fluffy pillow in the background.


Her eyes looked a little sleepy, with metal frame surrounding them. It made Kouhai-chan looked somewhat different from her usual impression, but the thin silver frame looked good on her. As always, she was cute.


Maharun♪:How is it?


Iguchi Keita :You look sleepy


Maharun♪:I’m not sleepy


Maharun♪:Not yet


Maharun♪:Eh, it’s already 12 AM, huh


The date changed in the middle of our chat log. November 18th, Saturday.


That means, the privilege of asking a『question』has been restored.


It should be alright for me to ask something that has been in my mind since a while ago, right?


Iguchi Keita :By the way, this is「today’s question」time.




I began the question with a joking manner, but what I was going to ask was a serious topic.


Iguchi Keita :What did you answer to him?


Iguchi Keita :That confessing guy


It might be unfair for me to ask her like this, but as I thought, I wanted to know. I had the right to ask anyway.


Maharun♪:[Maharun♪ started a call.]


* * *




My drowsiness was blown away.


「Why are you suddenly calling me?」


It’s late at night. Both of us tried to press down our voice inside our blanket. Ah, I heard this kind of senpai’s voice before as well, eh.


「It’s senpai’s fault for suddenly asking that.」


「I’m curious after all. Well then, it’s my『today’s question』, you know.」


Won’t I be able to lie then?


「No, I told him that I can’t go out with him. Just that.」


「He should be asking for your reason, right?」


Senpai is really decisive only at this kind of time. Seriously.


I closed my eyes, taking a breath to make sure that my voice wouldn’t sound shaky, and I spoke out.


「I said that, I have someone I like.」


I could hear senpai gulping out his saliva over the phone.


「No, I mean, uh. Err, it’s just like that, senpai. It’s not like what I have to explain to him the whole truth, and he might think that it’s weird if I tell him everything. Yes, that’s it. It’s not like…」


The warmth of my cheeks and ears must be because I was wrapped inside my blanket. That’s how I convinced myself.


「I see. Thanks.」


And then, we hunged up the call.


# # #


Maharun♪:My sleepiness is completely blown away now


Maharun♪:It’s senpai’s fault


Iguchi Keita :I see, sorry


Maharun♪:As an apology, please accompany a little bit more


Maharun♪:Until I feel tired enough to sleep


After this, she also asked me to send her my selfie.


The things I knew about my senpai (63)

His selfie was really awkward.



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