Chapter 64


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Day 64




I accompanied Kouhai-chan and chatted with her via LINE, and we stayed up until late at night. I ended up waking up late as usual… no, it was a little later than my usual waking up time. Specifically, I woke up around noon.


As soon as I woke up, I checked my smartphone. Well, you know, right? It would be bad if Kouhai-chan actually sent me another message, right? However, it seemed like it was just my needless worry, as I only received a few commercial emails.


Just like that,I spent this Saturday in peace.


Passing noon, the sun sets, and it becomes night.


There was still no contact from Kouhai-chan. Eh?


Even at 11 o’clock, when I entered my bed and prepared to sleep, there was no new message on my LINE at all.


How weird.


Filled with that feeling, I fell asleep before I realized it.


# # #


The next day, Sunday.


Even after I woke up, Kouhai-chan hasn’t contacted me by any means.


For the time being, I got out of my bed, washed my face, and ate breakfast.


After that, I went back to my room and picked up my tablet. I tried to read all of the web novels updates I had been accumulating these days.


It didn’t enter my brain at all. Every time I read a line, I would think about Kouhai-chan, and every time I finished a page, I would open my LINE. This is no good.


After noon, I finally lost my patience.


Iguchi Keita :Hey, are you alive?


Even so, I would definitely not make myself sound like I was worried.


I hoped she would forgive me with my a little bit too harsh words.


Maharun♪:I’m alive


Maharun♪:What a rude senpai, eh


I got a reply from Kouhai-chan around an hour later.


To be honest, I felt relieved.


* * *


I felt like I heard a LINE notification from senpai. Was I too sleepy?


Err, today is… Sunday afternoon, huh. I had been working on my project for next week’s cultural festival. Ah, I see.


Iguchi Keita :What are you doing?


Iguchi Keita :Well, maybe


Maharun♪:Of course I am currently preparing for next week, right?


Maharun♪:For the cultural festival


Iguchi Keita :I see


Although I said that I’ll be painting for the cultural festival, it was a little hectic for me since I didn’t know if I would be able to finish it in time. That’s why I thought of sacrificing this week and started painting.


Thanks to that, I had progressed somehow, but I ended up forgetting and abandoned something instead.


Maharun♪:Ah, senpai, are you actually…


Maharun♪:Here’s my「today’s question」


Iguchi Keita :Ha?


Maharun♪:Are you bothered that,


Maharun♪:You couldn’t meet me this weekend?




Ever since I started talking to senpai, we always met during the weekends, either it was Saturday or Sunday. I didn’t really know the reason why, though.



And since I had been focusing on making progress in my drawing this week, I neglected that matter completely, so I wonder if he was actually bothered by it. There’s no way I’ll miss this chance to tease senpai.


Iguchi Keita :You are really…


Iguchi Keita :Well, I am certainly bothered by it




Maharun♪:So you are bothered by that, ehー


Iguchi Keita :Don’t repeat it twice


Maharun♪:Hee. (grins)


I came up with the image of the embarrassed senpai across the screen.


Iguchi Keita :Since we usually do it


Iguchi Keita :And it’s always been an enigma to me why you never failed meeting me up to this point, so


Maharun♪:I also wonder why


Maharun♪:I myself don’t really know


It might be a lie to say that I don’t understand. I was conscious of inviting him after all.


Iguchi Keita :Then,


Iguchi Keita :Because you’re busy this week, it’ll be impossible to meet?




Iguchi Keita :Honestly, do you think you can manage to finish it?


Maharun♪:I think I can somehow


Iguchi Keita :Then it’s all good


# # #


How weird.


When I thought of sending a LINE message to Kouhai-chan, I ended up getting teased since who-knows-when.


I think she doesn’t even know what she’s saying, but I also don’t really understand.




Maharun♪:To have the routine we always do get cut off just like that


Maharun♪:It feels wasteful, right?


Kouhai-chan began to say something.


Iguchi Keita :Routine?


Maharun♪:The thing we do every weekend




Maharun♪:Senpai, do you want to come to my house now?


Maharun♪:There’s no one here right now


Hey now.


It really makes me surprised. So please stop saying that kind of thing already.


My heart feels like it’s going to stop. What are you inviting me to do?


It would be too straightforward to answer her with a「Yes」, and it also feels wrong to just refuse.


Being struck with a dilemma, I ended up replying to her with teasing words.


Iguchi Keita :Hee


Iguchi Keita :Do you want me to come?


* * *


Really, why am I saying that kind of thing unconsciously?


Maharun♪:It’s a joke


Iguchi Keita :You’re not answering me


Iguchi Keita :The question above will be my「today’s question」. Answer it


Senpai is doing his best to make me say something embarrassing, huh. I will follow that attitude of yours… or rather, let’s use this as a reference in the future.


But first, how should I break out from the situation in front of me?




Maharun♪:I want you to come,


When I was typing ‘isn’t it obvious?’ in my smartphone, I heard a sound at the entrance.


「We’re homeー」


It seems like my parents who went shopping just now have returned.




Maharun♪:Never mind


Iguchi Keita :He?


I wonder how disappointed the current senpai will be?


Iguchi Keita :Well, I certainly don’t have souvenirs with me right now


Iguchi Keita :So it’s fine,


Iguchi Keita :But why?


Of course he would ask, eh.


Maharun♪:My parents have come back home


Iguchi Keita :Ha?


Iguchi Keita :Have you forgotten that you’ve been forcefully coming here when my mother is home?


Iguchi Keita :You even exchanged LINE accounts with her the first time you came


Senpai’s barrage of message arrives in a rush.


Maharun♪:That’s true, but


Maharun♪:Senpai, you are not good at socializing like me, right?


Iguchi Keita :Well, yeah


Maharun♪:That’s why, it’s no good


Maharun♪:See you tomorrow


The main reason was actually because I was too shy to introduce him to my parents right now.


But that is still a secret.


The things I knew about my senpai 64

It seemed like he would mind if there was a gap from the usual routine.



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