Chapter 65


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Day 65


# # #




It has been two days since I met Kouhai-chan, but on the contrary, it felt somewhat fresh.


「Good morning!」


Kouhai-chan who was standing at the station platform seemed to be energetic as well today.


「Morning. You sure are energetic.」


「Of course I am?」


She looked as if she didn’t expect me to say that.


「No, I mean, I thought you would be listless after catching up on your drawing deadline.」


「How rude, I won’t get cornered that easily, senpai!」


It seemed like right now was not the time for her to rush and stay up all night.


The cultural festival itself is on this weekend, so wouldn’t she become a little more panicked soon? Or maybe, she already had a bright prospect to finish it in time?


「When is the deadline?」


「On Thursday, because I’ll print it on Friday.」




「At Kinko’s[1.].」


Ah, I heard of it before since it was somewhat a handy store. Hee.


Just like that, we got on the train and stood at our usual position.


* * *


We faced each other as usual, on the usual train and the usual position.


「What did you do on the weekend, senpai?」


「I was reading a lot.」


「I don’t even have enough time to do that.」


「Well, do your best.」


At that moment, our eyes met.


We stared at each other for around five seconds, until his line of sight moved as the train shook.


What’s with that?


「Senpai, were you lonely when you didn’t get to meet me?」


It felt somewhat frustrating, so I couldn’t help but to tease him.


「You are really…」


Senpai made an astounded face.


「Not meeting one or two days won’t really change anything by that much, right? We’re living in such a modern era anyway, and I can just LINE you.」


「Wahh, how boring.」


「I was just being logical.」


「I don’t think this is a problem that can be solved with logic.」


「Well, maybe you’re right.」


When I became a little satisfied being able to corner him in an argument, I asked him what I had been wanting to ask for a while.


「Here’s my『today’s question』for that logical senpai.」


「What is it?」


「Uhm, senpai, what do you think of polite speech?」


# # #


Even if you suddenly said polite speech…


「What do you mean by that?」


「It’s just as you thought, senpai. Honorifics.」


Ah, somehow, I remembered Kouhai-chan as I thought about polite speech. It’s calming me down.[2. This gets lost in the translation, but Kouhai-chan is using polite speech the whole time she speaks with senpai.]


「That means, is it about Kouhai-chan using polite speech to talk to me?」


「Do you have any comments regarding that?」


「Before that, can I ask you my『today’s question』first?」






「My answer will change depending on this.」


「Then, sure.」


I asked Kouhai-chan who nodded her head unwillingly.


「In the first place, do you have any respect for me?」


「I don’t.」


Kouhai-chan nodded once more with a smile.


「What an immediate answer.」


「It’s the truth after all. It’s not like I can just not answer it, it’s our promise.」


This kid sometimes tell me something really bitter, huh.


「Well, fine. Then, I honestly wonder if there is any need for you on using that.」


「Eh, what?」




She blinked her eyes so much. Was my answer that unexpected?


But well, that’ll be convenient. Let’s have some revenge after being played around by her all day long.


「But, senpai is my senpai after all.」


「In the first place, do you know the reason why you need to use polite speech to your senpais?」




「It’s because I have lived my life longer than you have, and you have to respect my knowledge and experience I have more than you as such, right?」


At least, that’s how I think it is.


「But we are only one year apart anyway, so it doesn’t really make any difference.」


「That is…」


「That’s why, if Kouhai-chan doesn’t really have that kind of respect feeling as well, then we don’t need to use polite speech at all.」


* * *


What should I do? What should I do?


The situation advanced rapidly, making me feel perplexed instead.


「Eh, uh…」


「Come on, try to speak casually with me.」


Senpai is being more aggressive than ever.


「Did you eat something strange, senpai?」


「That’s wrong.」


I immediately closed my mouth.


「You… ate something weird, yeah?」


「That’s it.」


「There’s too much weird sense of incongruity… I mean, this feels super weird though…」


Why did this happen suddenly?


I couldn’t pinpoint if it’s because I am a little embarrassed or my face is just hot, but I feel warm.


「I feel uncomfortable too. Talk more fluently.」


「Please don’t just tell me to change what I’ve been doing until now… I mean, don’t force me to just change…」


「Look, you’re at a loss again.」


Senpai is grinning so much.


Is he teasing me? He is, isn’t he?


「Uh, senpai. As I thought, this is impossible.」


「Why? You don’t respect me, right?」


「Are you holding a grudge over that?」


「A little bit.」


「Oh my.」


Rather than respect, our relationship is more equal, or more casual, though.


「I wonder why, but I can’t calm down speaking casually with senpai.」


I want to stay as a「kouhai」for senpai, but I wonder if he thinks of me with that kind of image. I myself don’t even know.


「Well, language is a freedom anyway. Isn’t it fine? There is a guy who uses polite speech to everyone in my grade too.」


「Eh, then, why are you making me talk with casual speech just now?」


「To try out casual speech, etc etc.」


「Please do it seriously.」


I glare at senpai lightly.


「I just feel like it will be better to do something fresh.」


「That’s just for you, senpai.」


I won’t get deceived, alright?




「No, I’m just simply curious what will happen if Kouhai-chan didn’t use polite speech at all, and also, it’s you who started talking about polite speech anyway.」


「That’s true.」


If you’re saying that, I’ll become quite curious as well.


「Then, it’s senpai’s turn to use polite speech now.」




As he didn’t expect my repercussions, he opened his mouth in surprise.


# # #


After I ordered Kouhai-chan to use casual speech, she returned my boomerang to me.


「No no, don’t ask for that nonsense.」




This… she won’t let me go until I said it, huh.


There’s still some time until the train arrives, and I’ll just make it as a joke since we already come this far. Let’s entertain her.


I coughed once, and started acting.


「Please stop saying such unreasonable things, my lady.」




「How about we put a stop on this? If my young lady have something to express, then please don’t hesitate to tell me anything.」


Kouhai-chan couldn’t hold her laughter, as she laughed out loud.


「Pfft… Ahaha!」


I won.


「Senpai, that’s not it.」


「Isn’t this humble young lady the one who requested this servant to start using proper language?」


「Is that so? Then, you can stop now, Mr. Butler.」


Both of us came back to our senses.


We exchanged glances, and spoke.


「…Our usual speech is the best after all.」


「That’s right.」


We decided so.


The things I knew about my senpai 65

He is quite suited to use that butler-like speech.




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