Chapter 66


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Editor: Ryunakama


Day 66


# # #


I got on the train and stood facing Kouhai-chan.


Even though this was what we usually do I feel grateful that I am able to have this sameness in my heart, but I won’t show it in my expression.


After all, well. I’m embarrassed. And it’s embarrassing.


「How coldー」


「It’s warm inside the train, though.」


The moment we passed through the door, it was warm enough that my glasses get fogged up.


「When they open the door, it’s cold.」


「People have to get in after all. It can’t be helped.」


「Please make a passing through hoop for that.」


「But the wind will pass through anyway, you know?」




She withered, dead tired.


Both of us were also healthy today.


* * *


Senpai looks like he is a little sleepy today. Well, it happens every day.






「Should I wake you up with my hands again if you’re sleepy?」


I’m sensitive to cold, so I could put my cold hands to senpai’s neck and wake him up.


Of course I had reflected on doing it so suddenly to him last time.


「No, of course you can’t. I’ll catch a cold.」


「Then, please lend me your hand.」


「My hands are also cold. You know, right?」


「Then, your pocket.」


「My pocket?」


Senpai turned his face towards me, as if surprised.


「No way, just put your hands in your own pockets.」


「Come on now.」


When I put my right hand into his left pocket and my left hand into his right pocket, senpai twisted his body, trying to run away from me.


「You’re too close.」


「Isn’t this alright, senpai?」


I wonder if this is embarrassing.


After putting my hand inside his pocket for around one station, my hands felt warmer than before.


# # #


Kouhai-chan finally released her grip on me as she grabbed the handrail and said this.


「Talking about pockets, here is my『today’s question.』」


「I don’t see any connection from both of them, but fine.」


「Senpai, what do you usually put inside your pocket?」


「There’s only something like my earphones.」


I wonder if this question even has any meaning within it.


「How about your uniform pockets?」


「There is also just my wallet, smartphone, and handkerchief.」


I always put my handkerchief in my front right pocket, smartphone in my front left pocket, and my wallet in my back left pocket.


「Rather than normal, they are within my expectations.」


「Of course they are. Then, that’ll also be my 『today’s question』」


I feel like her eyes sparks like when I was going to ask her a bad question before, but it doesn’t stop me from asking her the same question.


「Kouhai-chan, what do you put inside your pockets?」


Even though this should be a meaningless question, Kouhai-chan grins.


「Oi, this is a『today’s question』too just so you know, okay.」


Don’t just laugh and answer me, or so I added.


「Ahaha. Right. Uhm, I don’t put anything inside my pocket.」




When I think about it, it seems like men usually take out their commuter pass from their pants pocket, but woman often takes them out from their wallet inside their bag.


「Anyway, senpai, you really don’t know, huh.」


「What do you mean?」


「Most female clothes usually don’t have pockets on them.」


「Eh, is that so?」


What? This is the first time I heard that.


「You seem like you really don’t know, eh.」


「I really don’t.」


She gave a final attack towards me who was having a cultural shock.


「Then, do you want to see it?」


Suddenly, Kouhai-chan began to take off her scarlet duffle coat she was wearing.


「Uhm, what are you…?」


She opened the front side of her coat, and I could see her usual cream cardigan.


「What do you mean… Of course I’m letting senpai check for my pockets.」


Ah, I see.


「Come on, this side has a pocket attached in it.」


She pulled up her cardigan just a little, showing the pocket on her skirt’s right side to me.


「Senpai, do you want to try putting your hand inside?」


「You’re teasing me, right?」


Really, I can’t be too careful with her.


「Yes. But, I think you want to check my pocket, right?」


Whether it’s true or not, I concede and eventually reach out my hand towards Kouhai-chan’s skirt on her thigh. Rather than stretching my hand out, I feel like my whole body sidles up to her.


She tells me exactly where it is, so I tried to put my hand inside… but then.


The pocket is too small, and I can only insert my index and middle fingers inside.


「It’s small. A pocket that can’t put anything inside.」


Kouhai-chan complains while turning around while still lifting up her cardigan.


But my eyes don’t focus on her clothes, but her flowing and fluffy hair in front of me.


「And then, there are also no other pockets. Senpai, do you understand now?」


Well, since we are just confirming if it doesn’t exist, not if it exists, it should be okay, right?


「Yeah, maybe.」


I’m really grateful that I was born as a man at this kind of awakening. Living a life where I can’t use my pockets is just very inconvenient and unbearable. If it’s me, I won’t be able to stand it.


「How about men? Are pockets useful after all?」


「It’s really useful, I think.」


In the end, we ended up talking about pockets until we arrived at the nearest station to the school.


The things I knew about my senpai. 66

Apparently he didn’t know that only a few kinds of women’s clothes have pockets.



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  3. he didn’t know that only a few kinds of women’s clothes have pockets.
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  4. I’ve been aware of that for a long time.
    My mother didn’t realize how much men use their pockets, and used the fabric from one of mine to patch a hole in the knees of that pair of jeans.
    First I knew of this was when I put change in the pocket, and heard it hit the floor…

    When observing a lady’s seat when she is wearing pants, do you notice any pockets? (Don’t claim you don’t look…)
    In general, there aren’t any on the front either.

    • Lol. But yes, pockets are so important. Keys, money, smartphone wallet all of them need a pocket. Heck they even get a designated pocket. Left front is always for my smartphone, nothing else goes there. Right front has my change money if i have my wallet and the watch pocket(condom pocket) has my drawer key. Back right is wallet/money, back left is mostly empty. This is the same everyday, i rarely misplace anything.

  5. Now I understand why girls always has this small bag that they almost always carry around

    • Now the question is, which came first? Did the lack of pockets bring about bags, or did the bags bring about a lack of pockets?

      • Trick question, neither. The real question here is who has the advantage? Men pockets or Women purses?

      • I heard company design so woman don’t have pocket to let them buy more bags

        It’s like man underwear always have a pack for simplicity so we must buy 3, not one on a pack and woman underwear don’t have it to let them buy more

        Woman = fashion = more things = money
        Man = simple

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