Chapter 69


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Day 69

# # #

Even though today was a national holiday, Kouhai-chan took me out, so I did my homework after I got home.

Isn’t it just wrong to give out a lot of homework just because it would soon be the cultural festival? The athletic club members certainly should be free since they don’t have to do anything, but the cultural club had a lot of things to prepare.

Well, I’m not from the cultural club, so I’m also free, huh. Today was the first day of the preparation day, two days before the event.

According to the messages on the student council LINE group, we would gather at 11 AM tomorrow to set up a bazaar. Since I am the student council president, they also mentioned me. Although I was the head of the organization, I wasn’t in the position to distribute the work. That’s what the student council president at our school was.

When I was thinking of such things, I did my simple homework mindlessly, and as I am finally about to finish it.

Looking at the clock, it’s almost 23.30. I was done with my homework, and Kouhai-chan’s LINE message might come soon, so let’s prepare to sleep.

Maharun♪:Hey, senpai

Maharun♪:Are you still awake?

After I was done preparing my blanket, I checked my smartphone. Who ever thought that she really sent me a message.

Iguchi Keita:I’m awake, or rather

Iguchi Keita:I’m going to sleep soon

Maharun♪:Ah, we’re the same

Originally, we should be talking until our hands and feet warmed up and went to sleep. But over the course of these few days, we just chatted via LINE mindlessly.

Maharun♪:Anyway, it’s early today, eh

Maharun♪:Senpai’s sleeping time

Iguchi Keita:It’s because I finished my homework

Maharun♪:Here it comes

Maharun♪:A person who finished his homework immediately

Being the type of person that did their homework ahead of the deadline was a little troublesome.

But being the type of person that left their homework unfinished was more troublesome, though.

Iguchi Keita:It’s troublesome

Maharun♪:Aren’t people normally not going to do it because it’s troublesome?

Iguchi Keita:Then, I’m rebelling against the norm

Maharun♪:Rebel, rebel~

Iguchi Keita:What is that

Just like this, chatting via LINE guileless had become our daily routine.

* * *

I was waiting for the date to change as we were still connected in LINE.

Of course, it was because I had something I wanted to ask.

Iguchi Keita:Ah, it’s 12 o’clock

Maharun♪:Friday, eh

Maharun♪:Senpai, here’s my「today’s question」

Now then, with this, today will be the 24th.

Iguchi Keita:Uwah

Iguchi Keita:If you did that so suddenly, it sure would be surprising, eh.

That’s right. This is my revenge for what you did a long time ago.

Maharun♪:Senpai, when will you go to school tomorrow?

Iguchi Keita:Ha?

# # #

She suddenly gave me her「today’s question」.

I was prepared to hear what kind of question that would come, but her question was just like an office contact. It was too unexpected, and I could only answer with a「Ha?」.

Iguchi Keita:If it’s「tomorrow」, I think it would probably be some time a little before noon


Maharun♪:Please change it as「today」

Maharun♪:Senpai is such a tease!

Yes, yes.

Iguchi Keita:Today, eh. Uhm…

Iguchi Keita:We’ll gather at school at 11 AM

Maharun♪:I see

Iguchi Keita:How about Kouhai-chan?

Since today is the preparatory day for the cultural festival, the meeting time changed depending on the people, or the club activities.

The student council didn’t do a particularly large scale bazaar, so we gather at a rather late time.

Iguchi Keita:Oiii

She ignores me. Was she telling me to do this?

Iguchi Keita:↑↑「Today’s question」

Maharun♪:You would use it for that?

Iguchi Keita:Aren’t you the one who makes me have to use it?


What’s with that three syllables? How cute.

Maharun♪:The art club gathers at 10 AM

Iguchi Keita:Do your best.


Maharun♪:Senpai, you won’t come together with me?

Hey now, today, or maybe yesterday, I already accompanied you, okay? I visited Kinko’s, and went shopping for Kouhai-chan. No matter how I saw it, it was art club’s work, not within my jurisdiction.

Besides, I want to have a taste of the immorality of sleeping two hours later than usual on weekdays.

Iguchi Keita:I won’t

There was something I was more interested rather than that.

Iguchi Keita:Hey, rather than that


Iguchi Keita:Why do you ask this as「today’s question」?

Iguchi Keita:Can’t you just ask it normally as a question?


That was not a particularly interesting, or even private question.

I was wondering why she asked that from the beginning.

* * *


If senpai went earlier than me, it would be meaningful.

Maharun♪:Ah, senpai is going to ask that?

Iguchi Keita:Uh huh

I wanted a confirmation that our time was not different.

If I was later than him, I thought I would wait for senpai to go together to the school. But now, the meaning was gone. So what should I do? Well…

It can’t be helped.

That question was not senpai’s「today’s question.」

I think it should be okay for me to hide this a little bit.

Maharun♪:I just feel like it.

I’ll keep it a secret from senpai.

We won’t see each other anymore today after all.

The things I knew about my senpai 69

It seems like he will go to school quite late tomorrow.



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