Chapter 74


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 # # #

「Senpai, good morning.」


I exchanged greetings with Kouhai-chan on the station platform on Wednesday’s morning.

…She seemed somewhat unenergetic. I could feel a gloomy atmosphere around her.


「What happened?」

Kouhai-chan peeked in my direction, tilting her head in confusion.

「Senpai, did anything happen to you?」

「What do you mean?」

After Kouhai-chan blinked her eyes several times, she turned away.

「Then, forget it.」

「Eh, what the heck is that?」

「It’s nothing important, senpai.」

The train came, making a rattling sound. We got in the moment the door opened.

Kouhai-chan who settled herself in our usual position heaved a sigh.

Uh huh.

I didn’t know that she intended to look distressed, but since she did it so blatantly, of course I would get curious about it.

「What happened, Maharu-sama?」

Well, it would be rude to just ask her directly, so let’s do it like this.

「I told you that it’s nothing.」

「Wouldn’t you tell me, Miss?」

「Senpai is doing a hypocritical courtesy, it’s disgusting.」

I think you didn’t need to say it so directly, though.

「I’m just trying to be polite.」

「It doesn’t suit you. I’m also not in the mood to respond to it.」

「What’s with that? Well then, what did you want to do?」

「I won’t tell you.」

Ahh, really. I got it, okay?

「『Today’s question』. Tell me what you were trying to say immediately after meeting me before.」

 * * *

I thought I managed to skillfully dodge it. The train came at great timing as well.

But it was impossible after all. He asked me properly, even using his『today’s question』.


「What is it?」

「Rather, you really don’t understand anything, senpai?」

I think it’s not only me who got dragged in this matter, though.

But since senpai is… senpai, he shouldn’t have realized it, eh. Probably.

「What? Did I do something wrong?」

「Rather than senpai, it’s me, or maybe it’s both of us.」


I realized that I wasn’t making myself quite clear.

Well, it’s not such a big deal anyway. Let’s just say it quickly.


「Uh huh?」

「My friends told me,『You got a boyfriend, eh! Congrats!!!』yesterday.」

They were also saying that with a big smile. What’s with that smile anyway.

「Haa… ehhh??」

Now, now. I’m looking forward to senpai’s reaction and answer.

 # # #

Yesterday was the first day we went to class after the cultural festival was over. In other words, it was the day when everyone in the class gathered for the first time after the cultural festival and talked about the rumors and gossip.


Saying that Kouhai-chan「got a boyfriend」, it should be somewhere in the cultural festival, right? The takoyaki stall was suspicious, but the criminal was no longer the problem.

In the first place, am I really the partner? That was the first problem.

She could deceive someone without batting an eyelid after all.

「Congratulations for that guy, then. Who was it?」

Kouhai-chan sighed as she dropped her shoulders.

「My friend witnessed it at the cultural festival.」


「I was always with this guy to any stalls, and even fed each other the Russian Takoyaki for lunch.」

So, from an objective point of view, what kind of relationship was there between Kouhai-chan and me?

Maybe we looked like we were going out. Rather, 80% of the people who looked at us would definitely think we were going out. 


Even if I understood, I pretended that I didn’t.

Kouhai-chan definitely knew that I was faking it, though.

「By the way.」

She peered into my eyes.

「That person is now standing in front of my eyes.」


「Please have a bigger reaction, senpai.」

「Sorry, I don’t really know how to respond to that properly.」

Maybe I should say something like, 「W-what did you just say!?」?

「Well, it’s fine.」

Kouhai-chan laughed.

「So it’s fine?」

 * * *

「Eh, anyway. That means no one said that to senpai, right?」

「Uh huh.」

「I’m sure you just didn’t realize it. You are being gossiped about, senpai.」

「It’s not like I have the Cocktail Party Effect, so isn’t it alright?」

Cocktail party effect is like when someone can hear their name well even in a noisy environment.

My smiling cheeks naturally began to stiffen, and I asked this to senpai.

「What if it’s not alright? What will senpai do?」

「What do you mean?」

I got a little too nervous, so I cleared my throat and continued.

「『Today’s question』. If the rumour that senpai and I were dating spread, what would senpai do?」

Senpai scratched his head as if he was troubled.

「Uhm… Well, I can do nothing but to deny it. I’m the student council president after all.」

Yes. As I thought, senpai is really that kind of person, huh.

「As a student council president, I have to do that. I have to give an example to all of the students, so I have to follow the rules that are in the school regulations. Romantic relationships are banned.」

After talking seriously that much, senpai turned his face away from me.

Then, I heard him saying this with a small voice.

「Even I also want to revise it, okay.」

I heard it clearly, but I pretended I couldn’t hear it because of the train’s sound to make it more interesting.


「Yes, that’s all.」

I brought my left ear closer to senpai, and asked again.

「What did you say?」

「It’s nothing.」

Our roles were completely reversed, and it became somewhat interesting for me.

「Please tell me.」

「I won’t say it again.」

Senpai’s cheeks was a little red, and he wouldn’t meet my eyes no matter what. However, just observing those movements never make me bored at all.

The things I know about my senpai 74

As I thought, teasing him is fun.



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