Chapter 76


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Day 76

 # # #

After I reached home yesterday, I received the illustration data from Kouhai-chan.

I reset my home screen wallpaper again. Well, it didn’t change that much in terms of appearance. It just became a little easier to see. There was also a somewhat glossy feeling on it.

But it didn’t really matter now. The important thing was that today is Friday. In other words, tomorrow was finally a break.

Thank God it’s Friday!


「Good morning, senpai.」

I unconciously called Kouhai-chan who was standing on the station platform out. Well, fine.

「It’s cold, eh.」

「Yeah. It’s already December after all.」

I remembered the moment Kouhai-chan said it. Today was the first day of December. One more month after twelve months. Is it more or less?

「Eh, yeah. Yesterday was 30th, eh.」

「It’s already winter now, huh.」

「The temperature won’t change so quickly, though?」

I don’t like winter that much because it’s cold.

I want spring to come soon.

「At least it’s already winter in the calendar, senpai.」

「If you say that, then the first day of the winter already passed on the calendar, you know?」

「When is the first day of the winter?」

「When is it already?」


「What? Senpai also doesn’t know?」

「I just said it as I like, how can I remember that fast.」

Uhmm. Impossible. Google-sensei, help me.

「Uh huh. It’s on the 7th of November.」

「Then we are already in the middle of winter, huh.」


The train arrived at the station, cutting through the winter air.

We settled ourselves in our usual position and started talking again.

「Apart from winter, It’s now December, senpai. One more month until this year ends.」

「The twelfth month, huh.」

「It’s December, eh?」

「December, huh~」

「Shiwasu[1. Twelfth month of the lunar calendar], eh?」

「Shiwasu, huh~」

Kouhai-chan turned her body to me all of a sudden, blinking her eyes.

「Er, senpai?」


「You sound like you are very tired, though?」

「It’s Friday after all.」

「I see.」

You will just accept that reason?

There was no class last week because of the cultural festival so I wasn’t really tired, but there were classes this week. Of course I would be tired.

「Shiwasu, huh.」

It seems like there is a story that December became Shiwasu[2. 師走, literally means running teacher] because December is running around to catch the priest.

End of year would also become busy with memorial services, but to be honest, this story didn’t really interest anyone of our generation.

「By the way, I haven’t asked any question today.」

Kouhai-chan came up with a question.

「Senpai, do you believe in God?」

「Are you asking that in religious term?」

「Whichever is fine.」

「Shiwasu」is a word derived from Buddhishm. If we’re talking about「God」, then it usually referred to shrines.

It seems like there are not many countries like Japan where the individuals get confused when talking about religion.

 * * *


Senpai started talking after thinking deeply for a while.

「As I thought, maybe I’m into the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.」


I feel like I heard some strange words.

Spaghetti monster… what?

「To say it frankly, we will say『Ramen』instead of『Amen』.」


「The Flying Spaghetti Monsterism regard noodles as their God.」

Senpai taught me various doctrines of the religion that I couldn’t understand well.

「Then, senpai is saying that you really believed all of that, right?」

「Not really.」

「Please give me back my time.」

What the heck? Are you just saying that you have been wasting my time as the train had passed two stations, senpai?

「Listen now. Even if I don’t really believe it, I also believe it a little, or I think it’s possible.」


「Anyway, it’s dangerous if you get into a particular religion too much.」

「So it’s okay if it’s that Flying Spaghetti?」

「That’s only a parody religion, so it’s okay. Also, your way of abbreviating it is wrong.」

According to Senpai, it is Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, so it should be abbreviated as FSM.

I remembered something useless today.

 # # #

「So, what about Kouhai-chan? Do you have faith in a religion? Ah, that’s my『today’s question』.」

「I don’t really believe in Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism that much.」

「Japanese people are mostly like that, eh.」

「But, I have thought about it a little.」

Kouhai-chan turned her head to look outside at the scenery, putting her hand on the window.

As she stroked the glass she leaked a small sigh.

「I’m sure that there is someone like God, the one who creates all of us, up there somewhere.」

Kouhai-chan’s eyes who talked about her fantasy seemed to sparkle.

「I think it’s impossible to have only one person who is thinking about humans alone to watch over all seven billion people.」

She took a quick glance at me, and moved back to look outside the window.

「But sometimes, I’m sure that person will take a glance at me and senpai.」

In my head, an image of an absolute existence emerged as It looked into our universe from a higher dimension, like a gap in space.

「What a romantic.」

When I unintentionally spilled my thoughts from my mouth, Kouhai-chan twitched and averted her eyes.

「Isn’t this much fine?」

「I didn’t say that it’s not fine, though?」

Kouhai-chan became even more embarrassed as I grinned.

「It’s not something to be embarrassed about, you know.」

「Then, why are you smiling that much, senpai?」

「It’s because Kouhai-chan’s response is interesting.」

「What’s with that…」

In the meantime, we were about to reach the station.

「Well, please take care of me this month as well, Kouhai-chan.」

I would meet up with her again every morning. It should be fine to at least give her a greeting, right?

Kouhai-chan who was making a surprised expression for a moment responded energetically with a smile on her face.

「Please take care of me as well, senpai♪」

The thing I knew about my senpai 76

It seems like he likes Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, but he doesn’t believe it.



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