Chapter 77


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# # #

The first Saturday in December.

I was lazing around how I always did on the weekend mornings… or not. I was currently on the train in the early morning (well, it’s actually already nine o’clock) to go to school.

I really wanted to sleep in my blankets, but since it was already December, I couldn’t afford to do that. If I didn’t finish this now, I wouldn’t make it in time.

Since today is a weekend, the train was empty, and I could sit down in the empty seats. Reading in the morning time after a long time made me feel really strange. As if I shouldn’t be doing this. While having those uncomfortable feelings, I continued to read my book.

The only thing that was strange was the mood, and my reading itself unexpectedly progressed well.

# # #

I arrived at the school and headed to the head office.

This was the room where one couldn’t step in if they were spending their student days modestly, but there are plenty of opportunities to go inside, depends if one did something good or bad. I had been called only once, before becoming the student council president.

Well, leaving that aside, I think it would be a rare case for students to make appointments here.

「Excuse me. This is Iguchi, and I have an appointment with the Teacher at ten o’clock.」

I knocked on the door and entered the room which has a heater. So warm…

「Ah, Iguchi-kun. I was surprised when you contacted me. What happened?」

The vice principal, whose forehead hair had begun to recede, stood up from his desk and came to a sitting space-like room. I sat on the lower side. I was the student council president after all.

「I already wrote it in my email, but I want to do a consultation.」

「I didn’t really read it that much, so can you tell me again? I thought that it should be okay for me to listen to it today.」

The vice principal scratched his head, making a small laugh. Well, they usually didn’t read emails from students, huh~ They are busy after all, huh~

I was expecting this, so I didn’t get discouraged and replied.

「It’s alright. Well, I want to revise the school regulations.」

「School regulations? Can you tell me the reason?」

I also already expected him to ask that, so the moment he asked me that question, I gave him the answer I’ve prepared.

「I read the school rules carefully from the standpoint of the student council, but there are a lot of texts that it is an anachronism, or feels wrong for me.」

「So that’s why you want to revise it? Did you have such a commitment before?」

Don’t point out my sore spot from the beginning. Seriously.

「Oh, I didn’t read them that much before I assumed my duty, but I think it will end up in something terrible someday if I leave these school regulations alone.」

「Something terrible?」

「Like flaming on the internet, or revelry.」

It is a threat with completely wishful thinking that this uncle from an older generation wouldn’t understand the internet well. If he agreed with this reason, he should be completely stupid.

「I don’t think we will get flamed that easily, though?」

「Even if it starts as a small fire, it will become big in no time. That’s how scary the Internet is. As a student council president, I want to eliminate the possibility that will make my mother’s school encounter such bitter experience.」


Eh? It went pretty well?

「Well, let’s hear the explanation first. What rules do you think are wrong?」

「Ah, yes.」

Let’s put out the real problem later on.

For now, proceed with the easier one.

「First of all, about hairstyles. Article 72,『Students should all have black hair』. Some people have brown as their natural hair color, and we might also get foreign students later on. Does this rule still apply to them?」

In fact, it was a great storm at the school’s strange parts.

「We didn’t apply it that strictly, I think. But after all, blonde is a no.」

「Is there a clear difference between blonde hair and brown hair? I think there are many people in Europe who have golden hair as their natural hair color.」

「We are talking about Japanese people, though?」

「I understand, but it seems like this could be considered as racism, don’t you think so? This world is messy, so I’m pushing for a revision. Rather than revision, erasing this article might be more appropriate.」

As a feint, I feel like I did a nice touch on it.

「That’s an overstatement, Iguchi. We can just make it as『School doesn’t approve hairs that are dyed blonde』, right?」

「Ah, that’s also right.」

I was looking down on the vice principal too much, eh? No, I wasn’t thinking about the details, so it was just right.

# # #

There were a lot of strange school regulations at our school when I looked it up.

I gave a lot (half-appropriately) of reasons, answered his opinions, and finally cut through until I reached the main problem. To be honest, everything else is camouflage. I only had to pass this.

To avoid the vice principal to realize I was bluffing, I made sure not to change the tone of my voice.

「The last is Article 51. This one is also weird.」

「51? What is it about?」

「『School doesn’t recognize the students to have sexual relationships between men and women』. Isn’t it already very strange?」

「What do you mean?」

Vice principal stared at me intently, as if he really didn’t understand.

「First of all, I think the『sexual relationship between men and women』details is wrong. If we look at the whole world, the ratio of the so-called LGBT, the sexual minorities, is 7.6%. One in 13 people. It’s not a weird level, and this Article, which will trample the hearts of these people, is not good.」

「By the way, what are you?」

「I’m normal, but asking something like that is not good, Teacher.」

Ahh, really. He doesn’t seem to understand.

It seems like this will be hard.

「Something like that?」

「LGBT people don’t show their sexual orientation very much, so it’s not good to ask them about that face to face.」

「…It’s hard.」

It’s about human’s feelings after all.

「The rest is simply anachronism. These school rules. The prohibition of gender dating is no longer meaningful, and this Article is no longer applied.」


With that, I somehow managed to talk through the vice principal, even though with questionable logic here and there.

「Thank you very much. Then, based on the current discussion, the student council will draft a revised proposal and give it to teacher.」

「Ah, to me?」

「Yes. If the teachers also has no problem with it at the teacher’s meeting, I would like to borrow a part of the closing ceremony at the end of the year and announce it as a student general meeting.」

「Do you also need to assemble the students? You sure worked hard, Iguchi.」

The vice principal who stood up patted my shoulder.

「I will do my best… Please excuse me.」

Now then. I finished the talk. After that, I (and the student council’s counselor) just have to work hard.

I’m worried about the faculty meeting, but I believe I should be able to manage it.

# # #

Looking at the watch, it was just around eleven o’clock. Usually, I will still sleep in my bed.

When I arrived at the station and started playing with my smartphone, I received a LINE message from Kouhai-chan.


Maharun♪:Good morning!

Iguchi Keita :Oh, morning

Ah, this is bad.

I usually shouldn’t have woken up yet, but I immediately read her message and even responded.


See. She noticed it, huh? Her knowledge on technology to judge the situation by evidence is so amazing that I had no choice but to give up.

Maharun♪:Senpai, you’re already awake?

Iguchi Keita:Well, I’m currently opening my LINE, so I replied immediately

Maharun♪:That’s not my question


Maharun♪:Ahh, fine. My『today’s question』

Maharun♪:Senpai, where are you at now?


Iguchi Keita :I’m at the station close to school.

There was no choice but to answer her honestly.

Maharun♪:Hee… What are you doing?

Iguchi Keita:I’m going home

Maharun♪:You woke up very early, eh

I also think that it was very early for me to wake up at that time on Saturday.

Maharun♪:Then, what are you doing?

Maharun♪:A date?

Iguchi Keita:I have no one to go with

Even if the vice principal was a woman, I wouldn’t call it a date.

Unfortunately, he is a man.

And there is no obligation to answer what I was doing. I already answered the first question correctly.

Maharun♪:Oh my

Maharun♪:But there’s me

Iguchi Keita :Hey now…

Maharun♪:Then, let’s do a date from now on

Maharun♪:It’s okay, right? Senpai?

I had no time to use my『question』, and she notified me of the meeting time and place immediately.

…Well, I just have to enjoy it.

The things I knew about my senpai 77

It seems like he had been to school and doing something on Saturday.



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