Chapter 78


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Day 78

 # # #

It’s Sunday. I will sleep a lot to make up for me having to wake up early yesterday. But it’s not like I’m actually sleeping now, since I have been nodding off in my warm blanket since the sun is rising.

Anyways. My bed is warm and comfortable. It lets me happily restore my energy here as much as I want. I have worked hard from trying to display my shallow thoughts, making them sound decent. It’s tiring me out.

I heard my father go out somewhere, the sound of the front door closing reached my ears. I could also hear the sound of water flowing and the suction of a vacuum cleaner from the living room. It seemed like my mother was doing housework as usual.

Meanwhile, my consciousness flicked in and out, making me unable to even open the curtain of my room. It felt too pleasant staying in my blanket.

My smartphone which I put on my bedside rang after I woke up several times.

Maharun♪:Good morning

It was Kouhai-chan.

When I looked at the top of my screen, it was almost twelve o’clock.

I felt pretty refreshed, so I decided to wake up already. While thinking so, I typed with my smartphone.

Iguchi Keita:Morning

Maharun♪:Of course you already woke up, huh?

Iguchi Keita:No, I just did


Why are you doubting me? Well, it’s true that I woke up earlier yesterday, though.

Iguchi Keita:Seriously

Iguchi Keita:I’m still inside my blanket

Maharun♪:Then I’ll believe you

It seemed like Kouhai-chan believed me even without asking for any evidence.


Our LINE chat stopped because there was no particular thing to say. I’m still not ready to get out of my blanket, but that doesn’t mean that I’m sleepy enough to sleep again.

Should I read a web novel? The one that I can read even with an empty head. I tapped the browser icon to open the updates of my favorite works.

 * * *

Nn, what should I do today?

I met with senpai yesterday, so this weekend’s quota has been achieved.


Around twenty minutes had passed since our last message. Did senpai already go out of his blanket?

After one minute, two minutes, he still hasn’t read my message.

What was he doing? Was he washing his face or eating his lunch?

After five minutes, I got a reply from senpai.

Iguchi Keita:What is it, Kouhai-chan?

I was only calling him after all. Of course he would reply like that.

Ehh, what now.


Maharun♪:「Today’s question」

Iguchi Keita :Hou

Speaking of which, senpai didn’t ask his「question」yesterday. It’s not like I didn’t give him the time to ask me. It felt kind of lonely.


Maharun♪:Do you want to meet me today?

I didn’t know why I wanted to ask this kind of question to him.

However, I only wrote this because I wanted to ask him so. Since I asked it via LINE, all I could do was to wait for his reply.

Was it a few seconds, or tens of seconds?

After a while, senpai read my message.

From there, there was no reaction for a while.

The time on the top of my screen changed, and I immediately got a reply from senpai.

Iguchi Keita:Nn…

Iguchi Keita:Can I call you?


It had been a long time since I heard that word. A call? From now on? In this timing?

Maharun♪:Well, I’m okay with it

I replied casually, avoiding to look as agitated as I am right now.

Iguchi Keita:Then, I’ll call you

Iguchi Keita:[Iguchi Keita started a call.]

 # # #

「What happened suddenly to you, senpai? Did you miss my voice?」

As soon as she answered the call and I heard her loud voice, I felt relieved. Ah, this was the usual Kouhai-chan.

「I heard it yesterday already.」

It should be okay for me to call her since I already closed the door to my room, but I also put a blanket on my head and replied to her with a hushed voice.

「That’s also true. Do you want to see my face too today?」

Don’t ask that so directly…

「Ahh, I want to talk about that.」

Since she would most likely misunderstood me if we talked about this via chat, I made a call on purpose.

「To put it simply, I don’t want to meet you.」

「So cruel.」

「I only said the conclusion, right? Listen to my explanations.」

「Yes, yes.」

The face of Kouhai-chan who was smiling over the internet call appeared in my mind.

「Hey. Do you know when the final test is?」

「Ahh, it seems like it’ll be soon, eh.」

「It starts on Tuesday in two weeks. There are only two Saturdays and Sundays starting today.」

「Today is still Sunday, so it’s three Sundays, right?」

I’m not talking about that. Even if I’m like this, I’m still an honor student, so I want to study properly.

「To be honest, it’s not like I don’t want to meet Kouhai-chan.」


Kouhai-chan would definitely grin if we were talking face-to-face now.

「Shut it. We met yesterday because I had an errand, so I couldn’t study at all. At least let me concentrate today.」


「What’s with that reply?」

「Nothing. Forget it.」

I could hear her small laugh through the phone.

It seemed like she was enjoying this, oi.

When I heard the noise of the call dazedly, I remembered that I hadn’t asked her any question yesterday, and I should ask her something today.

「Hey, can I also ask you my『today’s question』?」

「Yes, what is it?」

「Kouhai-chan, do you want to meet me today?」

When I voiced that out of my mouth, I realized that it sounded quite arrogant, as if I was looking down on people.


Without any hesitation, Kouhai-chan answered that question with this.

「Of course I want to meet senpai♪」

She whispered so into my microphone. I got goosebumps on my back, and my smartphone almost slipped out of my hand.

「I got it. Then we definitely won’t meet today.」

「Ehh, what’s with that? It’s cruel to say that after asking me if I want to meet you, senpai.」

「No means no. Then, see you tomorrow.」

Before she could do something to make me give up, I hung up the call one-sidedly.

While it was fun even if we were only having such a conversation, I was also astonished at this girl.

The things I knew from my senpai 78

It seems like he doesn’t mind meeting up with me on holidays.



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