Chapter 8


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# # #

Today is Sunday.

I’ll do my best to make up for my lost holidays today. First, let’s sleep until noon.

Maharun♪:Good morning♪

Or so I thought when I was lazing around on my mattress, but my phone suddenly rang at 9 AM.

It was a LINE message from the kouhai who took me out on a「date」yesterday.

Since I’m still sleepy, I opened the notifications hazily, sending a signal that I「Read」her message already. I’m sure that there are many high school students in this world that despise this「Read」signal day after day.

Even though I felt that my thought was kind of stupid, but I was in the position where I couldn’t help but to mind.

Iguchi Keita :[You sent a sticker.]

I sent her the sticker I got from a campaign yesterday. It had the「I already read your message」sign. With this, she wouldn’t complain anymore, right.

Maharun♪:Yesterday was “fun”, wasn’t it? [1. It’s dirty joke xD Here is the joke in JP:, basically kouhai-chan is saying that yesterday night, they had fun, huh?]

I dropped my smartphone in shock.

This kouhai, do you know「that kind」of joke too?

Un. She is using quotation marks, so it is definitely intentional. Why? Won’t it just make her look flashy?

Iguchi Keita :That’s what another person should say, not the person herself……

I couldn’t help but to reply to her with a serious response.

At the same time, my sleepiness was completely blown away.

Maharun♪:You don’t have to mind that kind of small details

Maharun♪:Yesterday’s movie was pretty confusing

Iguchi Keita :Totally

Iguchi Keita :Who is the one choosing that movie

Maharun♪:It’s senpai

Iguchi Keita :Yes.

Iguchi Keita :I’m sorry for that.

While still idling on my bed, I continue to chat with her.

Maharun♪:By the way, senpai

Maharun♪:What are you doing right now?

Iguchi Keita :I was sleeping, but the LINE notification sound woke me up

Maybe I should turn the ringtone off before I sleep. But if I do that, what if there is a real emergency call…

Maharun♪:Even in holidays, you shouldn’t break your rhythm, senpai

Maharun♪:This is Kouhai-chan’s kindness♪

The eighth note is annoying.

Iguchi Keita :You definitely didn’t have that intention, right?


Iguchi Keita :You’re lying

Maharun♪:Do you want to bet? With「A question」

Iguchi Keita :No.

Iguchi Keita :Whatever

I only have a question a day, and I don’t want to spend it to prove something useless that is just whatever.

First of all, my conversation with this kouhai might be「whatever」itself, though.

Maharun♪:Well then, this is「today’s question」from me.

She’ll just ask it normally in LINE?

Maharun♪:Senpai, have you ever had a private chat with a female other than me?



Of course I have at least done thatーーor that’s what I wanted to say, but even if there are any business contact, group talk will suffice. This kouhai should the the first girl who greeted me using LINE.

Let’s just check my chat log just in case.

…There’s one. There’s actually one!

In my LINE log, there was one private chat history, with a female.

* * *

I wanted to know about senpai’s environment around him soon, so I thought about a great question.

I’m sure that senpai would answer this question with a「YES」. He won’t dare to fill the hole with earth after all.

What I was interested in is the part after that. It was the senpai’s explanation for his answer.

Iguchi Keita :I have

If he had any interaction with his classmates or student council students, he would definitely say that one first.

And if there’s none, the next thing would be his family. He doesn’t feel like he has a childhood friend or something like that anyway.

And if he speaks about his family, I will know his family structure.

My main intention behind the question was,「Do you have any siblings?」. But if I asked it like that, I wouldn’t know about his relationship with his friends too. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

When I came out with this question, I wanted to praise myself. Since I was on my way home, I bought a Haagen-Dazs at a convenience store and ate it at home. The idea was that great in my opinion.


Maharun♪:Is it your girfriend?

Iguchi Keita :I have no one like that, y’know

Maharun♪:If you have, you won’t go on a date with me after allー

Maharun♪:Is it your boyfriend?

Iguchi Keita :That’s not a「female」anymore, y’know?

Iguchi Keita :Also, my sexuality is hetero so far as it goes

Hetero? Terrorism?

So your love subject exploded?

Maharun♪:What is hetero?

Iguchi Keita :It’s the opposite of「homo」

Iguchi Keita :It’s heterosexual in this context. I don’t know if it’s a strict term.

I didn’t know about that.

Maharun♪:Then, who is it?

Iguchi Keita :Ah, you wanna know?

Iguchi Keita :It is!

Iguchi Keita :My……!

Iguchi Keita :……Mom!



Maharun♪:I already thought that you will say that

Maharun♪:It’s just your mother, huh. So you don’t have contact with your sisters and brothers at all?

Maharun♪:How pitiful

Iguchi Keita :I’m an only child after all

Maharun♪:But it’s okay, senpai

Maharun♪:It means we have to make a commemoration since I am the second person!

Iguchi Keita :I don’t feel happy at all with your way of talking

So senpai is an only child.

He certainly didn’t really care about his surroundings, and I felt like he didn’t seem to have any siblings too, so my prediction was right.

# # #

In the end, our LINE chat ended up talking about my family composition since who-knows-when.

I felt surprised that she suddenly asked something without any context, but in the end, we returned with my personal info again.

This kouhai, did she already「read」this far?

I should learn from her and ask the same question… or no. She seemed like she had LINE chats with tons of people already.

I mean, every time I glanced at her, she was always flicking or typing something on her smartphone. If she was just surfing the internet, her fingers wouldn’t move in such irregular directions.

Oh well, it was useless to be a little sly using my wit, I guess.

Iguchi Keita :Then this time is my「today’s question」.

Iguchi Keita :Do you have any siblings?

Then I don’t have to do it in a roundabout way, just ask her directly.

Maharun♪:Ah, you want to know about my family structure, right?

Maharun♪:I have an older brother. He is a student in university

Iguchi Keita :Hee

I couldn’t make any impression other than「Hee」.

I wonder how can someone develop their conversational skills.

Maharun♪:He is attending the local university now

Maharun♪:But he only comes back home occasionally

Iguchi Keita :Hee

Maharun♪:Buun bubun bun~

Iguchi Keita :Hae

Maharun♪:Substitute grain

Iguchi Keita :Hie


Iguchi Keita :Hue

Maharun♪:What is this

Iguchi Keita :Aren’t you the one who started it…

When we had those silly exchange, I suddenly realized that it had been an hour since we began to chat. Time sure flies really fast.

It’s not like the conversation is not fun, but there are things I need to do today, like my homework. Let’s cut the conversation now.

Iguchi Keita :Hey

Iguchi Keita :I have to do my homework soon, is it okay?

Maharun♪:Ah, yes

Maharun♪:Well then, senpai

Maharun♪:See you tomorrow

I was a little lost on how to reply to her greeting.

In the end, I replied with the same thing as her.

Iguchi Keita :Yeah. See you tomorrow

The things I knew about my senpai⑧


It seems like he is an only child.



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