Chapter 80


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Day 80

# # #

「Good morning~」

Kouhai-chan stood on the platform as usual, her breath cold enough to make white air come out.


Her tension today was normal, eh.

I didn’t know if she was just easy to understand, or it was because I spoke with her every day, but I could discern her mood just by exchanging greetings with her.

Well, it didn’t feel bad.

Anyway, the train hadn’t arrived yet, so I waited for it as I stood next to Kouhai-chan.

One of us would usually talk now, but neither of us did so today. I felt cold and sleepy, unable to think of anything.

But even if there was only silence between us, I didn’t feel uncomfortable. That alone made me feel very strange.

I looked sideways at Kouhai-chan, and I realized how Kouhai-chan was also doing the same thing.

I think we were feeling at ease in the few minutes before the train arrived.

# # #

The train arrived and we immediately settled ourselves in our usual position.

「What happened to you, senpai? Why are you so silent?」

「That’s my line. What happened to you?」

「There’s nothing happening to me. I just don’t have anything to talk about.」

She said this as she scratched the back of her head.

「Ah, if we’re talking about having a conversation, I had something I want to ask.」

「Then just ask it before.」

「Isn’t it fine? I remembered it now anyway. You can praise me, senpai?」

Why should I praise you just for this?

「I definitely won’t praise you.」

「Ah, yes. Then here’s my『today’s question』for such tsundere senpai.」

What part of me is a tsundere?

I decided to concentrate on the「question」from Kouhai-chan.

「Senpai, how many photos of me do you have?」

* * *

If I were with my girl friends, we would take a lot of photos and post them on SNS.

But senpai never took my photo, and I didn’t remember him taking one.


Senpai moved his gaze to the train’s ceiling for a while, as if trying to remember. When he replied me, it was a very unexpected answer.

「One… No, there are two photos.」


I was a little surprised.

It was understandable if he had one, since I sent my photo to senpai one night.

But, what did he mean with two photos?

I grabbed both of senpai’s shoulders tightly, my mouth started to yap willfully.

“Why does senpai have other photos than the one I sent to you before. Did you take a photo of me secretly it’s surely like that right that’s really terrible senpai when did you even take them anyway. I heard about the right to usage as one likes in my class recently so what should we do about that anyway first please let me see it and then please erase it since it’s embarrassing.”

I shook senpai back and forth while spitting words without understanding what I was saying.

Where did he even get my photos? Well, I have many friends and acquaintances, so there was a possibility that it got shared until it reached senpai, but…

When I wondered so, senpai groaned.

「You don’t need to be that shy, right?」


I felt like I didn’t complain enough, so I took another big breath again.

At the same time when I was going to say what was inside my mind, senpai cleared the misunderstanding.

「No, I just saved your LINE’s profile picture.」


Was this what people called a disappointment?

Or maybe, fighting windmills?

Anyway, it was as if I was the one who got embarrassed on my own.

Senpai who stood in front of me laughed out loud.

「I didn’t take any peeping photos, okay. I only saved the one on your LINE.」

「Does that even count as my photo…」

「Since Kouhai-chan was there, then it’s Kouhai-chan’s photo, right?」

「Ahh, seriously. Fine.」

I still felt a little bit frustrated, so let’s tease senpai as revenge.

「Why did you even bother to save that, senpai?」


Senpai stared at me, his eyes blinking several times.

「No, even if you ask me why…」

「You saw it every time, right? My profile picture. We chatted every day anyway.」

「I don’t trust internet’s information, and I don’t know when you will delete it.」

Senpai averted his gaze from me, saying this with a tone as if he was making fun of me a little bit.

「That’s why, I just kept it for safety.」

「Heー Is that soー」

「What’s with tone? You don’t believe me?」

「No, no, I believe you. It’s what senpai said after all.」

「You definitely don’t believe, huh…」

# # #

Since we talked this much, I also became a little curious.

「Can I ask my『today’s question』?」


「Kouhai-chan, did you have my photos other than that night’s?」

I remembered that I have sent her my photo in pajamas before.

「I don’t.」

Immediate answer? Not to say, you don’t have any?

「It feels wrong to take a peeping photo.」


「It’s somewhat indecent.」

Indecent, huh. Well, it’s called「peeping」after all.

「Is that so?」

「Yes. That’s why, senpai?」


「Please let me take your photo♪」

Kouhai-chan asked me something like that, with a mischievous smile.


「Well, isn’t it strange that I only have one of senpai’s photos even though we talk to each other every day?」

「I don’t think it’s strange.」

「That’s why, please let me take it.」


That logic makes me want a picture of Kouhai-chan as well. The photo she sent at that time was her wearing glasses, and the photo in her LINE profile was taken sideways, so her beautiful eyes were not very visible. I’d like to see a photo of contact version Kouhai-chan.

For the time being, I said this to Kouhai-chan who started up her smartphone camera and pointed her phone at me.

「We are on the train, so let’s stop now, okay?」

* * *

It should be okay to take the photo on the train, though. Well, it’s not good if it’s a photobombed, though.

Anyway, we arrived at the nearest station to the school.

The people at the platform were also sparse, and it seemed like we wouldn’t trouble anyone here.

「Then, can I take your photo now, senpai?」

When I asked this and looked at senpai, senpai also had a smartphone in his hand.

What are you doing now? Seriously.

「Then, I’ll take it now, Kouhai-chan.」

「What are you saying? I’m taking senpai’s photo.」

「I’ll take the photo for Kouhai-chan. You will be a model.」

While pushing each other to give up, a young woman who was passing beside us smiled. And I heard her say this to herself.

「Both of you can just take it together, right?」

And then, it became like that.

# # #

The background was a suitable wall around here. It doesn’t matter.

The problem was that the photographic subject eventually became me and Kouhai-chan.

She didn’t even ask anyone to press the shutter for us.

Kouhai-chan who stood on my right side had a smartphone in her right hand, her arm stretched out.

This was the first time for me.

The so-called ‘selfie’ that most high school girls did.

「I’ll take it now, okay?」

Kouhai-chan who was standing next to me gave a signal.

「Okay, cheese!」

The picture she sent to me later on had both of us making a very natural smile for some reason.

The things I knew about my senpai 80

It seems like he never taken a selfie before.



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