Chapter 83


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Day 83

 # # #

I stretched my body a little at the platform on Friday morning.

「This week will finally end too, eh.」

「People will usually say that for the end of this semester, senpai.」

There would still be classes until next Monday, but the final exams would begin on Tuesday. During the exam, I could be a little late in the morning and came back early, so I didn’t get too tired physically, aside from mentally. Yay.

When the end of term was over, there will be something like loss of time, or perhaps false start feeling of winter vacation. We need to get back our test results, and have a closing ceremony. I also have an important task at the closing ceremony. I hope it went well.

「I am listening to the lessons properly, unlike Kouhai-chan. That’s why I feel tired.」

「But I also listen to the lessons a lot.」

My line of sight got stuck on Kouhai-chan who was complaining about how it was boring, a smile on her face.

「Senpai? What happened?」

Kouhai-chan looked at me suspiciously, perhaps because I didn’t reply to her words.

She tilted her head a little and then made fun of me.

「Did you get fascinated by me? Really…」

「Uh huh.」

She thought that I would hum and haw, right?

I endured the emotions that was springing up inside my heart and nodded seriously.

「Is that, so?」

By the time Kouhai-chan turned her eyes away from me, I unconsciously grinned.

It seemed like she didn’t see me doing that, so it should be safe.

「Ah, you’re embarrassed!」

「I am not!」

 * * *

We got on the train and settled in the usual position.

I’m not shy anymore. I am sober.

「But anyway, the second semester is also over soon, eh.」

「What will happen after the second semester?」

「You don’t know? The third semester will begin.」

Senpai put his hands on his hip, answering exactly that.

「Where will you go during the winter vacation?」

「It doesn’t qualify as a long vacation, right? I think it’s too short.」

「I wonder why the winter vacation is so short? Aren’t they pushing Christmas events on New Years Day?」

「Events, huh? There will be lots of social games, good for you.」

Since when did Japan have winter as a social games season, I wonder?

「It’s not good.」

「Is that so?」


Because in this year’s winter vacation, I want to go to various places with senpai.

Well, I’ll take him around.

…I hope we can do it.

「How is your study for the test, senpai?」

Well, before that, there was the final exam next week.

I even heard some panicking voices in my class now. This was still the second time we had the exam, so I didn’t know how bad it was.

「I’m not advancing even a little bit.」


「It’s your fault.」

「Oh my? Are you blaming other people?」

Senpai face become complicated.

 # # #

I can’t say that my study doesn’t go well because I have been thinking about her.

If I stayed silent, I have a feeling that she will say something bad that will result as a catastrophe, so I force myself to ask Kouhai-chan.

「Ahh, here’s my『today’s question』.」


「Kouhai-chan, are you the type that is nervous at tests?」

It’s a question that randomly came to my mind, but I’m also a little curious.

「Eh, is there any reason to get nervous?」

「Of course there is.」

「Not for me. I’m completely not nervous.」

I was amazed, but I wonder if it’s because she is good in getting on in the world. Kouhai-chan is someone who enjoys “life” and spends it happily.

「Isn’t it senpai who is too nervous about it? Ah, it’s my『question』.」

「Well, I’m not that nervous about the final exam.」

「Does that mean you’re nervous about other tests, senpai?」

「I am very nervous about those proficiency tests that need our real ability to solve it.」


Kouhai-chan frowns.

「I completely don’t understand what’s the difference between both of them at all.」

「Well, the final exam has a certain scope, so I, as an honor student, tend to study them until I can perfectly recite it.」


「You don’t have to be disgusted about that, okay?」

「Are you doing it that much?」

「Even if there is an accident, I can still get 80 points.」

「There won’t be any accident, though.」

I can also exceed 85 or 90 points, but it will need luck. I can take 80% of my score with my own ability, That’s how I felt after taking high school final exams four times.

「Well, whether there is an accident or not, if I study that much, I won’t be anxious about the result, so I won’t be nervous.」

「I can’t sympathize, but I understand.」

「Oh, thank you.」

Kouhai-chan exhaled.

「In other words, senpai is uneasy because you can’t adequately counter-measure the proficiency test?」

「Uh huh.」

「Senpai sure worries a lot, eh.」

She was amazed for some reason.

 * * *

This senpai is really worrying.

He is thinking too much. Well, it will also be troublesome if he doesn’t think about what he should think, so maybe this person is good in a sense.

But I will be happier if he is a little more proactive.

「Kouhai-chan is that kind of type, right? You can pass even without studying anyway, so you’re not nervous.」

「You’re right.」

「Keep an eye for a completely unexpected painful experience.」

「I’m good at dealing with things, so it’s okay.」



He was amazed.

The things I knew about my senpai 83

It seemed like he also becomes nervous at tests.



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