Chapter 85


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Day 85

 # # #

The clock showed that it was past midnight, and today was the last Sunday before the final test.

I was troubled.


I thought while looking at the timetable of the final exam that was released the other day.

Whether I could afford to go out today.

Hmm. Because the exams were continuous on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I couldn’t afford to go out that much.

Tomorrow there would be lessons until the afternoon, so I couldn’t study a lot. After that, it’s already the test simulation.


…But then.

I haven’t bought her a present…

After thinking about it while walking around, I couldn’t decide on anything yesterday.

There was no item that made me think「this was the one!」

It’s still possible to buy them on Amazon for now, but it’s frustrating to give up after all of the efforts. I see, this is the Concorde effect.


Let’s decide on it quickly tomorrow and come home. My goal is before noon.

I will mostly end up playing anyway, and I think I can concentrate after doing something that is a little different. Yeah, surely. I believe in my concentration.

After deciding so, I had to sleep. I still couldn’t believe that I was getting up early in the morning for two consecutive days on a weekend.

 * * *

I woke up to the alarm sound.

I opened the curtain and stretched my body. It’s already morning..

What should I do today…? I don’t have a plan because the exam is near, but I don’t feel like studying so much.

Maharun♪:Good morning, senpai

For now, let’s send a Line message a little early today… no, today as well, huh.

Did he get up early to study before the test? Or sleeping as usual?

Iguchi Keita:Oh, morning.

When I finished eating my breakfast (today, it’s bread), I received a reply from Senpai. Eh? It’s still 10 o’clock.

Maharun♪:You are early too today, eh

Iguchi Keita:Well

Maharun♪:What are you doing now?

Anyway, he will definitely answer me with “studying”.

But then, there was no reply. It seems like he was securing himself from my questioning.


Maharun♪:Did you go out again today?

Senpai immediately read my message

Iguchi Keita:[Iguchi Keita sent you a sticker]

He sent me a mysterious sticker.

It was a strange character that was in a strange pose. A sticker that couldn’t be explained other than that. Where did he even find this kind of thing?

Maharun♪:…Yes, I understand.

Uhnn, what to do now?

He didn’t tell me what he was going out for yesterday. I believe he was going out not to just eat udon anyway.

Well, I could pretty much guess it. But I felt like it would be a waste to say it via LINE since I couldn’t see his reaction, so I didn’t.

But then.

No matter how much he did it for me, I feel a little sorry for taking his time to study for the test. It’s a little late to keep him company, but it’s just before the exam now. I want to be a little considerate.

Maharun♪:Since you are going out anyway, can I join you?

He definitely didn’t find anything perfect for me yesterday, right?

Iguchi Keita:Ha?

Maharun♪:We didn’t meet yesterday. So I’ll go now

Iguchi Keita:Eh? Uh?

Iguchi Keita:I haven’t told you where I’m at now

I’m sure he won’t buy anything for me while I’m with him. If I say this, he will surely buy something before I reach him.

It’s useless for him to worry too much about this anyway, and he can just decide on it in a go since he already thought about it that much.


Maharun♪:Senpai,『today’s question』

Iguchi Keita:Aw…

That「Aw…」, sounds somewhat cute.

Well, I won’t change my mind just because it’s cute.

Maharun♪:Senpai, where are you now?

His reply was the name of a commercial facility, just as I thought.

Maharun♪:Let’s eat lunch together

Maharun♪:It’s more appropriate to call it brunch, but

Maharun♪:Let’s go?

Iguchi Keita:And if I say no?

Maharun♪:Let’s go!

 # # #

I wonder how much she had predicted what I was doing.

Since she didn’t persistently ask me about what I was doing, then she should’ve known… right? I’m sure of it. There’s no way Kouhai-chan wouldn’t know what I was doing with the level of her perception.

Even so, she was sure to tell me that she would come and meet me. I wouldn’t be able to buy anything when I met her, and I had to meet her since we had promised. If I ordered her birthday present after going home, then what’s the meaning of me going out today?

Oh well.

Let’s just buy the best item from what I’d been eyeing since before. Then I could go home after having lunch with her. And I could study in the afternoon. After all, I wanted to finish solving the mathematics.

Hmm, where should we eat lunch?

She already knew that I had udon yesterday, so she should be expecting something other than udon, right? It might be interesting to try shocking her a little.

 * * *

「Hello, senpai.」

Our designated meeting place was in front of a family restaurant. Well, whichever was fine, as long as I was together with senpai.

「You really dare to come, huh.」

「It’s fine, right? It’s not like I did anything wrong.」

「I’m not saying that it’s wrong.」

Senpai took a glance at me, then he turned his tote bag over his shoulder and started walking.

「Eh? Senpai, where are we going?」

「What do you mean with where… Fast food stores will definitely be crowded now.」

It’s surely lunchtime now, not to mention Sunday. It’s a time when we have to wait after writing our name to only have a seat.

「It’s just time anyway, so this is perfect. Here’s my『today’s question』」

「What is it?」

「Kouhai-chan, where do you want to go?」

I feel like he is trying to avoid me probing him with all of his might.

「How about pancake store?」

「Is there any?」

「Of course there are.」

「Well, I won’t go there.」

He is just messing around with me, right?

「Don’t just ask where other people want to go and then say you won’t go there, senpai.」

「Oh, I have to go back and study. If we go to a popular store now, the sun will set before we know it.」

That might be true.

「What a tease.」

When senpai stopped, he turned around and said a word.

「Let’s eat here.」

It was udon store. Marugame.

Er. I was thinking that in the end, we would mostly not eat udon. Yet, why udon?

「Why udon?」

「You don’t want to?」

「No, I never came here before.」

「I see.」

Just like that, senpai ordered his meal.

I hurried up and followed him.

「Excuse me, one middle size please.」

「Ah, I’ll have a small size please.」

I ordered the same menu as senpai with a smaller size. He didn’t give me any time to think.

Senpai also ordered tempura. He sure eats well, eh.



We sat face to face at the table and as we put our hands together.

「Senpai also ate udon yesterday, eh.」


「No, I’m just wondering if you’re not sick of it.」

When I asked that, senpai silently put another plate of tempura on his udon. And with a smug face, he said this.

「This is the real『udon’s tendon』!」[1. Tendon is tempura that is served over a bowl of rice. Maybe senpai is saying that the real tendon is tempura and udon XD]

I slurped my udon without saying anything to him.

The things I knew about my senpai 85

It seems like he has successfully bought my present.



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