Chapter 88


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Day 88

 # # #

「Senpai~ We worked hard today~」

Following yesterday, Kouhai-chan caught up with me on the way from school to the station.

Today, the first years started from the second period, and the second years started from the first period. How weird…

We could take up to 4 different periods, so I want to match our time in the morning. Is that what it is? Will everything be pushed from the first to the third period? Considering this, I can say that our school system still gives consideration to students.

「You said that we worked hard, yet you look energetic.」

「Is that so?」

「You even ran to me here.」

It should be tiring after solving the test and usually people will run out of the power to run.

…Well, I can run if it’s the last day of the test, though.

「Ehh, but being tired mentally and physically is two whole different things, right?」

「Your voice is also bouncing.」

「That is because I got to talk with senpai…」

The voice that was energetic until then suddenly decreased in volume. When I glanced at Kouhai-chan behind me, her ears were slightly red and she wouldn’t look me in the eyes.

「I see…」

Nonetheless, I don’t have enough mentality to tease her who is embarrassed. Usually I will be embarrassed as well. Who likes self-destruction anyway?

With that, a little awkward silence spread between the two of us as we walked towards the station. I can just leave this as it is, but we were currently going home together, complying with this princess’ wish after all. When I looked for a topic and turned to Kouhai-chan, I saw a cherry-colored scrunchie tied on her hair.

「You are wearing that, huh.」

「Well, this is what senpai gave me after all…」

I couldn’t help but to avert my gaze from her again.

「I see…」

I felt increasingly even more awkward, or maybe strangely embarrassed. We were just walking silently, though.

Kouhai-chan and my mute march continued until we entered the station ticket gate.

 * * *


Recently, I’m really conscious of senpai. It’s like I suddenly become very shy when I’m around him.

Well, it’s good because senpai doesn’t look annoyed. But then!

…Embarrassing things are still embarrassing.


I came back to my senses with the sound of the IC card scan, and let’s get back from square one from now on. We were going home together after all. It’s something unusual.

「Senpai, the train won’t come!」

「Ah, you become energetic again.」

Senpai who was making fun of me while grinning is really a tease.

「I’m always energetic.」

「Yes, yes.」

「The energetic part is the truth!」

「Then what is not the truth?」

「About the train that won’t come.」

The moment I said that, the train arrived at the platform.

 # # #

The seats were vacant, but we eventually settled down in our usual position.


「What is it, senpai?」

「We finally finished half of the exams, huh.」

Two days, half of the four-day test period, has ended.

Another half to conquer. It’s only a half. But there’s still a half left.

It seems long and short.


Kouhai-chan made a relaxed face, even though I was thinking back of the pain of studying. Unfair……

「It’s nice for the first years to have less subjects, huh…」

「We only have one period tomorrow~」


「But the second years also only have two periods, right?」

The timetable for the final exam is extended for all grades, so anyone can check other grades’ schedules.

「Well, that’s true, but… Two periods and one period is quite different, you know…」

「Then, here is my『today’s question』for this battered up senpai.」

「How unusual.」

I felt that there were only a few decent “questions of the day” in the last few days, so it felt a little surprising and relieving to have her ask me like this.

「Senpai, what time do you finish your study and go to sleep at test period?」

「Well, the test is in the first period too tomorrow, so eleven o’clock?」

There are a lot of subjects to calculate tomorrow, so I want to sleep for at least 7 hours. It’s ideally 7 hours 30 minutes or 8 hours.

「How normal.」

「Of course it’s normal. I don’t want to risk pulling all-nighters.」

「Well, I also don’t pull all nighters.」

「Then why are you even asking me that?」

Kouhai-chan twitched for a moment, and asked me another question.

「Senpai, do you know what will happen tonight?」


Hm? I don’t think that they will have fireworks in winter.

「We’re approaching 15th, so it’s not yet the full moon, right?」

「It has no relation with the 15th.」

「But, it’s soon the night of the full moon.」

「No relation at all.」

Rather than having this worthless quarrel, let’s just ask since I got curious about the answer.

「What is it?」

「Ah, uhm, it’s a meteor shower. Falling stars.」

「Meteor shower?」

「Yes. Today… or rather tonight, is the peak of Gemini Meteor Shower.」


I really like stars, but I haven’t actually seen meteor showers before.

That’s why I got curious when I heard “the peak of meteor shower”.

「Can I ask my『today’s question』?」


「Kouhai-chan, did you ever see meteor shower before?」


Immediate answer.

「Will you watch it tonight? There are tests tomorrow.」

「It’s because there are tests!」


「Isn’t it nice to have the feeling of doing something immoral?」

「No, it’s no good…」

I sighed.

「Eh, then senpai won’t watch it with me?」

When I was going to say no, I saw Kouhai-chan’s face which had an excited expression on it.

Well, it should be okay to accompany her a little bit.

「After I finish studying, just for a little while.」

 # # #

About 1 minute after 23:00, my smartphone on the desk rang. It’s Kouhai-chan.

Well, I almost finished studying, so it should be okay.

I put my mobile phone to my ear while putting on my jacket.

「Senpai~ Where is the Gemini constellation?」

…Gemini meteor shower is not something one can find if they look at Gemini

It seems like Kouhai-chan looked up at the night sky from the garden of her house.

I also came out on the veranda and decided to look for the stars.

「Do you know where the Orion constellation is?」


「Look for a triple star in the southeast, with red and white stars in the upper left and lower right.」


It is very difficult to tell an amateur how to look at the starry sky via phone. The lack of a common landmark is also troublesome. If it’s with someone who knows about stars, we can make the first-magnitude star as the mark.

Anyway, she managed to find Orion somehow, and I directed Kouhai-chan to be able to find Gemini Castor Pollux from there.

Has it been around 15 minutes since we came out? After one of the meteors falls, I can see it with her soon.

As I began to hope so, a ray of light ran across the sky as if crossing Gemini, towards the winter’s big triangle.


I realized that it was a shooting star after I heard Kouhai-chan’s shout from the other side of the phone.

「Senpai, senpai! Did you see it? A shooting star? You saw it, right?」


She was very excited.

「But it was only for a moment, right? Isn’t it impossible to make a wish with it being that fast, senpai?」

「That’s a pattern where you always want to wish for it until you see a shooting star, and after you continue to hold on that wish, and it’ll come true.」

「Senpai sure has no dream.」

「Just say that I’m rational.」

「You’re too rational.」

Actually, my wish has come true.

It’s also my wish to see shooting stars with Kouhai-chan, is also a somewhat romantic wish.

I have to keep this a secret.

「Then, the rational me will sleep now. We have a test tomorrow after all.」

「Ehh~ Already~?」

「Yes, already. Good night.」

「Good night~」

The time on my screen after I hung up the call showed 23:30.

The things I knew about my senior 88

He was willing to see the shooting star with me. I couldn’t make a wish.



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