Chapter 90


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# # #

The second year’s exam during the second period. The last subject was world history.

After this, the test would be over. I glanced at the classroom clock, confirming that the remaining time is only 1 minute.

I finished writing some troublesome descriptions at once, and although it is very rough, they properly reviewed it. I’m done, but then…

I can’t remember just one thing. A single fill in the gaps.

I can remember that it was the guy who was written on this specific page. Yet the lineup of katakana never came to my mind.


For the time being, I made a random name and wrote it with my pen. It’s better than writing nothing. Since there are 60 types of katakana, I will pray to 1 / 60th RNG power.

After I finish writing, the remaining time is 30 seconds.

Nn, what is the name, actually?

While feeling gloomy, I will also soon be released from this cruelty.

3… 2… 1…

「It’s over!」

The screams from all students reverberated through the classroom.

# # #

The teacher collected the test paper and said, 「There is homeroom after this, so don’t leave yet.」

There were various people, such as those who stretched their body, those who ran out of the classroom, those who took out their smartphone, but I took out my cramming materials from my bag first.

Err, not this. Ah, here it is.

…Philip the IV, huh. Okay, it’s over.

Don’t use such a cheap name, can’t you? Use a more unique name. It’s hard for me to remember, okay.

Well, fine. The test is already over. I can take it slow until the beginning of the year… not really. At least I will be fine without studying.


Even though I am studying on a daily basis, the tests are still exhausting.

I turned on my phone while sitting down, my left cheek pressed against the desk.

First, let’s open my Twitter… but the moment I think so, a LINE notification cuts in.

Maharun♪:Good work for the test, senpai!

She is energetic as usual, eh.

Iguchi Keita :Philip IV


Iguchi Keita :Philip IV, I won’t forgive you!

Iguchi Keita :Why were you angering Bonifacius that much!

Maharun♪:It’s hard being an honor student, eh.

Iguchi Keita :Why are you saying as if it’s a bad thing…

Maharun♪:It is


Maharun♪:By the way, senpai

Iguchi Keita :Nn?

Maharun♪:What will you do after this?

Iguchi Keita :HR

Maharun♪:Not that


I know it even without you reminding me.

Iguchi Keita :Of course I understand

Iguchi Keita :Where will we go, right?

I must celebrate Kouhai-chan’s birthday who was given injustice during the exam.


It’s an important event that only happens once in a year, no matter how many tests we had.

We didn’t make any plans, but I had some ideas.

Iguchi Keita :By the way, Kouhai-chan

Iguchi Keita :You don’t celebrate it with your classmates?

Maharun♪:I rejected them all

Maharun♪:It’s okay

Iguchi Keita :Ha?

I feel like I’ll leak out a strange voice soon.

Maharun♪:I’m senpai’s today~♪

Iguchi Keita :Please do something about your way of talking

Maharun♪:Eh, isn’t this fine?

Maharun♪:No one is reading it anyway

She is really…

Both of us were in our classrooms, okay? There were a lot of our classmates around okay?

There was the risk of being seen.

It’s okay for me since the risk was basically almost zero percent.

Iguchi Keita :Haa.


Iguchi Keita :Hauu.


Iguchi Keita :Haoo. Not that.

Iguchi Keita :Anyway, let’s meet at the usual Hamakyu Line.

Everyone will go out and play anyway.

And as usual, no one will go to our train route.


* * *

Senpai said that we should meet at the usual place.

After the home room ended, everyone greeted the teacher. I break up with everyone as usual, and walk to the station.

There was… no senpai.

Maharun♪:Senpai, where are you?

Iguchi Keita :I’m finished now

There is a difference in homeroom time in each class.

Why should they make it like that even if the teacher will tell us the same information? My teacher wants to finish early, so it’s good.

Iguchi Keita :Just wait somewhere there

He is treating me roughly as usual.


Now, now.

Where should I meet senpai?

# # #

It’s true that I told her to wait somewhere.

But I didn’t think that she would suddenly jump out of the corner.

「Are you surprised?」

「Not really?」

「Senpai who was surprised is really interesting, you know?」

「Shut it.」

「Ah, senpai is embarrassed~」

「I’m not.」

Is this the feeling of liberation after the test? I walked along the way to the station with Kouhai-chan who was more energetic than usual.

「Anyway, where are you taking me, senpai?」



「You always pull me along here and there. It’s fine for me to do it sometimes, right?」

「Well, fine~」

The wording itself was reluctant, but the voice that carried them seemed like she was joking.

I could even hear a bounce in her tone.

* * *

We got off the train and walked to a place, with senpai as the lead.

「Round One, huh?」


It was a facility where one could enjoy various things, including karaoke.

「I think we can do various things, depending on Kouhai-chan’s mood here. What do you want to do?」

Senpai was taking me into consideration, how unusual. It makes me happy. Just a little, though.


Ah, that’s right.

「Can I ask my『today’s question』?」


「Senpai, are you good at bowling?」

「Hmm, my skill is a little lower than average boys, maybe? It’s not like I’m saying that I’m bad at it, though.」

「Your wording is really troublesome as usual.」

「Shut it.」

I have more confidence in my skill than average girls, so it might be a surprising game.

「Then, let’s go bowling.」

I took the lane application form and filled in only the name.

「You are really…」

「Can’t we?」

「Well, I don’t mind.」

With this, the bowling match between「senpai」VS「kouhai」had started.

# # #

We played 3 games, but all ended in my victory. Kinetic energy is proportional to the mass of the object and proportional to the square of the velocity. I won it with physics.

「Uhm, senpai?」


「We came here today to celebrate my birthday, right? I’m the guest, right?」

「Uh huh.」

「Can’t you let me win for once!」

「Well, it’s a match after all.」


「We don’t really bet on anything even if I win, right?」

Anyway, I will be the one who pays for today’s bill.

「I understand. Then let’s do that next, senpai.」

She took me to a photo booth without asking for my permission.

Maybe it was good because our photos increased by one.

* * *

When we got out of Round One, it was already dark.

We decided to eat a meal somewhere, bought a cake, and ate it at senpai’s home.

The shop we chose was like a Japanese cafe. A cafe where we can order rice.

It was moderately fashionable and the meal was delicious.

When we arrived at senpai’s house, his mother gave me a cup of tea.

I put my feet on a blanket like before in senpai’s room, turned off the light, put out candles and lit them.

「It’s a little late, but happy birthday, Kouhai-chan.」

「Thank you very much, senpai.」

* * *

After eating the cake, we leisurely had our tea until it was ten o’clock at night.

「Uhm, senpai.」

I need to give my thanks soon.

「Before that, can I ask you my『today’s question』?」


「Was it fun today, Kouhai-chan?」

Don’t ask that with such a serious face, senpai. Really…

「It’s unfair.」


「I was going to say that it was fun, thank you very much for today, but then senpai asked me that question. It’s unfair.」


「But, it’s true that it was fun.」

「Then I’m glad.」

「I’m happy that senpai celebrated it with me!」

Let’s pretend that I’m being a lot more honest than usual because it’s already late at night.

「Thank you very much.」

After that conversation, I was going to go home on my own. I was okay being on my own, but then.

「Hey, Keita? Are you going to let a girl walk home alone, this late at night? Take her home!」

Senpai’s mom scolded him, and he ended up accompanying me to my house.

We walked side by side on a dark road, under the stars that were beautiful.

「Taking a girl to her home late at night sounds like what a boyfriend will do, right?」

I was expecting him to answer me with ‘not really’, or ‘what are you even saying,’ but senpai’s answer was a little above my expectations.

「We’re not in that kind of relationship, yet.」

He whispered so as he averted his gaze from me, yet his tone was steady, unwavering.

I could only open and close my mouth, wanting to tease him at first but ended up having my ears turn a little hot. We ended up walking in silence under the streetlight, managing to give him my thanks when we arrived at my house.

The things I knew about my senpai 90

It seems like he is not “yet” my boyfriend.



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