Chapter 91


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Day 91

* * *


Maharun♪:Good morning

Maharun♪:And also, thank you for yesterday

After I woke up, I sent LINE messages to senpai.

He didn’t read it.

Maharun♪:Eh, senpai?

Maharun♪:You are still asleep? Seriously…

What time do you think it is? Hmph.

It’s already afternoon, okay? One o’clock.

Maharun♪:If you don’t wake up soon

Maharun♪:I’ll give you「today’s question」, you know?

Well, I don’t have any plan to ask senpai a question until he wakes up, though.

# # #

Saturday morning. A morning with no tests or school. A morning full of liberation.

…But it’s already noon now. I already feel hungry.

When I dazedly woke up in my warm blanket, I heard my smartphone rang in the corner of consciousness.

It’s not like I have completely woken up. Why does someone have to boorishly wake me up even though we finally have a day-off?

While I fell into a trance, my smartphone rang again.

This is definitely that. a LINE notification from Kouhai-chan.

…I can’t sleep again, eh?

The smartphone rang again as if laughing at my wish.

I don’t want to read it because I realized that I’ve said something really embarrassing yesterday. I don’t want to see her.

The unique LINE ringtone when a message arrived continued to ring. Only Kouhai-chan can send me LINE messages at this pace even though there is nothing she wants to say. No way. I want to sleep again. I want to lock myself into my blanket.

# # #

Six times, or seven times.

That’s how many times I tried to sleep again until I gave up and picked up my smartphone on my bedside. Last night, after sending Kouhai-chan home, I fell asleep right after I came home, so I also became afraid that I slept too much.

The time on the screen was around 13:00.

And in the notification column, there was a lot of LINE from Kouhai-chan, just as I expected.

Maharun♪:Can I do it?

The most recent message was that. What was she trying to do?

When I went to her chat log, I received an additional message.

Maharun♪:Ah, senpai. Good morning

How can she know that I already woke up? …Ah, there’s the read sign, huh. But then, she is really quick to respond. I’m surprised.

Iguchi Keita :Shut it. At least let me sleep after the final test ends.

Maharun♪:You slept a lot already, right?

Well, that’s right. I feel like I’ve slept for a couple of days.

Maharun♪:Well then

Maharun♪:Here’s my「today’s question」

She already wrote it when I read what she said above, so I expected this.

Iguchi Keita :Okay

Maharun♪:Here I come

Maharun♪:Senpai, do you want to have a call with me?

Kouhai-chan’s question was unexpected, so my head froze, still filled with a little sleepiness.

The smartphone that I held above me fell on my face. It was pretty painful.


I have to answer honestly as long as it is「today’s question」. In the first place, I don’t even know what I’m feeling, so how can I answer this.

Iguchi Keita :Maybe, I don’t not want it?


Maharun♪:Senpai wants to call me?


Call… Call, huh.

Iguchi Keita :I didn’t say that I want to

Iguchi Keita :But it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to


* * *

Yesterday, after senpai sent me back home, I looked back at our LINE chat log. Then I realized that senpai never called me first.

It was always from me.

That’s why, I wanted to have senpai call me first sometimes… even if I had to make him do it like this.

Iguchi Keita :Anyway, I remembered this when we talked about “call”

Even though I eagerly tried hard to make him call me, what came was not an incoming call from him, but another message from senpai.

Iguchi Keita :Ahh, no. I’ll make this my「today’s question」


I wonder what he would ask me at this kind of timing.

Iguchi Keita :Kouhai-chan, what is your phone number?

Senpai’s question was completely unexpected.

Maharun♪:Oh my, are you picking me up?

Iguchi Keita :That’s not it…

I was a little shocked, but I’m glad we are communicating via phone. With that, I was able to return it nicely.

Maharun♪:Well, since it’s today’s question, I will answer it

Maharun♪:It’s 070-xxxx-xxxx

Iguchi Keita :Okay, thanks

The next moment I sent it to senpai, the smartphone in my hand went dark and my ringtone started to ring.

「Yes, hello.」

「Hello, Kouhai-chan?」

I heard a voice that was a little different from him on the train and LINE call.

「Yes. By the way, why are you calling me here, senpai?」

He can just call me via LINE, yet why is he purposefully spending the phone bill to use this method?

「You are the one who pestered me to do so.」

「I’m not.」

「Then, you directed me.」

「Who is the one that follows the direction?」

「It’s me… no!」

There’s not a lot of noise, and the connection is not choppy, but senpai’s voice is different from usual. It’s making me uncomfortable.

Should I switch to the LINE? Let’s do so. That will surely calm me down.

# # #

When I was trying to explain why I asked for her phone number, she said this immediately.

「Umm. Senpai, I will hang up.」

She cut the call, and the pii, pii sounds reached my ears loudly.

Huh? Why did she hang up? Did her parents come in or what?

When I was tilting my head in confusion, the LINE ringtone rang. It was a call from Kouhai-chan.

「Excuse me. I’m just switching to LINE.」

「Well, it’s fine. This doesn’t take phone bill anyway.」

「That’s right. Since we have a free call, why are you calling me normally?」


「Err, how can I say this? Our ways to contact each other is only LINE, right?」


「In short, won’t it be the end when LINE blow off?」

「Did it ever blows off before?」

「It’s just a ‘what-if’ story. Anyway, I just want to have some other means of communication with you.」

「Hmm. Do you mean that you want to increase your connection with me, senpai?」

If we have to conclude it very simply, well, that’s true.

「In the end, you are picking me up, aren’t you? Senpai.」


Well, I said something like,「I don’t want to get separated from you even if an unexpected situation occurred.」I couldn’t refute her, since she wasn’t wrong.

But there was no reason for me to stay silent. I chose to counterattack. Even if I called it a counterattack, it was closer to suicide.

「You said all that, yet you’re not unhappy to hear my reason, right?」


「You sound livelier. Even more than usual.」

Kouhai-chan who was on the other side of the telephone call must have a red face now. Her reply sounds embarrassed as if she squeezed them out.

「…That’s not true.」

The things I knew about my senpai 91

He gave me his cell phone number.



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