Chapter 92


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Day 92

 # # #

After hanging up with Kouhai-chan.

My tension somewhat went up, and I ended up playing games all day long. I think it was because the test finally ended. I don’t really know.

I ate my dinner and took a bath, when I noticed that the date was about to change.

Although it has been a while since I relaxed this much, I might have immersed myself too much. Well, tomorrow was also a holiday, so it’s fine. It’s not good to break up my life rhythm too much, so I’m going to sleep now.

When I was ready for bed, it was already midnight. I dove into my blanket, wrapped it around me firmly, and felt my body warming up even if my feet would still be cold, until my phone on my bedside rang.

The melody was a little different than I always hear. That brat… no, that maiden? Well, leaving that aside, why did she bother to make a phone call?

「Good night.」

At the moment I put the screen to my ear, I said that immediately.

「Senpai, good eve… eh, that’s cruel!!」

「No, I was already going to sleep. Good night.」

In fact, I felt a little sleepy. Anyway, my eyes are blurry after playing games too much.

So I said that, and hung up.

 * * *

I waited until the date changed, and I called senpai.

He hung me up right away. Ahaha…

The sound of the cut call resounded from the smartphone I was holding.

I was stupefied for a while.

When I noticed it, my smartphone rang. It was a LINE call ringtone. On the screen, the name was「senpai」.

「I hate you so much.」

The reason why I muttered something strange must be senpai’s fault. I’m sure of it.

「Nn? I couldn’t hear you.」

「It’s nothing.」


It seems like he didn’t hear it.

「Then, what happened? Why are you calling me in the middle of night?」

「Before that, can I ask something?」

In some cases, I will have to ask questions before using the「today’s question」.

「Why are you suddenly hanging up on me? Even though I called you first.」

「Eh? Ah, well.」

Senpai sounded a little surprised, and answered with this.

「I told you yesterday, but phone call will cost us phone bill, right?」

So that’s why he switched with LINE, I see.

But, senpai.

「Er, senpai, I’m using Kake Houdai, though.」[1. It seems like it’s a name of service from Docomo. Someone can call freely after paying a monthly bill.]


「That’s why, it’s okay for me to call your phone number, you know?」

「I never knew that.」

「Yes, I never said it after all.」

「Don’t ask me to become an esper…」

「That’s why, I can call senpai to my heart’s content♪」

「You don’t have to do that.」


I suddenly noticed that I was puffing my cheeks.

「I will call you in my free time, so please refrain from calling me too much.」

「Yes, yes.」

 # # #

「Then, why are you calling me in the middle of night?」

Even though I called her back on LINE, it didn’t really have any meaning. Oh well.

「No, I don’t really have something to say.」

「Then why are you even calling me?」

It feels new, listening to Kouhai-chan’s voice while rolling on my blanket before going to sleep.

「It’s a lie. I have something to say.」


「Uhm. Do you want to go out and play tomorrow, senpai? Ah, it’s already today.」

She forcibly pulled me around at first, but after we got along this much, she invited me while taking my feelings into consideration. It felt a little strange that I couldn’t help but to laugh.

No, maybe it was because I had become softer on her. If she invited me like this three months ago, I’m sure that I would say that I want to play games or study, staying at home.

「? What happened, senpai?」

「No, nothing. Let’s go. Where do you want to go?」

「I haven’t thought about that.」


The person who suggested it should be the one who had the general idea about where to go, right?

Well, maybe she just casually felt like going out to play suddenly.

In this case, I should rely on random stimuli. Let’s investigate what anniversary happened today, December 17th.

「But we want to go out and play, huh. Hmm…」

My browser loaded the webpage while there was no response from Kouhai-chan. Let’s see.

「Well, it seems like today is Airplane Day. The Wright Brothers were flying for the first time at this date.」

「What about it?」

Somehow, I felt like her voice was shaking.

「I just thought that it will be an idea.」

Airplane… Airport… Uhm…

「Ah, senpai. Can I ask my『today’s question』?」

「What is it?」

「Senpai, did you ever take an airplane before?」

It has been a while since she asked me a question that I could answer with only yes or no

「No, never.」

Even if I need to go far away, it’s only around the range that I can reach by Shinkansen.

「How about Kouhai-chan, did you ever take an airplane?『Today’s question』.」

「Sometimes, when I went to see Onii-chan.」

Speaking of which, she told me before that her brother was at the local university, right?

When I heard her slightly sleepy voice saying「Onii-chan」, my heart was pounding for a second. I concealed my agitation, and proposed.

「Airplane, huh… How about going to an airport?」

「Huh? Can we get tickets at this kind of time?」

What the heck are you saying, senpai? I can hear her tone implying that.

「No, I know. If we ride an airplane, we won’t be able to go to school at Monday, right?」

「Ah, that?」

「And also, of course I don’t have enough money to buy the tickets.」

「Well, that’s true.」

「What? Do you want to go and travel with me that much?」

I’m not aware of it, but my tone has become higher somehow.

「…It’s not like I don’t want to go.」

Kouhai-chan also sounds embarrassed, so I won because I managed to injure her.

 * * *

「Airport… Hee, there’s hangar study trip tour, you know.」

After talking about airplanes, Senpai started investigating about airports.

「But it’s popular… Let’s check it for the time being.」

「Study field tour?」

「We can go to see the plane which is under maintenance.」

It sounds like what a boy will like.

「Oh? Ha? Ah, uhm…」

Senpai raised a strange voice, then I heard a camera roll sound, with an image sent to my LINE.

「December 17, Sunday, 14:30~. There are only two tickets left.」

「Then we have to go here.」


A few minutes after I heard some typing sound.

「I really got it… Then, let’s meet tomorrow at Haneda Airport.」

「Uhm, senpai.」


「Let’s eat lunch together.」

 # # #

The day passed, and it was now the next day.

After we met up and had our lunch, we went to the new maintenance station together. It seemed like this region was where they were maintaining things.

Before getting down to the hangar, they first guided us to the exhibition area. It feels a little like a museum, with uniforms for flight attendants and models of airline aircraft from a long time ago lined up as the display.

The centerpiece here seems to be the uniform experience corner. We can wear cabin attendant and pilot uniforms, like a cosplay, but we can put it on and take a commemorative photo.


Kouhai-chan turns around, holding her back with Velcro.

「Am I cute?」

It looks like a regular school uniform, only the red scarf makes it look slightly different. She also tied her hair quickly, looking at me with upturned eyes. How unfair.

「Yes, yes. Cute, very cute.」

「Senpai is also cool~」

I’m just wearing a pilot’s uniform and wearing a cap.

Don’t say that in a point blank range, since I will get embarrassed.

 * * *

We saw how an airplane can fly, the company, various stories, and exhibitions.

In the end, the most interesting thing was teasing senpai.

It seems that we finally head to the hangar after leaving the exhibition room. When we pulled out our helmet and passed through the double door, there was a space with a very high ceiling. The floor was made of concrete, and the scale was many times larger than the school gymnasium.

「How wide… Or rather, it’s large…」

The eyes of senpai who was standing next to me are sparkling. He is a boy after all~

There are several airplanes in the hangar, scaffolds around, and mechanics that are currently moving around.

「Wahh, amazing. There sure are a lot of engines, eh?」

Looking at how senpai was satisfied, I also felt somewhat satisfied.

So senpai could also get this excited about other things than books, eh.

As we opened the door on the runway side of the hangar, I could see the airplane taking off and landing in the sunset sky.

「If you like, how about taking a commemorative photo at the same time when the plane takes off?」

It was exactly sunset time, so it definitely would look pretty, the guide said.

「Senpai, let’s take a photo?」

Both of us stand in the hangar, turning our eyes towards the lens of the smartphone that the guide was holding.

「Ah, the plane is taking off! Okay, cheese!」

It was a little interesting when I showed senpai the photo we took, he commented that,「Both of us looked like we were having the best fun in their lives.」

The things I knew about my senior 92

It seems like he has never taken a plane before.



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