Chapter 93


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# # #

There is still class next Monday.

Since the last time we had class was one week ago, then next Monday would be the first time I commute to school with Kouhai-chan after a week. Wow.

It has been a while since I took the same train with Kouhai-chan. It feels wrong, and makes me uncomfortable. Well, we’re still meeting up, but that’s it.

Today, except for physical education, we will get back our test answers. I just have to look at my score, check if there are any scoring mistakes, and consider what I didn’t remember and how I could solve it.


While thinking about that, Kouhai-chan also came today.

It’s cold today too. A scarf is tightly wrapped around her neck.

「Good morning~♪」


「It has been a while, eh.」

It seems like Kouhai-chan is in a good mood for some reason.

「We just met yesterday, right?」

She shook her index finger. How cute.

「It’s about commuting to school with senpai.」

So she had the same thought as me, huh. Really.

「Ah, that’s right.」

「How cruel. Can’t you be more enthusiastic about it senpai?」

「We took the same train together yesterday after all.」


The train arrived as we talked about such a whimsical thing.

* * *

When I settled myself at the usual position, senpai yawned.

「After the test ends, it sure feels relaxed, eh.」

「I want it to become winter vacation soon.」

「No, don’t you want to have your test back?」



Well, senpai is that kind of person, eh.

「I don’t really care about the score? It’s not like we are failing anyway.」

My brother told me that the results of each test won’t be returned at the university.

If high school also did so, the vacation will be longer. I can play a lot.

「I don’t care about the score itself, but won’t you become worried whether you make a mistake somewhere?」

「On the contrary, I feel more interested in the score.」

I think senpai will also care about the score. How unexpected.

「I can predict my score since I solved the test myself, and there will only be two and three points of difference. But the problem is if I end up getting the answer wrong even if I think I did, and getting the answer right for questions I couldn’t solve before.」


「I can understand if it’s only for your favourite subject, but… Senpai, do you do it for all subjects?」

Senpai averted his gaze for a moment, and then returned back to me.

「I do it for all subjects. Also, I came up with something just now. Can I ask my『today’s question』?」


I wonder what.

「Kouhai-chan, what is your favourite subject?」

「It sounds like a question that will pop up in a profile, eh.」

It’s a question that won’t sound strange if we asked it in the first ten days after we started talking.

It seemed like I forgot about it until now.

「I haven’t asked that, right?」

「I don’t remember telling you.」

We talked about P.E. event, but not anything in a larger scope than that.

「Then, what do you like?」

「Nn, it won’t be interesting if I just answer it immediately, so please try to guess it, senpai.」


Fufu. This might become interesting.

「Like I said, try to guess it. You have talked with me for a semester, so you should be able to predict it, right?」

「Haa… In the first place, what subjects do the first years have?」

「It doesn’t need to be high school subjects, you know? Senpai can guess it from what I liked until now.」


「It doesn’t have a test, so it’s not counted.」

Won’t it be too easy to answer that just because I’m in the art club? Well, it’s not like I hate it. In fact, I think it’s interesting.

# # #


When I asked her a question, she told me to guess the answer. How could I know.

I answered with ‘Art’, but she answered with ‘Not counted’. Playing it safe is no good after all.


Her hobby is human observation, but she doesn’t read many books.

She can get along with anyone including me, laugh a lot, always tease me, and also a little mean. Guessing her favourite subject, huh. That’s right…

If you go with the most reasonable choice, it’s probably Japanese language, since people can like Japanese language even if they don’t really read books… But someone can get high scores in that subject even without studying that much, so from her point of view, it’s more like she is “good at” it.

On the other hand, she wouldn’t like those subjects that need repeated memorization. But History is talking about humans’ story involving humans, so she might be good at it as well.


I realized that「good at」something and「liking」something might actually be the same.

I basically have high scores for almost all subjects, so I don’t have the concept of “good at” a specific thing in me. Well, I only need to use a little effort on my favourite subject, so maybe that’s what I’m good at.

But for Kouhai-chan, these two must be clearly separated.



When Kouhai-chan pokes my shoulder, her face is about 10cm in front of me. Too close.

「You are thinking about it too much, you know? Why are you daydreaming in front of this cute kouhai in front of you?」

「Yes, yes. Cute, very cute.」

「I’m not talking about that.」

Well, then let’s try on my first choice.

「Is it Japanese Language?」

「I don’t like memorizing kanji or those four word idioms, but I like reading comprehension. Bingo!」

She added.

「By the way, this is also my『today’s question』for senpai…」

Well, I’m sure she already knows the answer, so let’s just say it.

「What is senpai’s favourite subject?」

It’s already decided.

「Japanese Language.」


* * *

「But then, senpai sure knows well what my favourite subject is, eh.」

When I said this as we got off the train, senpai acted a little proud and said:

「How many months do you think I’ve been seeing you?」

But he didn’t answer me immediately, though. Well, that’s fine.

「It only has been three months, right? Stupid senpai.」

Although not a long time has passed, we’ve been talking a lot.

As I said that jokingly, senpai replied to me with something ridiculous.

「Since I said “seeing”, it has been nine months, right? This little devil kouhai.」


I hoped he didn’t see me open and close my mouth in shock.

The things I knew about my senior 93

His favorite subject seems to be Japanese.



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