Chapter 94


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Day 94

# # #

「Hey, morning.」

「Good morning.」

We got our test back in the third period yesterday.

I lined up at the platform next to Kouhai-chan. My study time was certainly reduced by her, but the score did not decrease. Well, I might have studied too much so far, who knows.

Aside from that, there is nothing particularly special today except for getting our test back again.


I unintentionally yawned.

「Senpai is sleepy as usual, eh.」

「What’s with that ‘as usual’? I’m not sleepy at the test period.」

It’s the truth.

I slept for seven hours. I am not sleepy at all.

「But you also yawned yesterday, senpai. For me who was watching you everyday, it’s a common occurrence.」

「Anyway, I’m not that sleepy too right now.」

「Yes, yes.」

She is looking at me as if she is seeing something pitiful.

「I’m being serious.」

Since I am riding a bicycle in the middle of the winter coldness, I won’t be that sleepy.

It was just because I was talking to kouhai-chan, I got too relaxed.


The train arrived.

We got in as it is, and I faced Kouhai-chan as usual at the usual position.

I yawned again, immersing myself in the warm air of the train.

「What happened to you, senpai? You suddenly become this relaxed.」

「The test is already over, and my score this time is not that bad, so well…」

Maybe I had been tense before, so it felt as if I had let go of all those heavy feelings.

「Then, let’s talk normally.」

「I don’t understand what you mean by that, but sure. What should we talk about?」

「Who knows?」

「What’s with that…」

Please provide a topic responsibly since you are the one who proposed it.

「Look, senpai is addicted to reading, right? Don’t you have any interesting stories?」

It’s true that I have been reading web novels since I went home from school yesterday, and I also started reading several new works.

But there’s no way those interesting stories would sound interesting for Kouhai-chan.



「There’s none.」

Stop being that unreasonable already.

* * *


I thought he would have at least something to tell me if I asked him.


When I gave up and was about to ask a proper question, it seemed like senpai found something.

「Izu Oshima Island Festival, huh.」

Following senpai’s line of sight, there was a flyer with a red camellia flower on it.

「It’s spring, right?」

「Ah, the thing I’m reacting to is not that.」


「It’s Izu Oshima.」

Really, this proves that he is really senpai.

I don’t need a bouquet as a surprise gift, but girls like flowers after all, you know?

Well, fine.


「I just got interested in it because I went there when I was in the middle school.」

「But Izu Oshima Island is far away, right?」

「It’s pretty close, though? You can arrive there with a jet ship in only an hour or so.」

Hee, so it’s that near.

「Let’s go there sometime in the future.」

「Eh? With me?」

「Who said that I’ll go with senpai?」

…Well, I also didn’t say that I wouldn’t go with senpai.

# # #

Seriously, she always made me feel nervous.

「Yes, yes. Who cares about that. Let’s go back to our topic about spring.」

「Ah? Are you embarrassed?」

「I’m not.」


I’m being honest, okay. I forcibly changed the subject.

「Isn’t spring still a little too far from now?」

There was an image that bloomed in the midwinter when the cold weather became severe.

Did the persimmons have their flowers scattered and the sasanqua have their flowers scattered one petal at a time?

「They put it like that because it’s a trip in this kind of season, right?」

Certainly, there was「January 1st~」written there. I didn’t think there were people who were going to travel on New Years.

…If I replied randomly, our conversation could turn into a strange direction.

「I see.」

That’s why, I replied with the safest of the safest answers.

「By the way, senpai, this is my『today’s question』.」

「Come on.」

Don’t ask something that will turn this in the wrong direction.

「Senpai, what is your favourite flower?」

I didn’t know if my unusual prayer reached her, or if she read the atmosphere, but the topic became normal anyway.

「Flower, huh? I never thought about what my favourite one is.」

Not at all.

「Senpai answered with something similar when I asked about the color, eh.」

「You remembered well.」

「It’s something about senpai after all.」


Now that she said that, I also remembered it. At that time, she asked me to mention the colors of the items around me, right?

「But it’s impossible to do it like that for flowers, right?」

「You’re right.」

Kouhai-chan put her finger on her chin, then proposed.

「Senpai, your favourite season is spring, right?」


「You can decide on your favourite flower from what is blooming in your favourite season. Tell me what flower comes to your mind.」

Kouhai-chan brought her fist closer to my mouth as if it was a microphone, encouraging me.

* * *


When I noticed it, senpai’s face was closer than usual. This felt a little embarrassing.

Senpai pondered for a while, then finally gave me an answer.

「Maybe cherry blossom?」

「The template answer?」

「No, it’s just that I like the color.」

Well, “cherry blossom color” is pretty famous too.

「Then, won’t that make your favourite color pink?」

「No, that’s different. There’s no blue flower too.」

「I think there’s blue rose these days.」

「That’s anthocyanin purple. It’s still far from pure blue.」

「Then… How about Persian speedwell?」

I tried saying blue flowers that came to my mind. That one was also blooming in the spring.

「Hmm, that’s quite… well, I think I don’t hate it.」

Since it’s small, maybe it’s a little plain.

「Senpai really likes blue, eh.」

「In the end, we are talking about that again!?」

「So you’re fine with any flower? I’m sorry.」

「Then don’t ask me anymore.」

「But you’re bored anyway, right?」

「…Well, yeah.」

Somehow, I managed to make it my victory nicely.

「Then, here’s my『today’s question』for Kouhai-chan too.」

「Yes, what is it?」

「What’s Kouhai-chan’s favourite flower?」

I was already prepared with my answer, so I answered him immediately.

「It’s Pansy.」


Senpai made a bitter face for the second time today.

「I also like ones that have yellow and black on it.」

「I don’t understand people’s preferences.」

「Also, they are usually growing on the flowerbed, so I often see them.」

In that sense, Persian speedwell had a bit of a disadvantage. I couldn’t see it without looking around the grass.

# # #

「Ah, you’re right. There are also many opportunities to see cherry blossoms.」

When I randomly said something like that, Kouhai-chan attacked.

「Do you want to go and see them?」

「It’s December now, are you sane?」

「Fufufu, it’s a joke, senpai♪」

Seriously. She is really a tease.

The things I knew about my senpai 94

His favourite flower seems to be cherry blossoms.



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