Chapter 95


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Editor: Ryuunakama

# # #

Iguchi Keita :By the way, I forgot to say this


After going home with a relaxed air after only spending my day in school with the test returned, I remembered that I had to tell her something, so I started LINE on my tablet.

And as usual, Kouhai-chan responds quickly. She already read it in seconds.

Iguchi Keita :My class is at third period tomorrow

Maharun♪:Ehh, that’s unfair

Iguchi Keita :Well, we’re following the teacher’s whim

The classes for the first and second period are canceled because some classes haven’t got their tests back yet. Isn’t this the best? I can sleep a lot.

Maharun♪:It can’t be helped then

Iguchi Keita :With that, I will go later than usual tomorrow

Maharun♪:Roger that

Iguchi Keita :Don’t be lonely and cry even if I’m not there, okay?

It’s okay for me to tease her sometimes, right?

Maharun♪:Who is the one who is lonely?

Iguchi Keita :Ehh


Iguchi Keita :Of course it’s Kouhai-chan?

Maharun♪:Isn’t that senpai?

Both sides denied it at the same time.

Iguchi Keita :Eh?



Iguchi Keita :I’m not lonely

Maharun♪:Me too

After a long time, I could read a book on the morning train. Last week, even though there was no Kouhai-chan, it was before the exam, so I looked at notes and summaries.

I was standing in the same position as usual, but for some reason, I couldn’t calm down.

* * *

Today was the last class day before the winter vacation.

There was nothing to do anymore at the sixth hour, so everyone in the class went to karaoke, making a ruckus, and then went back to their home.

It suddenly came to my mind.

It was a shame that I couldn’t meet senpai today.

But we can at least contact each other via LINE.

When I open the app with that in my mind, I feel a little embarrassed after seeing the conversations from that night. …Uu.


Iguchi Keita :What is it? How unusual

Usually I would send the LINE message a little later.

But it’s not like I can only LINE him at that period of time anyway.

Maharun♪:I haven’t given my「today’s question」

Iguchi Keita :Well, we certainly haven’t met each other today

Maharun♪:It’ll be troublesome if the date passed

Iguchi Keita :It’s not troublesome for me, though


Maharun♪:Then, I will ask the question just before the date changes.

Iguchi Keita :What’s with that harrasment?

Senpai usually just goes along with my「question」and matches it with mine, after all.

Maharun♪:I’m just feeling like doing that today, you know?

Iguchi Keita :I got it, sorry

Iguchi Keita :Okay, give me the question

Maharun♪:Ehh, don’t wanna

Iguchi Keita :Haa.

But then, I already prepared my question.

It’s a waste not to ask them.

Maharun♪:Yesterday, we talked about flowers, right?

Maharun♪:So I researched about something with that on mind

Iguchi Keita :What?

Maharun♪:Senpai’s birth flower


Iguchi Keita :Birth flower? Somehow, it sounds like something really scholarly

Iguchi Keita :I don’t even know my own birth flower


Maharun♪:Senpai’s birthday is October 27th

Maharun♪:It’s Lantana

Iguchi Keita :I never heard that flower before

I’m fully prepared today, senpai.

Maharun♪:[You sent an image.]

Maharun♪:It’s this flower


Iguchi Keita :Hoo.

Iguchi Keita :It looks like hydrangea

Maharun♪:By the way, the flower language is「strict」

Maharun♪:It’s perfect for senpai♪

There’s one more meaning, but I won’t tell him

Iguchi Keita :Am I that strict?

Iguchi Keita :Really?

Maharun♪:You’re straight-laced

Maharun♪:It’s extraordinary

Iguchi Keita :Haa.

# # #

My birth flower is a mysterious flower called「Lantana」. I really never heard of it before.

Plus, the flower language is「strict」, you say?

When Kouhai-chan told me that, I felt like it resembled me so much. Just what kind of story has this turned into?

Ignoring my LINE notifications, I open my computer to investigate more about Lantana. It’s my habit when I’m encountering a word I don’t know.

The Japanese name is Shichihenge. Hee.


Just like what Kouhai-chan said, the flower language is「strict」. But there’s another meaning.

Eh? Hmm? Seriously?

For most people, having someone telling them that they’re “kind of like this” will make them feel like they’re “kind of this.” But isn’t this a bit too suiting for me?

Well, let’s just leave it at that for now.

I paused our LINE conversation, but we haven’t talked about Kouhai-chan’s birth flower. I want to tease her with her flower language if possible. Let’s examine them too.

Hmm. December 12 is…

Iguchi Keita :Yours is Den-Phal

Maharun♪:Ah, senpai, you searched it up

Maharun♪:Yeah. Just what is this flower?

I don’t really know much about flowers. It seems like the full name is Dendrobium Phalaenopsis.

Iguchi Keita :It’s friends with orchid

Iguchi Keita :Run away

Maharun♪:Just what are you saying, senpai…

Iguchi Keita :The flower language is「selfish beauty」

I type that it’s perfect for her, but I stop my finger.

If I leave it with this, it’ll definitely lead to trouble soon.

Iguchi Keita :It’s the selfish part, okay? The selfish part.

I’m sure that she’ll turn the situation around if I don’t do this, so I’ll emphasize it.

…It’s not like she’s not a beauty. But I absolutely won’t say it.

Maharun♪:I don’t think I’m that selfish these days

Iguchi Keita :…Well, yeah

Compared to her in September, she’s much less「unreasonable」now.

Maybe it’s because I already get used to her?

Uwahh. It’s frustrating, so I’ll make sure not to say anything.

* * *

Maharun♪:Ah, it’s already 11 PM

Maharun♪:Senpai, are you sleeping late today?

Iguchi Keita :Dunno

I wonder just how his schedule is. He doesn’t even know when he’ll sleep.

Oh well. Let’s ask today’s question soon.

Maharun♪:Here’s「today’s question」for senpai

Iguchi Keita :Ah, I forgot about that. Sure

Maharun♪:How’s your test result?

I’m pretty worried about this.

I have been dragging him around in various ways. It would make me feel a bit guilty if his grades have dropped because of me.

Iguchi Keita :What?

Iguchi Keita :Eh, ah, sorry

Iguchi Keita :You’re asking that?

Maharun♪:I’m asking that

Maharun♪:Come on, please answer me properly

Iguchi Keita :No, I’m okay with telling you, but…

It’s just like senpai. He’s panicking at weird things.

Iguchi Keita :It’s mostly like the usual. Don’t worry, really

Iguchi Keita :Maybe I’ll get A for most of them

Iguchi Keita :But I won’t know before the parent-teacher talk

Maharun♪:Then it’s a relief

Iguchi Keita :What? You’re really worried?

Maharun♪:Well, just a bit

Iguchi Keita :Hee

What’s with that reaction, uh…

Iguchi Keita :Then how’s Kouhai-chan test?

Iguchi Keita :Ah, it’s today’s question

Maharun♪:It might be impossible to get A for everything

Maharun♪:But maybe I did better than the first semester

Iguchi Keita :Your study efficiency is really good

Iguchi Keita :I’m envious


Maharun♪:I’m fine if senpai wants to follow after me, okay?

Iguchi Keita :I want to have better grades

Maharun♪:Yes, yes

Maharun♪:I get it

Senpai is「brilliant」after all.

Maharun♪:You’re strict with yourself too, huh


# # #

Eh, she’s bringing that up again.

But if she’s doing that, I can do that too. Let’s show my cool side and determination to prepare for tomorrow.

Iguchi Keita :It’s not like I’m always strict


Iguchi Keita :Even I can have「a change of mind」

Lantana’s flower language is strict, cooperative, agreement, and a change of mind.

The strict me agrees with Kouhai-chan. We start to walk in cooperation. Eventually, I changed my mind.

Just who’s the person who makes this kind of gimmick in my life?

Things I know about my senpai 95

It seems like he won’t stay strict. Ehehe.



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