Chapter 96

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# # #

「From now, we will start the closing ceremony for 2017’s second semester.」

All of the students gathered in the auditorium as the vice-president declared this, and the last event before the winter vacation began.

This time, as a student council president, there is a special task in front of me. It’s convenient, nice and comfortable, but it’s troublesome that I have to act proper.

In the first place, the closing ceremony itself is troublesome.

What makes me sad is that I have to come to school in the morning, listen to the headmaster’s story, and then get thrown out before noon. Well, I feel that the principal’s story is 50% interesting so I’m not that bored. But if it’ll soon be the winter vacation, I just want to get the day off now.

But then, there is something more important today than that.


When the closing ceremony is over, there will be a student meeting. I’m going to start the student general meeting and change some school rules that are out of date.

For the time being, I have completed making necessary arrangements. As a student council, I went around all the homerooms at lunchtime and had the revised proposal posted on the bulletin board. It is an official one with the student council’s seal and the vice president’s seal on it. This should be well known now. But then, of course everyone is not interested. Anyway, even if it doesn’t get enough publicity, it’s not like I have to assemble everyone’s voice to revise the school regulations, and it would be irrelevant to raise adversity.

Rather than being anxious about whether the vote will go well, I’m more nervous that I will speak in front of all of the students as I listen to the principal’s story.

Because it was just before the winter vacation, he was giving a normal speech about working for another year after the New Year. Normally, I would be so bored that sleepiness might have attacked me, but let’s say that I was able to organize my head properly today.

# # #

「This is the end of the closing ceremony for 2017’s second semester. Next, there is a speech from the student council, so please don’t stand up from your seat yet.」

Wait, vice president. Shouldn’t you say that we will hold a student general meeting now? Well, that’s what I should say, though.

As I got up from the front row seat, Idezuka who somehow sat next to me whispered「Do your best, ok?」. Shut up. I’m not happy to hear that from you.

I exchanged a glance with student council members who I have been in close contact with over the past few months, and then stood up to the podium and stood in front of the microphone used by the vice president before.

My eyes met with Kouhai-chan’s who was sitting in First Year Class A front row. Your surname starts with「Yo」 , right? Just sit in the back. Why are you sitting in the very front…

It seemed like she noticed my gaze, as she tried to move her mouth, trying to say something to me. Hm?


Ahh, 「do your best」?

The moment I understood her message, Kouhai-chan gave me a wink. Cute, but I’ll ignore her. I have a task. Even though I had my full concentration now, what was she doing?

「Good afternoon, everyone.」

Sure enough, my voice was shaking. I cleared my throat as a pause to calm myself down. On the other hand, it seems like everyone is not interested and I’m not attracting any attention, but I am not used to speaking in front of this many people.

「I’m Iguchi, the student council president. I know many people want to go home early, but please give me a little time. Well then… 」

Here, I made a pause once, and then declared.

「From now on, we will hold a general meeting of students. Although the agenda was posted, the proposal for『School Regulation’s Revision』was made by me, the student council president. I will give you an overview.」

In the first place, the revision itself was my selfishness, so I said I would explain it, but the secretary was the one who did it. It seems that she wouldn’t yield her task. I thought it was a strange obsession, though.

「First of all, about Article 71…」

When I heard her, I felt that it was definitely better for her to read them rather than me.

「The reason for the revision is…」

She doesn’t bite her tongue, and I can see that she has prepared the manuscript properly. Thank you so much.

「Finally, Article 51. This article does not allow students to have relationships with the opposite sex, but from the standpoint of respecting the diversity of sexual values ​​and the right to self-determination, this rule does not fit our era. There were several opinions within the student council, so the revised draft decided to remove Article 51.」

Yup, yup.

It was an established plan with corrections from the vice principal and the student council members. There should be no problem in content.

In other words, from the beginning, it was only necessary to change just Article 51 since it was what I promised with Kouhai-chan. Somehow, I did my best and worked hard for my future kouhais as well.

「We will accept questions before moving to the vote. If you have any questions, please raise your hand.」

Well, there won’t be anyone who asks questions in front of all the students. Even if there were actually any, it’s not decided that I will be the one who answered it.

Was it clear that I was thinking that? Contrary to the relaxed atmosphere, someone who sat in the front seat of the auditorium raised their hand straight.


There was a voice that I heard every morning. The one who raised their hand was of course, Kouhai-chan.

* * *

I got up from my seat and received a microphone from the student council member.

「Uhm, Student Council President, I have a question.」

I told him that I would help him. Yet in the end, he didn’t share the work with me at all.

Ah, but it was fun going around the classrooms and putting the prints up together during the lunch break.

However, I would have a little revenge, senpai.

「Using this opportunity, I’m asking a question today.」

Once I said ‘a question today’, senpai frowned and snatched the microphone from the person who sat beside him.


Fufufu, he had a strange face. He must be thinking that he was in big trouble, right?

I already said that it’s「today’s question」. He had to answer my next question no matter what.

「Senpai, do you have someone you like?」

Everyone around us complained about having the speech over soon and didn’t listen to us. Tomorrow, winter break will start. It should be okay for me to ask this, right?

Right, senpai?


It seemed like senpai had the same thought as me. Without any hesitation, he answered my question smoothly. That’s wise.

Well, I was asking him seriously, though.

But one of the student council members who stood in front looked at senpai with widened eyes. Haa. As I thought, it’s pretty embarrassing.

「I understand. Thank you very much.」

Senpai’s ears were slightly red, probably due to embarrassment. While thinking that he was a bit cute, I sat down on my seat.

* * *

After that, the majority of people approved the revision. This school approved romance once it was applied

Just three months later… It was shorter than what I expected.

As I immersed myself in such emotions, my smartphone vibrated, signalling that I received a message.

Iguchi Keita :Youuuuuuu

Iguchi Keita :I won’t forgive you

Now then, let’s think about how to reply to his LINE first.

The things I knew about my senpai 96

He properly kept his promise, even if it was hard to achieve.


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