Chapter 97

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Day 97

# # #

Well, I had a terrible day yesterday.

I was betrayed by Kouhai-chan at the last minute.

No, I wasn’t betrayed. She was deluding me, maybe? Or just teasing me?

There was no actual harm, but then… I didn’t think she would tease me in such a place.

I finally really understand that I shouldn’t be too distracted in front of Kouhai-chan. But then, I’m sure that I’ve been too relaxed recently, so there were many chances she could exploit…

But using my weak point in front of all of the students to make me say something like that was really unexpected…

Fortunately, there weren’t many people listening to us, so I made the fastest answer with the least shaking in my tone to get through the situation with the least amount of damage, but when I glanced at my class row, Idezuka was laughing. Don’t be silly. I also inquired a little bit to Kouhai-chan. Seriously, what was she doing?

「A question today」, she really prepared it well, huh. There was no unnaturalness, but it was also pushing it too much for a polite speech.

Somehow, I answered Kouhai-chan’s question seriously without being sneaky or cheating, and kept my promise with her.

…I was thinking about her and my relationship with her properly, eh.

It should be 11 AM now, right?

The sun is already very high in the sky, but there is no school at all and it’s cold outside. I was still wrapped in my blanket.

The LINE call ringtone rang from my smartphone I placed at the bedside.

It was Kouhai-chan.

「Good morning~」

「You… You really did it yesterday…」

I inquired about it via LINE already, but I didn’t get a very satisfactory answer after all.

「Senpai, let’s have a date!」

I was ignored.

「We’re meeting up at the usual station at 12 o’clock. You can’t be late, okay?」

「Hey, don’t decide things on your own. I’m still inside my blanket.」

Plus, I was still in my pajamas.

「I know that much. Senpai, you’re still a sleepyhead.」


「Then, it’s decided.」

Once I tried to raise my voice in protest, Kouhai-chan cut off the call. She’s really…

In the end, I hurriedly changed my clothes and left the house in a fluster.

It’s been a while since she played me like this, huh.

* * *

Since yesterday, my school no longer「banned relationships between opposite gender」.

In other words, senpai was no longer in a ban on romantic relationships. Yay.

I thought I would invite him to play before other people took him away, but he didn’t even read my LINE as usual.

I helplessly called him. Then I heard senpai’s slightly hoarse voice from my smartphone.

Just like usual, he was still sleeping. Fufufu.

Then I invited senpai to go out and play with me, but now that I realized what I said, it’s pretty embarrassing.

I ended up deciding the meeting time randomly without asking for senpai’s consent.

# # #

「You’re psyched up, eh?」

I’d become accustomed to seeing Kouhai-chan in casual clothes. Even so, she was even cuter than usual.

「This is a date after all.」

Kouhai-chan said with slightly reddened cheeks. She then turned away from me in a huff.

「Yes, yes. You’re really cute.」

I only answered her with a helpless response, but Kouhai-chan was silent. She grabbed my left hand and walked on the station concourse.


「It’ll be troubling if I lose senpai. I’ll specially hold your hand for you!」

Like an owner who pulled her pet dog that didn’t move easily, Kouhai-chan pulled me with her right hand and walked steadily. As for me, I couldn’t understand the situation at all and let her pull me along.

Why were we holding hands? I guess it’s because Kouhai-chan grabbed my hand?

No, wait. This situation was strange. I only remembered that we were holding hands sometime during the “crazy conversation”. But at that time, we held hands with our fingers intertwined.

And we already came to this station many times. Rather, it was my home ground. Even if it was winter holiday season, today was a weekday. We wouldn’t lose each other.

It would be easy to shake Kouhai-chan’s hand away with that reasoning, but…

Glancing at her, I could see from her profile that she was happy. I decided to let her pull me like this. It wasn’t because her slightly cold hand was comfortable.

* * *

It seemed like senpai left his house without eating breakfast, so I decided to have lunch with him first. For senpai, it should be a brunch.

I physically pulled senpai to an Italian restaurant I had in mind since a long time ago..

「You’re really forceful.」

「But senpai, you’re okay with being forced by me like this, right?」



When I realized it, senpai’s hand was also grabbing on mine.

「W-well, it’s already fine, right?」

It’s not like we could keep holding hands when entering the store. Since it couldn’t be helped, I released his hand.

「Then, what’s with this place? This is the first time I came here.」

I would be surprised if senpai knew this place.

「Of course. It’s the first time I brought you here.」

「What? Do you think I won’t ever know this place if Kouhai-chan never brought me here?」


「So cruel.」

Well, this was the first time I came to this restaurant too.

The lunch set pasta was perfect. It was delicious.

# # #


I drank tea after the meal and sighed.

「Why are you getting all dazed, senpai?」

「I’m full.」

「It’s because you ordered the big serving.」

Well, I ended up skipping my breakfast. Of course I would increase the noodles by 1.5 times if I only had to pay 100 yen for that.

「Then, what will we do after this?」

「What should we do?」


「You haven’t decided on it?」


How could this girl confidently affirm that?


「Yes. Senpai, you didn’t think of anything else too? Really…」

「You only notified me two hours ago.」

「Then it can’t be helped.」

She even ended it with「it can’t be helped」. Seriously?

「Let’s take a walk.」

With that, we decided to take a walk without any destination.

For some reason, Kouhai-chan pulled my hand again. She was really energetic.

* * *

I pulled senpai… no, I held hands with senpai and walked around the town.

Really, what should we do? It was fun to just walk around and tease senpai, but we could do that outside a date.

「Then, what are we going to do?」

「Senpai, do you have somewhere you want to go?」

「It’s cold, so I rather stay inside my room.」

「I knew it.」

The winter wind was very severe. When I looked around, I noticed a signboard.

「Senpai, what about this?」


B:Big emergency!

AB:Extreme emergency!

O:Big emergency!

I was wondering if there was a blood type that wasn’t in an emergency. Rather, everyone was equally in emergency now. But leaving that aside, it was a sign that called for blood donation.

「Blood donation, huh?」

「How about this?」

「Now that I think of it, we made a promise about this before, right?」

It was when I asked for his bloodtype. A pretty long time ago.

I was a bit happy that senpai remembered it.

「It’s cold if we just stand still here. Let’s enter.」

With our hands still intertwined for some reason, senpai stood in front of me this time and entered the blood donation room.

# # #

It’s warm.

The space was colored in cream, giving off a soft atmosphere. We headed to the reception desk.

「Good afternoon. Do you have card for blood donation?」


「Is this your first time participating in blood donation?」

「Ah, yes.」

The older sister in the blood donation said, looking at Kouhai-chan who was standing beside me.

「Both of you?」

「That’s right!」

The older sister looked a little happy and started to guide us.

「Thank you for coming to the blood donation room today. Basically, we’re asking you to donate 400mL blood, but…」

She glanced at Kouhai-chan.

「Depending on your weight, it will be 200mL. Is it alright?」

So we could only donate that much. It would be a problem if it caused anemia by taking a lot of blood.

「Now, let’s make a blood donation card. Do you have any identification card? Please fill the form in here.」

After saying so, she handed us a tablet. There were fields to fill our name and address.

「Yes, I understand.」

「Ahh. By the way, can I check something first? It’s something important.」

I thought we would immediately donate, but the old sister looked at us with serious eyes. I straightened my back.


「We don’t accept blood donations from people who have had sexual contact within the last six months… Uhm, since both of you are close… I’m wondering if it’ll go to waste…」

My ears turned hot. I turned my head and looked at Kouhai-chan next to me.

She had the same expression as me.

「I-it’s not like we have that kind of relationship. Not…」

Dangerous. I almost said “not yet” out of panic.

「Not at all. we’re not lovers or anything like that.」

The old sister smiled as friendly as she could and rubbed salt on the wound.

「Kiss is also prohibited, okay?」

「Like I said, we didn’t do that!!」

Kouhai-chan answered in full force. We really never did that.

「…Then it seems to be alright. Sorry for my rudeness. Please enter from here.」

I didn’t expect that someone would throw us a bomb here.

# # #

「Here’s my today’s question. Senpai.」

「What is it?」

Kouhai-chan touched her paper wristband that the older sister instructed not to take off until the blood donation was over. She then looked at me.

「Are you scared?」

She had an uneasy face, but she forced herself to make a smile.

Since this was today’s question, I had to answer honestly.

「She told me that the needle is very thick, so I’m a little scared.」

I didn’t know that they would test our blood before the blood donation. Probably, it was to keep the quality of blood for transfusion.

At that time, the nurse told me this. “The actual needle is thicker.”

「But well, I’m in front of Kouhai-chan. So it’s not like I can be scared.」

「Ahaha, what is that? Please don’t try to look cool.」

It’s fine, right?

「Then here’s my today’s question for Kouhai-chan.」

「What is it?」

「You’re not scared?」

「Somehow, I don’t really mind anymore after watching senpai strangely try to look cool.」

「I see.」

Then it’s good.

# # #

There was no particular problem, and the blood donation was successful. Kouhai-chan didn’t weigh enough, so she donated 200 mL.

The blood donation room was an inviting place where we could eat unlimited sweets and unlimited drinks. They told us to go home after hydrating properly. Maybe that’s the reason they made the place very comfortable. I didn’t know that at all.

And then. Also, I was able to fulfill my promise with Kouhai-chan.

It’s all good.

The things I knew about my senior 97

It seems like he’s scared of thick needles.


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