50 Patrons Reached! Let’s go for 100 Patrons!

Hi Guys,

We are quickly becoming one of the best Japanese novel community out there thanks to your support! We are currently releasing approximately 30 chapters each week, 120 chapters each month, with over 1500 chapters available to read on the site!

When we reach 100 Patrons Light Novels Translations will be releasing a minimum of 40 chapters each week, 160 chapters each month! All these chapters will be available to read for FREE on the site.

Once we reach 100 Patrons we will upgrade our Patreon Tiers:

LNTiers ($5) = 1 chapter

DragonFly ($10) = 7 chapters (UPGRADE: read 1 advanced chapter from all novels listed)

DinoDragon ($20) = 14 chapters (UPGRADE: read 2 advanced chapters from all novels listed)

UnicornDragon ($50) = 21 chapters (UPGRADE: read 3 advanced chapters from all novels listed)

ShenLong ($100) = 42 chapters + ShenLong Badge + Personalized Desktop Calendar (UPGRADE: read 6 advanced chapters from all novels listed)

We aim to continuously reward our Patrons and our loyal readers on site. We want to hire more translators and take more projects. So if you like what we do here at LNT please continue to support us.

Help us grow the site, become a Patron today!

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