A Bit of Reflection

Weslykan here~!

I’ve been made aware by a very helpful citizen…that my Patreon announcement was not in a very good tone…and he’s right. Things weren’t going particularly well a little while ago, and while things have improved it’s still rough going. Let’s rewrite that Announcement a bit…with help from said Saiyaman.

I really do enjoy sharing these stories with you guys. I enjoy both CMS and House Magic a lot and felt that they were worth sharing. However, I do also enjoy eating…and being able to pay my internet bill. To achieve both these magical goals I require what humans here call Money. I know it’s painful to admit. I find it necessary to do part time jobs to continue making this so called ‘living expenses’. But I usually can’t make money and translate at the same time unfortunately. I am extremely thankful to the people that have donated to me and continue to do so…but that’s not a steady income that I can look at and say…”Yeah I can eat a burger with that cash” or “I can replace this HDD that is literally on fire” I mean just this past year my computer went and died and needed replacing. I got off topic. It’s not a steady enough income and so I have decided to make a Patreon Page. I can justify using more of my time to translate.

What do you get out of this deal??

Well…I’ll release more chapters of the novels that you enjoy! How can you do this you ask? By saying “Who needs a 1 or 2 Part Time Jobs? Not me” I’ll use the extra time not at said job to build up more of a queue for translated chapters that I can keep at the ready. This queue can be used to keep giving you chapters even if life wants to take them away. I can continue not failing my courses, you can continue enjoying, I can dance if I want to and leave my friends behind! It’s Win Win!! (Except for my friends who have been outdanced.)

What’s in it fer me?

I can spend less time doing things I hate and spend more time writing things that I enjoy for people who think I’m pretty cool for doing so.

What about my supporters? Are they just indentured servants providing you with everything while you whip them without mercy? WHAT DO WE THE PEOPLE GET FROM THIS???

God you have an overactive imagination. The answer is no. You do get stuff.

  1. I WILL GIVE YOU MY HEART…(not literally I only have one thank you)
  2. You obtain a bigger say in what I will do when the time comes to start a new translation!
  3. I’ll provide you with downloadable images to the novels I’m working on and maybe others.
  4. EARLY ACCESS CHAPTERS- I will give you access to the chapters from my translation Queue…(Keep in mind that this is my queue. Sometimes there will be a ton of chapters…sometimes I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants)
  5. You can be named as a sponsor in Chapters (if you so desire)
  6. Lastly Every Dollar That I Receive from Patreon, Will Go Towards CMS or HM! You could consider it automatic donations for more sponsored chapters!

What if I can’t pledge anything to you?

Well, you’ll still get faster releases courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Patreon supporter! You’ll also get more bonus sponsored chapters each month because the donations are also placed into the SC queue! Thank you, you lovely lovely Patrons you!

Go ahead and pledge your support today to get more chapters faster!!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns Please leave them in the comments below.

(Thank you someDude for the help)


  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. So basically, the rate in which you dish out patreon chapters is equivalent to releasing it on this site? Am I getting this right? lol

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