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Nefarian: lightnovelstranslations.com was founded by Nefarian in the beginning of January 2016, it all began with popular Japanese Anime like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, and after being unable to wait for weekly episodes to come out Nefarian ventured into the lands of Manga. Manga was good, it was always ahead by many weeks or even months especially during the days when there was only “filler episodes”to watch.

However there came a time when even Manga easily ran out and those truly became the dark days, the insatiable desire to read would take over, like a demon Nefarian would scour for MOAR and it was then that he found a tight community called Baka-Tsuki, where he would be able to read a Novel Called Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ . Everything congregated together to form a huge passion for the Japanese Culture it also set into motion the will to study the Japanese language and share with the Western community some of the very popular works of Fiction. Nefarian suspects that he will continue to translate these wondrous works for a long time to come!

Nefarian is currently working on: Himekishi Ga Classmate!, I Became a Living Cheat, Re:Master of Magic & The Man Who Would Be King. (Translators needed: please look at recruitment page if interested~)

Weslykan: I’m from the U.S., native English speaker. concert cellist and musician (plugging my job) I started my journey with Anime when I got really ill for an entire Summer back a few years ago. I watched the entirety of Bleach, One Piece, etc. etc. I started to get into more and more obscure Anime until I started running dry…at which point I turned to Manga which satisfied my thirst……for a while. Then it just wasn’t enough. I started searching for the original source material. I looked and looked and discovered Raising the Dead which gave me my start as an editor and TLC. However, I wasn’t enjoying myself…I wondered what was wrong and came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t interested enough in things that were not of my own hands. I joined onto Hachidori Translations doing this and that until I started translating ‘Humans are the Strongest’ which has since been discontinued by the author, then over here where I started ‘House Magic’ while simultaneously beginning another story called ‘Charging Magic with a Smile’. Things came to a head and now both stories are on this site. Please continue to support us!

Weslykan is currently working on: “My House is a Magic Power Spot” “Charging Magic with a Smile”

Sorae: Because she was learning Japanese, Sorae decided to start reading Japanese novels and translating them. This bloomed into a passion and she wanted to test her skills, and this is where she is now. Although still a beginner, she hopes that she can gain skills here and become the Translator King….oh I mean, a professional translator.

Sorae is helping to translate: Re:Master of Magic.

Yitoku: Based in sunny California I am an engineer who enjoys reading through manga and light novels in my free time. However, there are times where the books I found most entertaining got needlessly dropped for years. So I am here to rectify that for myself!

Benny10033: Is brilliant coder that has helped with creating the Dark/Light or Day/Night button on the Menu of the Site. Thank you so much!

Mikazuki: Hello everyone! Considering I was introduced to Japanese at a young age, I naturally picked up a little overtime. Although my friends were impressed, I never felt like I was good enough. Thus, I decided to start translating novels and editing in my free time! It’s a nice way to get practice while also helping out everyone else! One hobby led me begin studying other languages as well, but for now, Japanese is the main focus.

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When will you fix the illustration links. They always redirect to non-existing forum.


The Raccoon 多情愫,今安在 (2016) (Chinese BL Movie) itd from novel , dose maybe you can tell me where aj can find novel in English


RSS not working.
Got this message when opening the link “entries rss”

“You have been banned from this site.

If you think there has been a mistake, please contact the administrator via proxy server.”


is anyone going to pick up Mahou no Hijimikata again?




Maybe this isn’t the place for this, but if you professionals don’t mind answering a few questions about japanese to english translation:

1. Some times i run into sentences where i know the meaning of the individual words/particles yet can’t figure out what its suppose to mean, even while using context clues. How you deal with this kind of thing? Am I just missing something?

2. A much simpler question: On average, how long does it take you to translate a single chapter? (lets just say that the chapter in question is 3000 characters)

3. finally, I’d like to ask for an opinion on how well/horribly I translated the following:
「ふはははははははは。我が名はジャン・ドゥービー! 至高なるアンデッドの主なり!」

My translation: “Fuhahahahahahahaha. My name is Jean Dovey! The necromancer supreme!”
Alternate: “Fuhahahahahahahaha. I am known as Jean Dovey, the necromancer supreme!”

Other than those two, the only other thing I could guess is that in the second sentence hes saying something along the lines of “I will become the lord/king of the undead!” if that’s the case i’d assume its a One Piece reference. btw, the character’s personality is that of a energetic and friendly mad scientist.

Thanks in advance if you decided to take the time to answer any of these questions, and sorry if this is just an eyesore to see in the comment section. 😡


Hello Deca, it’s me Nefarian! I absolutely don’t mind answering a few of your questions and I definitely don’t think it’s an eyesore, well here it goes!

1. Often times individual words and particles in Japanese can share more than one English meaning, for instance the word 大丈夫 can be translated as I’m Alright/I’m Fine and then with a single question mark added to the end (大丈夫?) the meaning can completely change to, Are you okay? The secret to being able to deal with these kinds of things is to actually go to the next sentence and see how the person after responds. This will not only provide more context, but instead of being stuck on the same sentence for hours I guarantee that you will be able to more easily figure out what they are trying to say just by seeing how the next paragraph or sentence connects.

2. Personally for me to translate a single chapter of Himekishi which is approximately 6000-8000 English words per chapter, would take around 6-8 hours including editing/TLC and proofreading my own work. If I had a dedicated editor it would probably cut down that portion by about 30 minutes to 1 hour. For simpler/shorter and more light hearted novels like Re:Master Magic, it takes me around 3-4 hours to translate a single chapter. (this all changes on every single novel and even chapter but my current average rate is approximately 1 hour every 1000 words).

3. I would of translated this as “Fuhahahahha, My name is Jean Doobie! I will become the Supreme Lord of the Undead!” So I would say your translation and understanding is really good!

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer them. Also if you are interested in joining Light Novels Translations, I am always searching for talented translators like you to join the team~ I think that it can be mutually beneficial for us. If you are keen shoot me up an email at : mindblowingtranslations@hotmail.com and we can discuss more.