*ANNOUCEMENT* April Fool’s Day Crazy Event!

Hi Everyone,

We are almost nearing the end of March, so I thought I come back to say hi 🙂

Since my last announcement, we are now about to complete another 2 novels on the site: Different World Gender Change and The Sweets Prince’s Search.

WIth another ending, we have new beginnings. In the last few months, Nefarian has been supporting this site with his day job’s salary. He is still planning to do so to increase the growth of Light Novels Translations site.

So with that in mind, we have just very recently launched 2 brand new novels on the site: Fairy Tale Chronicles and The Strongest Wizard.

And we won’t stop there. In the next two weeks, we will be launching another TWO BRAND NEW NOVELS.

One will be dropped sometime in the next few days (that is once I have time to edit the chapters and design a banner for it, *sometimes I wish I have someone to help me* xD) It’s another exciting new project and we will also be welcoming a new translator to the LNT family. I will create a separate post later on for this one in the next few days.

Another will be dropped as part of a big April Fool’s Day Event. Well, we won’t be fooling anyone, IT WILL BE RELEASED on that day, *pinky promise*.

So let me drop the hint: It’s a mystery, physiological, supernatural, with comedy and action thrown in. I started translating the first half of Volume 1, but then I got too busy with my other duties at LNT, so luckily I have DarkHeartedAlchemist helping me to do the rest. *Another secret* this project is recommended by DarkHeartedAlchemist himself and it’s one of his personal favorites! Well, what can I say? I love the story so far too!!

For this novel coming exactly at midnight April Fool’s Day GMT 10+ (if you are confused what time that is, simply check the website’s timezone, it will follow the site’s time), we want to do something absolutely crazy that we have never done before. (Well, to be honest, I don’t know if we ever will do this kind of thing ever again ..)

What we are going to do in April Fool’s is …. ….

We will RELEASE 38 CHAPTERS IN TOTAL EVERY 5 MINUTES for this novel. Yes, you read this correctly. So, what this means is that we will release chapter 1 to chapter 38, every 5 minutes, then afterward the novel will be released with its regular schedule of 2 times a week. Sponsored donations and Patreon will be added at the same time if you are feeling generous to support us.

This novel will have illustrations as it’s a Light Novel, so please do enjoy and look forward to this exciting event!

I am certainly horrible with timezone, so I will put a countdown in Notification bar on top of the site closer to the date, so you won’t miss out 😉

I hope everyone will come and join us on this day.

Kind Regards,


  1. Wow! That sounds like it will be a fun and crazy release day. I’ll definitely look forward to it. XD

    • Abysslord Endou Kousuke

      Kuro no maou?

      • Dude, you guys are gods. Simply amazing, that you would do such a crazy thing. Thanks for the hard work and I hope you guys will get the support you deserve. As much as I would like to donate, unfortunately my financial means are really low:/ Once again, thank you guys!!

  2. If the novel that you will drop on April fool is Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day, you do know the first volume is already translated by BakaTsuki right?

  3. Man I wonder what is this vibe….
    This is a good news but in the end of April…

    Let’s curse them if they laying….

  4. I think I misscounted.. there will be 40 chapters thereabout being released on this day.. 😉 Look forward to it, we are working very hard to make this happen…

  5. Also, another quick update: the novel I promised that will be dropped “in the next few days” is still happening. Drey, the translator wishes to re-read the chapters he has already translated to deliver a higher quality product, hence we may need to postpone the release date slightly longer. Of course, we can just release chapter 1, but what’s the fun in that? 😉 We will aim to release 3 chapters a week instantly for this one. Wish us luck..

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