*ANNOUCEMENT* Authors + New Novels + New Patreon Tiers!

Hi Everyone,

I am back again with another update! It seems like I’m back quite often this month. We aren’t slowing down here as promised!

So, a few things in summary:

Before we know it, we have grown in the last few months notably. In a nutshell, we are releasing a minimum of 40 chapters a week (yep, that’s a whooping 160 chapters a month!).

We are accepting authors who wishes to publish on our site. Some applications have started to come in and we are proud to introduce Anit666 as our very first author on the site! He will start publishing his novel in a week or two once everything is set up and ready to go. Please be kind and give him your support. More details of the story will come as the date draw near.

Some of our readers asks for R18+ novel, and we have one coming up for you! This novel is a personal pick from our translator: Kurehashi Aiko. We are just finalising last final touches but please look forward to this one, the novel comes with sexy illustrations and will be embedded inside each chapter for your maximum viewing pleasure. This novel will be ready to launch sometime this week or early next week.

If you aren’t 18 years old yet, we also have 3 brand new novels lined up! Yup, O-M-G, did I say 3 more? 😀 More details coming as we get closer to the launch! (really guys, girls, thank you so much for your continuous support… we are doing everything in our power to give back what we get by bringing you more and more novels, while maintaining a steady release for the current ones, so thank you!).

Just a quick update on LNT, we are still in the red, meaning Nef is still using the money from his day job to support paying our translators, but we aren’t holding anything back. We are giving as much as we can back to you guys by continuing to provide free contents, hire more translators and picking up brand new novels to show you that we care. Hopefully we will turn the tide around in the near future. Our first goal is to turn the negative into neutral in the next 12 months (hopefully sooner, rather than later)

We heard you, some of you wanted to have new tiers in Patreon that allows for more specific and concentrated novel choices. We have split our ShenLong tiers and offer extra options. We have created 3 brand NEW tiers as per below:

Dragon 1 Tier ($30/mo)
4 chapters, 1 novel = total 4 advanced chapters at all times

Dragon 2 Tier ($50/mo)
4 chapters, 2 novels = total 8 advanced chapters at all times across 2 chosen novels

Dragon 3 Tier ($70/mo)
4 chapters, 3 novels = total 12 advanced chapters at all times across 3 chosen novels

As always, simply message us in Patreon to nominate your chosen novels.

Thank you very much for reading and we hope you will continue to enjoy your time on the site.

Kind Regards,


  1. Wow you accept original works?!

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