*ANNOUCEMENT* Sale Marathon *NEW OFFERS every 2 weeks!*

Hi All,

Hope you are all well 🙂

We will be running a SALE Marathon in the coming weeks for some of the novels we have on the site. Every 2 weeks, we will have a new novel on offer. For a limited time, for every $20 donated either from Sponsored donations (see below) or Patreon we will be releasing a BONUS chapter for that novel.

This is it folks, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to support us and read more of your favorite novels, then THIS IS the right moment 😉

To start off the Marathon, we will begin with the first 4 novels. We will continue to work hard in the background and see if we can include the next set of novels as the second part of the SALE Marathon. But for now, here is the list of novels coming up:

  • Nidome no Yuusha (7 Jul to 20 Jul) **ENDED**
    Raised so far: $0/$20


    For every $20 that is donated, another chapter will be released within 24 hours.

    *This also applies to everyone who upgrades their pledges, we will also credit the difference.

Thank you Newt for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released)

Thank you Aleksandr.N for $100 donations! (bonus chapters released, c137-c141)

Thank you Quentin.B for $20 donations! (bonus chapters released, c142)

Thank you Quentin.G for $20 donations! (bonus chapters released, c143)

Thank you Frederick.H for $20 donations! (bonus chapters released, c144)

Thank you Quentin.B for $20 donations! (bonus chapters released, c145)

Thank you Joel.M for $40 donations! (bonus chapters released, c148-149)

Thank you Newt for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released c150)

Thank you Mzku for $80 donations! (bonus chapters released, c153-156)

Thank you Bruce.C for $40 donations! (bonus chapters released, c159-160)

Thank you Andrew.S for $40 donations! (1 bonus chapters in the queue c161 & c164)

Thank you Moreno.D.B for $100 donations (1 bonus chapters in the queue, c165, c167, c168, c169, c170)

Thank you Andrew.S for $20 donations! (1 bonus chapter in the queue c171)



The Strongest Wizard (23 Jun to 6 Jul)

Thank you Chang.C for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released)

Thank you Pekka.J for $40 donations! (2 bonus chapter released)

Thank you William.D for $100 donations! (5 bonus chapters released)

Thank you Pekka.J for $60 donations! (3 bonus chapters released)

Thank you Daniel.P for $5 donations!


Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama (9 Jun to 22 Jun) 

Thank you Joseph.N for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released)

Thank you Tristan.B for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released)


Maou no Hajimekata (26 May to 8 Jun) 

Thank you mark1246 for $20 donations! (bonus chapter released)


Stay tuned for the Sale Marathon (Part 2)!



  1. JUST to double check the pitch here. IF I donate or become a patreon of the 20$ tier, you guys will release a bonus chapter….as in an extra special chapter that like a side story? or like a future chapter that posted ahead of time?

    cause when you say “BONUS chapter”, that mean a lot of thing in term of LN terms LOLZ. Like they could be hidden H-scene chapter not release in the book but as an SS chapter.

    is what I’m saying correct or no? thanks LN translation team

    PS: ( really hope it an H-scene bonus chapter for Maou no Hajimekata)

    • Hi Mark, if you donate/become patreon for $20 tier we will release a future chapter ahead of time. We are translating the WN of this novel. In the WN there is a lot of H scene chapters as well. If the next chapter is H scene then that’s what we will release. All donations/patreon amounts are credited no matter how big or small it will get added to the count down bar. It can be a collaborative effort of a few people donating the amount. Hope this helps.. 🙂

      • 2 quick question real fast

        1. Have you guys check out the LN version of Maou no Hajimekata & see if there any difference? (like more detail H-scene or other things)?

        2. and if so what are the difference? thanks

        Will support when i land this week when i go on vocation >.<, you guys have been an awesome job with Maou no Hajimekata cause i would of never of know what happen in the series without you guys (plus the manga version is kinda having some weird pacing issue right now LOLZ)

      • Hi Mark, Thank you for your kind words 🙂
        We don’t read the LN so unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to this one. If we know we would be happy to help answer your burning questions… Sorry…

  2. So after a while , finally donated today for of course for Maou No Hajimekata . hope that help you guys and as always thanks for all the LN translated

    just 2 thing.

    like last time, can we update the main page for Maou No Hajimekata since there are 8 news part that were translated that not on the main page of Maou No Hajimekata yet.

    and if you guys know anyone from the team that know the difference between the WN(that your translating) & LN that in Japan.


    • DarkHeartedAlchemist

      The list of chapters on the main page of Maou is now updated with all currently translated chapters, so that’s one of your concerns adressed, but as for the second one, I personally have no knowledge of the differences between the WN and LN, and a quick search around the internet showed that the translation of the WN is the only one circulating around the net so far, at least to my knowledge.

      • ok thanks Darkhearts

        PS: 2 thing

        1. will the status donation atop be updated?

        2. will the Maou page be 1 day organize like it is with the TOC with vol 1 above?

        not complaining or anything, just it hurt a little my eye with how VOL2 chapter list is set up >.< LOLZ


    • Hi Mark, status donations updated. Your name added with the donation details. The bar naturally reset to $0 as the Bonus chapter has been released. 🙂
      Also regarding the TOC, we are in process of designing a brand new site, I don’t want Dark to spend too much time on fixing TOC for his time can be spent better elsewhere translating more chapters 😉 The site will take a long time still as it is a huge site, but when that comes, the whole TOC will be revamped so there is no use in spending time to make things perfectly tidy now. Hope you understand.

  3. Hi guys I wanted to ask something that has been bugging me for quite a while.
    Since in a few days the donations for Nidome No yuusha will begin I want to talk about something very confusing.
    On the website there is written that we are reading the third volume of the series but I’m pretty sure that you are currently translating the fourth volume.
    For example if we take a look at the illustrations of the third volume.


    The images don’t match at all with the story(those are from the arc of the green mage )
    And if we see the ones from the fourth

    These correspond with the current story that is being translated.

    This is really confusing me and I’ll wait an answer.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Zak,

      We are translating from the WN, so the volume in LN may not match the WN, though the story is correct.
      It’s a nice question though, I will ask Jay_Samuel to check it out. If we are indeed on Volume 4 of the LN, I will ask him to use the Vol 4 cover instead.

      • Hi amareelis, I’m glad that it was only a problem made by the mistaken number of volumes that the WN had published and I’m sorry if I sounded a little silly and annoying but that was only because I was worried for new readers of the series that may be confused looking at the cover but the most important thing is that the series is continuing.
        And I’m also hyped for the 7th volume that is gonna come out in a few weeks.
        Thanks and bye.

  4. Stoked for the Yuusha marathon starting tomorrow. Hopefully other people like myself will be donating for this awesome novel.

    • Thank you, Newt! I am looking forward to Nidome special one too! It’s on right now! ?

      • I know! I donated. :3 It may have been a bad time to donate since the next chapter is a Prologue which is usually shorter than the normal chapter, can the $20 be used for the chapter after the next release? lol. wanted to donate while I had it.

        Thanks for all you guys do!

      • Thank you, Newt! I wasn’t sure that was you so I credited you as “Home”. I just read your message, but do not worry as I gave a much longer teaser to compensate for the short prologue 🙂

      • Also, please do not worry as we will be releasing more BONUS chapters soon. Thank you so much for your support everyone!!!

  5. Haha, I forgot to include my name :< but yes that's me. Thanks again for all you do!

  6. Hello, just did a 20 bucks donation for Nidome no Yuusha, sorry for the translator 😛 too much work ? ahah

    Keep going on!!

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