Announcement regarding Nidome no Yuusha

Hello everyone, Pink Tea here.

As expected, we have no other choice but to cease any work on Nidome. It’s been a long and at times a very rocky ride, but we were able to get this far only due to your support.

Thank you.

Personally, I wanted to see this novel to its completion. It was the first one I took up on the site, so I have a bit of attachment to it, but with it now being licensed there is nothing we can do.

Once again, thank you.

We will leave all the advanced chapters inside the Patreon folders for the time being, so if you are a member please check your folder, as we will remove them in a few weeks time. Please send a message in Patreon to swap your novel.

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  1. it got licensed ?

  2. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    I was hoping to see the current arc completed, and it seems so close, but can’t do anything in this situation.

    Thanks for your work on it till now.

  3. that’s disappointing… =< thank you for your work thus far. <3

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