*Announcement* Weekly Chapter Release & Site Development.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I had to make an announcement. Today I have to make an announcement in regards to three particular novels on the site, namely: I Became a Living Cheat, The Summoner is Going and Fairy Tale Chronicles.

We are going to have to reduce the chapters from:

I became a Living Cheat: 5 to 3 chapters a week.

The Summoner is Going: 5 to 3 chapters a week.

Fairy Tale Chronicles: 5 to 3 parts a week.

In the past we have increased these weekly chapters because we had a good schedule going and we could do it so we thought why not let the readers enjoy 😀

However, due to work, study, holiday and family commitments, our translators for these projects are unable to keep up their usual schedule so we are going to have to reduce the weekly release rate.

In any case, on a positive note, we are continuously working behind the scenes on the site and we are developing a whole new look for the site and we always implement a variety of quality of life improvements to the site whenever we can to make the reading experience more enjoyable. We are also in the process of revamping the night and dark mode and also adding a bookmark feature to the site among other things. If you guys have some features that you guys would love on the site, let me know in the comments down below and I will be sure to consider them and add them in my list.

Thank you all for your understanding and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm Regards,





  1. No worries, personal life is far more important! You guys are helping me out too, I’ve been reading so much my social connections are.. weakening lol. Maybe I’ll go hang out with some friends thanks to the schedule change

  2. Am I UnDead Yet?

    Oh noesssss.
    We still get multiple releases of good novels with quality translations.
    Oh the humanity of it ALLLLLL

    Thanks as always for all your work.

  3. DragonWarriorFreak

    Even though I don’t read these series (at least not yet), it’s good to have an update for these sorts of things. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. A bit disappointing but understandable, and it’s appreciated that you’re informing us in a timely manner.

  5. Understandable. The pace was pretty fast that I was surprised that the translators didn’t burn out.

  6. Sad to see series I enjoy being reduced, you guys are gonna give me withdrawal issues!!!
    Jokes aside, take care of your RL priorities and thanks for the heads up!

    I’ll continue to faithfully support you guys on patreon ?

    • thank you so much for your understanding Danny <3, I know you are reading Living cheat, any other ones you read on the site? 🙂

  7. To Nefarian:

    Hey, wanted to let you know the Maou no Hajimekata homepage is outdated and has not been updated with the current chapters it on


    were in vol2 and the homepage is still in vol 1 content. just want to know if you guys can update it please :)? thanks

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