02 part1 – The sage has reincarnated


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

Will Wolms, is my new name.
I am now a distant descendant of the former Edelfuss Wolms.

I regained the memories of my previous life just the day before, during my 8th birthday.
Apparently it is unhealthy to cram memories of previous life into a very young brain.
I noticed the Goddess saying so in my memory.

That is acceptable. It is still not too late to strengthen my eight year old body and magic.
It is possible to bring my body up to par to face the beast of calamity on the day of its revival.

By training with the gods, my potential is now limitless.
Moreover, the gods taught me how to efficiently train my body and magic on Earth.
If I start training now, I will be able to surpass the powers I had in my previous life.

I am now a disciple of the gods, and also the Apostle.
「As the Apostle of the Gods, you must conduct yourself with excellent behaviour!」
Or so I remember the Goddess saying.

And now, I, the Apostle of the Gods, in this huge mansion of the Wolms main family in the royal capital, was cleaning the floor.
「Can I please train while cleaning up…?」
「What are you dozing off for! Good for nothing!」

I was sent flying with a kick on my back.
Even though I’m cleaning it earnestly, I’m being called a good for nothing.
The culprit is the second son of the main Wolms family, a twelve-year old idiot.
I can return his beating but my adorable little sister might be bullied behind my back.
So, I properly apologized. It’s one of those things called worldly wisdom. There is no value in me getting angry at all.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll finish cleaning up soon」
「Haa! Why did my father pick up a useless guy like you!」

Perhaps he’s afraid that I will snatch away the position of heir.
Such an absurd fear.
I’ve never feared this twelve-year-old, not even before my memories returned.
Maybe even without my memories, my soul remembers the abilities I possessed in my previous life.

I ignore the evil brat and returned to cleaning. I want to get this done quickly and go play with my sister.
Probably because my reaction was boring, the idiot son walks away while cursing at me.

「Some things never change」

Two years ago, both my loving parents died in an accident.
At the same time, my sister, Saria, and I were taken in by the Wolms main family.
From then on we were never given a satisfying meal and were forced to work harder for their children.
Regarding food, I’ve been securing it on my own, so my sister and I never have to starve.
Now that I’ve recovered my memories, I can easily escape but I can’t afford to leave my adorable little sister behind.
And the Wolms family are great nobles. There will be many socially troublesome consequences that follow when you oppose them.

「But I have had no children…」
It is said the cousin of my lineage became the main family, and became an extremely arrogant great noble.
「Following this pattern, my disciples must have also turned into trash…, no, I believe in those guys.」

I believe in them. In my heart, in my memories, I still hold precious my dear disciples.
Apparently, all four of my disciples are still alive.
I, who was only a human, lived up to 120 years.
There is no doubt that my disciples, who were around 20 years old, 100 years ago, are still alive today.

The four disciples created the Council of Sages, and lead an organization called the Salvation Organization.
The King and the Pope have the superior authority, and are preparing for the resurrection of the Beast of Calamity.

My disciples told me the Beast of Calamity had been exterminated.
Perhaps they couldn’t tell the truth to their master who was on his deathbed.

I kept cleaning while pondering those things.
Faster and cleaner than your average servant, I think to myself.
Surprisingly, I do not dislike cleaning itself. It feels good to beautify something.
Besides, it is still possible to strengthen my body and magic while cleaning.

While I was eagerly training and cleaning, someone stumbled on my eight year old little body.
Rather than saying stumbled on, it seems like it was done intentionally.

「That hurts, Oi!」
「Ah, I’m sorry」

The one who stumbled on me was the eldest son of Wolms main family, a fifteen year old brat.
Those of Wolms main family have neither talent nor character. It can’t be helped.

「Where are you looking while cleaning, shitty brat!」
「I’m sorry.」
Even though the fault lies with the other party, I appropriately apologise. It’s called worldly wisdom.

「Is that rebelliousness in your eyes?!」

I was struck unreasonably. Though, it does not hurt.
Someone of the Wolms family who is renowned in battle magic should hit a tad bit harder.

「I am so sorry for ruining your mood」
「Do you think you’re so clever?!」
For some reason he got enraged and started beating me up.
It must be infuriating that I’m not crying.

To be a 15 year old and to beat up an 8 year old kid, there is a limit to childishness.

「P-Please stop. Will-sama will die」
One of the retainers panicked and came to stop the beating.
Since I have the family name of Wolms, there are a few retainers who add ‘-sama’ when addressing me.

Honestly, I’m not taking any damage at all. However, a fifteen year old is seriously beating up an 8 year old child.

From an outsider’s perspective, it must have looked like a life-threatening situation.

「Huh? Don’t add ‘-sama’ for this guy」
「I apologise」

A kind retainer was scolded for protecting me.
I will definitely return this favour in the future.
There are many good people among the retainers. They secretly share meals with my sister and I.
When the scum of Wolms main family are not around, they even help me with my work.

「Tch, leaves a bad taste in my mouth!」
Saying so, he kicked the bucket containing water for cleaning rags and knocked it over.
Dirty water spilled out and spread around. I got irritated since I just cleaned it.

「Hurry up and clean it!」
「….I understand」
「Tch! Annoying brat! Go to hell!」

He hit me with his fist one last time and left.
Naturally, I pretended to be blown off my feet and rolled on the floor as if I took damage.

I guarded my cheek skilfully with magic, and at the last minute propelled my body backwards.
If the reaction is too much, I will be exposed.
To pull this off, delicate magic and body movements are necessary. A perfect situation for training.



  1. HAHAHAHA, using bullying for training, an interesting take on things. Hope he can sucesfully break free from that family.

  2. A random passerby

    Masochist training

  3. While the body may be young, the intellect is old.
    Apparently, even before coming to the surface, it guided the development of the intellect native to this body, such that they blended nicely rather than one being supplanted by the other.

    Due to this, he always was able to deal with the situation as best he could, concealing that the actions of the bullies had no impact upon him. He needed them to think they were being successful, so they didn’t target his sister.

    But since they weren’t a threat, they became a training opportunity.

    While he seems quite philosophical about the whole thing, I suspect he wouldn’t shed any tears if they eventually got their just desserts.

  4. so his disciples are 120 years old now too?

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